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Don Ecker on Corso & Marrs Books [UFO Updates]

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 20:39:00 -0800
Subject: Don Ecker on Corso & Marrs Books [UFO Updates]

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Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 13:24:53 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: CNN International Debate - Jim Marrs - Alien Agenda

Don Ecker
UFO Magazine

Hello, and welcome back to UFO Magazine Online.

     This coming summer might be called the summer of the UFO
book. A lot of new ones are just starting to hit the shelves, and
the next issue of UFO Magazine will carry a true book bonanza of
new ones that will be reviewed. The following titles are a
sample: The Day After Roswell--by Lt. Col. Philip Corso. (More on
this one in a moment.) Alien Agenda--by Jim Marrs. (Also more on
this one.) Fishing Groom Lake--by Larry Wolfe; UFO Danger
Zone--by Bob Pratt; A Common Sense Approach to UFOs--by Betty
Hill; Alien Impact--by Michael Craft.

     Recently on several Internet newsgroups, a lot of debate has
been generated by several new books that deal with the Roswell
case. Such debate will pale into insignificance with the new
blockbuster of a book The Day After Roswell, by retired Lt. Col.
Philip Corso. Pocket Books Hardcover sent us an advanced copy of
The Day After Roswell, which I quickly started.

     Almost from the first page I felt a sense of amazement and
even  shock.  It had been over 10 years since I felt something
similar, the very first time I ever read the now discredited
MJ-12 papers released by William Moore. Over the years I have
learned my lesson. So why should that excitement be rekindled
now? Because of who Philip Corso is: A member of the White House
National Security Council under President Eisenhower, a Nike
guided-missile commander in Germany during the years 1957-1961,
who, working directly under General Arthur Trudeau, headed the
Army's Research and development section at the Pentagon. The
secret that Corso says he releases is concerned with the Roswell
incident.... How Corso was detailed to pump alien artifacts into
the industrial pipeline to jump start many areas of today's
current technology! Some of the items he links to ET-inspired
R&D are night-vision technology, which the Army began using
later in Viet Nam, fibre-optic technology which has created a
revolution in communications, lasers and particle beam
technology for advanced weaponry, silicon computer chips which
have revolutionized computer technology.

     Ok, so far so good. Anyone who lived through the 60's like
myself can vouch for the mind-bending technological leaps made by
industry. Just look at where computers are today, and it has
been just 20 years since the old Altair chip was introduced where
someone with some electronic skill could solder together his own
primitive computer. But the real bottom line was the race our
military was in. No, not the one with the Soviets (although it
was with them also)-- no, the one against the aliens! Corso
claims that high in the military and government the real fear was
of the aliens becoming openly hostile! According to Corso, all
those years of covert alien incursions into secure military bases
and nuclear weapons storage areas, buzzing aircraft, jet
pursuits, and even interference with our and the Soviets' space
shots are all proof of a covert hostility.

     Oh yes, the Russians were worried. There was even a tacit
agreement between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. if hostilities broke
out. This is some fascinating reading. Is it real? Is it the
truth? Well, if on the veracity question I had to choose between
Corso and others who have written on this subject over the years,
I would be inclined to pick Corso.

     Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs is out, and  I have written a
review on Marrs newest book for the next issue of *UFO Magazine.
Alien Agenda is a damned good read which really harkens back to
the books of Donald Keyhoe in that era I call the "golden age" of
research, with the likes of the "old" NICAP organization. Marrs
gives you a history lesson with a sense of urgency about what is
happening right now. He looks at the field beginning with a recap
of startling facts about the moon; the Maury Island (and Fred
Crisman) affair up to what is happening in Nevada and our
current shuttle program.

     Marss gives strong attention to lunar anomalies. Not just
lights or strange structural appearing things, although he
covers that, but for example: did you know that during Apollo,
rocks on the lunar surface were recovered that were dated at
least 5.3 billion years old? That rock was more than a half
billion years older than our own solar system! That ain't all
folks, the lunar dust the rock sat in was ITSELF A BILLION YEARS

--Just goes to prove that we don't know what we don't know....

     That's it for now. I have some other intriguing stories I am
working on, and when I get them completed I will advise you all.
A lot of strange things are presently going on, and research is
still in flux. You better remember to keep those eyes to the
skies and keep checking in back here.

Till next time!--Don Ecker


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