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Pop. Mechanics "New Area 51" [Skywatch]

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 18:13:03 -0800
Subject: Pop. Mechanics "New Area 51" [Skywatch]

[From the skywatch mailing list, via]

Date:          Sat, 10 May 1997 13:51:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:       The New Area 51

Col. Wilson and Skywatchers:

Be sure to check out the June 1997 issue of "Popular Mechanics" (yes,
I know that seems like an unlikely source!) regarding the article "The
New Area 51". It was written by Jim Wilson, the Science/Technology

Quotations from the article: "Chuck Clark, author of the Area 51 & S4
Handbook, tells me he thinks the airfield's last secret plane, the
Aurora, left a year ago.  Bob Lazar . . . claims the government moved
the crashed flying saucer he worked on at the S4 site to a more secret
location.  Even Glenn Campbell--founder of the Area 51 Research Center
. . . has left for Las Vegas."

He goes on to explain about the 'Open Skies Treaty' that was signed
into law in 1992, which allows the 27 signatory nations--including
former Soviet bloc countries--to fly their most sophisticated
spyplanes over one another's most sensitive military bases.  Also, the
AF had discovered that long-lived radioactive residues from nearby
nuclear bomb tests regularly rained down on Area 51, causing a group
of workers at Area 51 to become seriously ill.

Another quote: "However, even if there had been no spies above and
radiation below to worry about, the Air Force would have likely begun
packing anyway. Like the U-2 spyplane that created the need for Area
51, the base itself had become obsolete.  The next generation of
ultrahigh-performance military aircraft would need a different type
proving ground.  We believe we know where the Air Force will build
this new base--the new Area 51, or, as it is officially named, Area
6413.  About the time the tourist trade slumped in Rachel, Nevada,
residents in the Four Corners area of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New
Mexico started seeing strange lights in the sky.  What interested
Popular Mechanics about these sightings was their proximity to Falcon
Air Force Base.  The small base in southern Colorado is the
headquarters for the Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) and its Space
Warfare Center (SWC).  More importantly, the base had just become the
home for the SWC's 576th Flight Test Squadron, the unit most likely to
test the prototypes for the next generation of breakthrough aircraft."

According to the author of the article, the new Area 51 is at White
Sands, Utah.  There's an interesting finale to the article, quote:
"Part of the public's fascination with the original Area 51 is its
rich collection of stories about crashed flying saucers, alien bodies
and unexplained lights in the sky.  The relocation of Area 51 does not
necessarily mean those tales will be left behind when operations begin
here in Utah, perhaps as early as 1999.  The Air Force Times reports
that the distinctively painted CT-43 transports, which previously flew
workers between Area 51 to a depot at the edge of McCarran Airport in
Las Vegas, have begun making flights to Utah. And not far away from
the new Area 51, millionaire Robert M. Bigelow, the prominent
financier of paranormal and UFO research, has just purchased the
480-acre Sherman ranch for the site of the National Institute for
Discovery Science.  Its mission:  to conduct scientific studies of the
crop circles, cattle mutilations and other bump-in-the-night phenomena
that the folks in these parts have been reporting for decades.  So
there should be no shortage of fascinating speculation for years to

Thought this article would interest you, Colonel, as well as all
Skywatchers. Again, it's the June 1997 issue of Popular Mechanics.
Would be interested in hearing your take on the subject, Colonel

Thanks again, Col. Steve, for all the time and effort you put into the
Skywatch Organization.  It is much appreciated!  (Do people realize
how much time it must take from your busy life to do all the reading
and postings to the mail list??)

Fondly, from your old pal,


Note: Somehow doesn't surprise me at all.  I know that the Aurora was
moved to Pine Gap, Australia because Area 6413 (Dreamland) was getting
too hot and too many people getting to close to the truth. When they
have the facilitys ready you can bet it will be close to Falcon AF
Base and especially if the 576th is there.  They will then likely
bring the Aurora back.  But my money is on White Sands, personally.
Some military gut level instinct tells me that I would create a
diversion at Falcon, and place it somewhere else, and White Sands
would be the perfect place because strategically it is already there,
old news, and remote enough with a small amount of air traffic not to
cause suspicion of a small amount of air traffic. It is also not that
far from White Sands and it falls in line with the memo I saw years
ago about White Sands...........Col.

[Love that "Colonel"!  He's a card!  -- GC]

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