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Volunteers needed to add A51 messages to Ufomind

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 16:47:59 -0800
Subject: Volunteers needed to add A51 messages to Ufomind

There have been a lot of useful messages on this mailing list
lately, all of which are permanently preserved at However, these messages still
need to be linked to the appropriate index pages on Ufomind.
For example, messages regarding Philip Corso should be
linked to the Corso page at
A message regarding Basecamp should be linked to, etc.

Anyone can do this.  Just visit the mailing list archive
and get the URL for an interesting message, then add at as
a link to the appropriate index page (sometimes two index

Volunteers are needed to look through past messages to make
sure they are linked to the appropriate index pages.  About
half of the messages contain no significant data and
don't need to be indexed, but the other half contain data
or commentary that we want to remember.

If you are interested, just send me an email saying what
range of messages you plan to handle (say, April 1997), then
just go ahead and do it.  Then let me know when you are done,
so I can check that section off.

You can see the Corso (
and Marrs pages ( for
examples of mailing list messages linked to ufologist pages.

A few weeks from now, I hope to have a system in place to
automatically link new mailing list messages to the
appropriate index pages, but for now messages must be linked


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