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NTS projects frozen in time for past five years

From: "Michael J. Poirier" 
Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 09:52:53 -0700
Subject: NTS projects frozen in time for past five years

Yesterday's Las Vegas Review-Journal had an article on the NTS and the
arrested state of tests that were in progress when the moratorium took
effect October 2, 1992. The article is at

There were also three photos with the article:
shows the Icecap test emplacement tower and the huge crane used to lower
the test rack; Chuck Costa, field director for LLNL, is in the
foreground. was
taken inside the tower, showing the test rack hovering above the doors
to the emplacement hole. For scale, the rack is seven feet in diameter.

is quite revealing, showing a mock nuclear device within the test rack.
This would have been a classified photo if testing was still being done.

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