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Comments on the PM Area 51 article

From: Dan Zinngrabe 
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 18:05:29 -0700
Subject: Comments on the PM Area 51 article

Glenn- I agree with you recent post on the list regarding the Popmech
article. The White Sands they mention is an annex or detachament of the
*real* white Sands Missile Range in NM. The facility they're talking about
is the Green River launch complex, where they lob reentry vehicles into
White Sands. Do an opennet search for "ATHENA" and you'll find some
interesting stuff- apparently a hypersonic glide vehicle was launched from
Green River to land at White Sands, and ended up dropping radioactive
materials into Mexico. The number of fairly obvious errors in the PM
article is staggering, and somewhat perdictably, I've already seen it being
quoted as gospel by some people. I sincerely doubt that the areas they
mention are involved in "black" aircraft testing, wether it be a Tier-3 or
a UFO. The mention of sightings of "lights in the sky" in the Four Corners
area is particularly funny- that's a heaviliy trafficked route between
White Sands, Cannon, Holloman, etc. and the Utah bombing and gunnery ranges.

I first saw the name ATHENA on official diagrams accompanying a Sandia
paper on hypersonic vehicle flight testing. The paper interested me because
it had no footnotes, references, etc., though it alluded to a number of
real-world hypersonic flight tests. The diagrams included showed tests
launched from the Green River complex, as well as Wake Island in the
pacific, and carried detailed descriptions of the vehicle's flight, all the
way down to what support aircraft an vessels were used. Photos of the
launch complexes at Green River and Kaui were also included. An OpenNet
search for "ATHENA" resulted in several hits, all diary entries by Glenn
Seaborg, with abstracts detailing how one of the tests launched from Green
River Utah went awry and landed in Mexico, spreading radioactive debris on
a small town.

Dan Z

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