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Boylan on Bigelow and Mutilations [Skywatch]

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 22:18:44 -0800
Subject: Boylan on Bigelow and Mutilations [Skywatch]

From Skywatch mailing list via

The topic is of Nevada interest I guess. Love that Boylan!  He's
delicious! -- GC


Organization:  24th Street Exchange
Date:          Wed, 21 May 97 00:13:06 -0800

 > From:          "Christopher O'Brien" <>
 > To:  
 > Date:          Tue, 20 May 1997 09:03:24 -7
 > Subject:       Latest Mute Cases in Colorado

 > Every mute investigator in CO/NM (with the exception of two)
 > have been contacted (and bought?) by NIDS.  Why not (at
 > least) establish a dialog with everyone?  Coordinate
 > efforts.  I'd love to have a fourth team doing testing.
 > However,  I would require results from this testing process.
 >  Trying to vacuum up all these cases here in S. CO/No NM is
 > NOT going to work.  This is our home and neighborhood where
 > we have devoted years to establishing relationships with law
 > enforcement and ranchers. We ALL need to work together, put
 > our agendas aside and do "good science!"  The fact that no
 > attempt has been made to do this by NIDS raises several
 > pointed questions which I will not go into in this public
 > forum.


You make some good points about secretive Las Vegas casino properties
owner and billionaire Bob Bigelow, the "UFO Howard Hughes" of the
1990s, and his Roach Motel approach to UFO data: good cases go in to
NIDS but nothing substantial comes out.

The NIDS webpage is a joke. Talk about a Potemkin Village of
thin-front information as a "cover" for what?

More interesting than the Unusual Animal Death (UAD) cases is the
behavior patterns of Mr. Bigelow, who is financially linked with
Prince Hans Adam of Lichenstein, another billionaire financier of
Roach Motel UFO data acquistions.

Circumstantial evidence points to most UADs being performed by Special
Forces using hand-held lasers and operating out of high-tech
conventional/ antigravity-hybrid helicopters, using space-time bending
to achieve not only stealth but physical invisibility.

But perhaps the Colonel would like to comment on those Special Forces.


  Richard Boylan, Ph.D. 2826 O Street, Suite 2, Sacramento, CA 95816,
(916) 455-0120 E-mail: ; Primary website:   Author of: Close Extraterrestrial
Encounters, Labored Journey To The Stars and Project Epiphany.


From Glenn:

In fairness to Bigelow, I think "billionaire" is a bit high, and
"Roach Motel" is an unkind cut.  Bigelow owns the local Sun Harbor
chain of short-residency apartments, which actually look quite nice.

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