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Re[2]: Mysterious pissed off person at Nellis Air Show

From: Dan Zinngrabe 
Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 19:10:39 -0800
Subject: Re[2]: Mysterious pissed off person at Nellis Air Show

>This is not the first time our merchandise has been sold on military
>property.  I believe the Area 51 patch and hat are still being sold at a
>military memorabilia shop inside the Pentagon building in Washington.
>(At the subway entrance.)

They sure are still being sold at the pentagon- and they're going big items
at "dress down" casual days at DARPA in Arlington and NSA at Fort Meade.
For a few weeks late last year Area 51 posters were hot at the National
Recon Office (including some stamped CLASSIFIED- TALENT/KEYHOLE - for good
reason!) and NPIC, though they were soon outlawed.

I'm surprised no one's reported on this phenomenon earlier!
Black Dawn

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