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Job Offer: TRW Site Security

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 13:29:25 -0800
Subject: Job Offer: TRW Site Security

[Source unknown, via]

               Site Security Manager TRW Security Operations

         Job Number: 150852

         TRW Security Operations

         Fairfax, VA


         Site Security Manager

         As a Site Security Manager, you will provide overall
         security support to a TRW contract in Las Vegas and will
         report to the SIG Group Director of Security and the TRW
         Site General Manager (Las Vegas, Nevada).

         Responsibilities include: working with the DOE customer,
         associate contractors and technical representatives in
         determining DOE security safeguards requirements and
         physical security systems adequate for the protection of
         project facilities; establishing policies and procedures
         necessary to assure the protection of company and project
         (GFE) assets including personnel and technology;
         establishing and maintaining liaison with local law
         enforcement and emergency assistance officials in the
         planning for emergency contingencies; design and implement
         an accountability system for the control and disposition of
         sensitive materials and substances; responding to
         emergencies, incidents and complaints of security concern;
         preparing comprehensive written reports based on
         investigative safeguards and security requirements; acting
         as staff advisory to the TRW Site General Manager on
         security matters; and performing other security
         responsibilities as directed.

         Requirements include: Bachelors degree in Industrial
         Security or Criminal Justice; minimum of 10 years of
         related security experience; and specific experience in DOE
         Security and Safeguards, Electronic Systems and
         Investigative Security. Three years experience in a
         comparable professional security position is desired.

         Please send  your resume and salary requirements to:
         Mail: TRW Security Operations, 12900 Federal Systems Park
         Drive, Fairfax, VA 22033-4411
         Fax: (703) 803-5630

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