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"Victor" on Art Bell Radio Show

Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 08:18:31 -0800
Subject: "Victor" on Art Bell Radio Show

Friday 5/23/97 on COAST TO COAST with Art Bell,  a guest by
the name of "Victor" was on the show with a voice changer,
he has some affiliation with Site 4, at Area 51, he or
someone "smuggled" a video of an interrogation with a
"being" "our people" did not treat him/her so well, the
video went to the hands of the radio show. We are told by
"Victor" some 6000 ? are employed there, some are bused in
others are flown in --Victor is flown in, but would not say
if he is or is not an employee, on the broadcast he appeared
very much afraid to speak, but became more comfortable as
the show progessed.  Later the Being died, possibly had a
seizure, (I wonder if we caused it).,

Now, is it true that our President of the U.S.A. doesn't
really know what goes on there ?  How can we have 6000
people working at that location and all keep their mouths
shut ?  I would have a very hard time.  Secrecy is ok, but
to deny that we are being visited when some many say we are
is beyond me,  what is the case with a Weather Balloon
crash, my friend who was in school at that time in 1947 said
it was a balloon not a UFO crash, what about the movie
Roswell ?  why does the media not get involved-- maybe if
they did and portrayed it as Science and not fiction, and it
was on every broadcast would the GOVERNMENT have to come
forward ?

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