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Mysterious pissed off person at Nellis Air Show

Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 21:57:55 -0800
Subject: Mysterious pissed off person at Nellis Air Show

Hi, like about 450,000 of my fellow earthlings(some might not have been?)
my father and I went to the 50th anniversary of the Air Force Golden Air
Tattoo Air Show at Nellis Air Force Base in April.  We went both days to
punish ourselves.  This was the best air show I have ever been to I must
say.  We enjoyed watching the static and dynamic aircraft displays and all
the people dropping like flies from the heat.  Watching all the ambulances
weaving through 100,000 people was pretty funny too.  We witnessed a pretty
strange event however.  My dad and I were walking near the area where the
missiles, bombs, Russian equipment, and Minuteman III launcher were near
the hangers and overheard a conversation between a military and civilian
guy.  My dad said the military guy was a colonel but I had a hard time
seeing the bars on his cammo outfit.  The civilian was wearing pants, a
polo shirt, and dark sunglasses.  We heard the civilian yelling at the
military person.  He was saying how could you allow that booth to sell Area
51 and alien stuff on the base.  He also said that the military guy better
have a good explaination of why he allowed this or he would be in hot
water.  He also said if it happens again I will have you busted so low you
will wish you were a million miles away from me.  I then walked away and
all I could see was them waiving their fingers at each other.  We then went
over to the booth and saw that almost the whole town of Rachel(not quite!,
5 people) was selling shirts, patches, hats, etc. there.  We had to do our
part to help them in their espionage operations.  We bought some shirts and
other trinkets to help fund their operations :-).  We then left as our feet
felt like they were gone from walking around 100 miles over two days.  Does
anyone think the civilian was an MJ-12 agent?  He sure looked and acted
sinister enough.  Did anyone else see anything strange at the Air Show?

Scott   (Their here, their hostile, and I don't want you to know)
           (practicing MJ-12 agent)

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