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re: Roswell Incident featured in 6/97 issue of POPULAR

From: Earl Needham 
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 21:54:22 -0700
Subject: re: Roswell Incident featured in 6/97 issue of POPULAR

>  From: "Meinrad Eberle"<>, on 5/22/97 12:25 PM:
>  COMMENT:  I haunted Roswell Airfield last month. The Air Force renovated
>  almost the whole base. Hangars and buildings now shining off in light
>  desert-brown. A high new tower.

	The place belongs to the city now.  Any "improvements" were made by the
city, not the Air Force.

>  And strange things are still going strong
>  down there: Hangar # 1935, close to the fuel tank farm in the  northwestern
>  corner, has definitely become the best protected spot of the base: Big
>  videocamera mounted on the roof, surveilling the paved access road.
>  Building in outstanding dark grey. High barbed wire fence at the gate.

	Unless I miss my guess, this is the building where they build BUSSES.

>  Special keypad-access control unit there.

	EVERY entrance to the airfield is secured by a keypad entry.  This is,
after all, a public airport with an airline, however small, operating a
schedule there.

>  Only about three minutes after me
>  approaching that site to take pictures of Roving Sands' F-14 Tomcats coming
>  in, a blue Ford with NM license plates comes crawling down the road. Two
>  civilians. Black sunglasses. Binocs. They check me out! Being out of
>  film-ammo, I jump back into my car, swing it around, pushing the pedal to
>  the metal. Which makes Navy Intelligence-folks pull back swiftly and dash
>  down Earl Cummings Boulevard (Navy? Because Roswell base was shape-shifted
>  into a Navy aircraft carrier during Roving Sands exercise!) .

		They were probably just wondering who you were.  I also
visited, and I asked the Navy people if I could watch from their "balcony" for
a while.  They were MORE than happy to let me stand up there and watch.  Navy
Intelligence?  Probably not.

>  The Air Force
>  usually running the place seems particularly worried about THAT hangar
>  (actually, it's two hangars built together).....No problemo to hang around
>  the place's fenceline elsewhere.....

	I've visited Roswell a few times, and the only time I've seen Air Force
people down there was the occasional cross-country flight from Reese or
someplace, and during Roving Sands.  If Air Force people are running the
airfield, they're disguised as civilians anywhere from 15 to 80 years old.  Not
your usual Air Force image.

>  And no, it's not the 24 hours alert craft site.

	There's no alert facility there now -- would you re-phrase this to let
me know just what you're looking at?

Earl Needham, KD5XB
Clovis, NM
Wood Badge at Philmont!     ICQ
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Pi Chi '76

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