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UFOs Make Front Page in Arizona [article]

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 16:05:45 -0800
Subject: UFOs Make Front Page in Arizona [article]

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Subject: UFOs make front page in Arizona
Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 13:39:30 EST

The Arizona Republic

X-Files is Opened Into Phoenix "UFO"
BarWood asks staff to investigate lights

By Susie Steckner and Chris Fiscus.

It's not exactly the kind of made-for-tv case those X-files agents would
investigate. But, says Frances Emma Barwood, those strange lights in the
Phoenix sky should be checked out by city staff, at the very least.

"I asked them to find out if it's a hoax or what," the Phoenix councilwoman
said Friday. "I did not see it. I wish someone would have called me.

"Apparently, people all over the city got video of it. They all said it was
as big as a football field."

So Sculley---Sheryl, the assistant city manager, not X-files FBI Agent Dana
Scully ---has asked police to look into the sightings, at Barwoods request.

"I guess they'll ask Sky Harbor, ask the military, look at videos, I'd love
to see all the videos," Barwood said.

In March, callers from Prescott Valley to Tucson flooded the National UFO
Reporting Center in Seattle to report the appearance of a boomerang-shaped,
lighted object.

The center called it "the most dramatic sighting" reported in the past two
or three years. In the following weeks, it drew hundreds of calls--- even
one from Las Vegas--- and resulted in an inch-thick stack of written
reports, center Director Peter Davenport said. Then, in April, the sighting
was featured on the out-of-this world radio program called The Edge of
Reality, which is produced in New York City.

"Personally, I think it's something the Air Force is working on, some sort
of large transport," Barwood said.

Does she believe in UFOS?
"Thats a good question," she said. "I guess I have an open mind." Since God
created the universe, she said, "Why couldn't he have created others?"

UFO researchers so far say they have no explanation, despite asking
questions around Luke Air Force Base and local airports.

Davenport, meanwhile, is thrilled to hear that a public official is taking
the sightings seriously.

"As far as I know, this is the first time I've ever heard of a local or
state body taking an official stand," he said. "I'm encouraged. I'm
heartened by that."

At a City Council meeting this week, Barwood said she was "a little curious"
about the recent sightings. She said a television news crew asked her about
the lights, and piqued her curiosity.

The crew was from the show Extra, which aired a segment Thursday about the
"Phoenix UFO mystery."

Barwood said the main reason she asked the city to look ino the matter is
because the TV crew asked why no one was investigating the reports.

"I said, 'I'll ask.'"
"I don't know why they (the government) don't check it out and if it was
nothing, say it was nothing," Barwood said. "Being there were videos of it,
it has people's curiosity. Why not check it out and see if it's a hoax?"

Transcript END.

Note from Tom King: I did call Barwood to see if she was serious about
seeing the videos. She is. We will take appropriate steps and present the
city council with the evidence as soon as we can. Apparently the Phoenix
Mayor is upset Barwood is even inquiring about the sightings. I appaulded
Barwood for bringing this to an official level. I also said if any type of
repercussions come because of this let me know. We'll have the UFO community
watch your back to prevent this sort of thing.

I'll keep you posted.

Tom King
AZ Dir

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