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Gate to Area 51 photo (Popular Mechanics)

From: "Dale Punter" 
Date: Sun, 18 May 1997 00:58:18 -0000
Subject: Gate to Area 51 photo (Popular Mechanics)

 The photo of Jim Wilson at the gate to Area 51, has a problem. The reason
that he found no guard shack or Cammo-Dudes, is because he was at least 10
miles from the actual Groom Lake road borderline. The actual location of
the photo is the north perimeter fence of Range 61 in R-4806W. The photo is
facing south, away from Area 51, and Groom Lake road has not vanished, in
fact it is very hard to miss. I am not sure which Area 51 info Mr. Wilson
read on his flight to Las Vegas, but it sure was not the "Area 51 Viewer's
 The entire article reeks something awful to me. May I suggest that the
author spend a little less time at the buffets and blackjack tables, and a
bit more time in the field!

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