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About JP-8 fuel

From: Dave Bethke 
Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 13:29:41 -0800
Subject: About JP-8 fuel

[Regarding the "JP-8" designation seen on a fuel truck at Basecamp

> A thread on jet fuel from rec.aviation.misc (snipped) --

Subject: JP-4, 5,7,8, Jet A
Date: Fri, 9 May 1997 09:47:25 -0500


Help me get my facts straight, I used to know the difference
between the different types of Jet fuels, but my mind is going.

To help me settle a discussion, how close am I to reality when I say:

JP-4:  kerosene
JP-5: ??
JP-7:  Chanel #5, burned by SR-71
JP-8:  Low flash point, used by U.S. Navy
Jet-A:  Same as JP-8

Jim Howard


Date: Fri, 9 May 1997 15:20:46 GMT

Nope. -4 was loaded with tolune and naptha and other goodies.
Jet-A is pure Kero.


Date: Fri, 09 May 1997 12:36:12 -0700
From: Michel Kronowit <>

  JP-5 is what the US Navy has used for years and still uses aboard
carriers and other ships with aircraft.  It has a high flash point
which means it doesn't vaporize until it reaches about 130 degrees F
or so.  This makes it ideally suited for storage aboard ship where
flammability is not desired.  JP-8 is the "new" replacement for JP-5
in the US Navy, but is only used ashore.  JP-5 is still used on ships.
I'm not sure what the big difference is between -5 and -8, but I think
-8 has a slightly lower flash point than -5 so -8 is not allowed on
ships.  Why the Navy went to JP-8 I'm not sure.  I think it might be
cheaper, but there might be some other reason.


(end of repost)
Dave Bethke on the fringe of Houston

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