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The terrible, horrible, unbearable truth [skywatch]

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 16:37:35 -0800
Subject: The terrible, horrible, unbearable truth [skywatch]

[From the skywatch mailing list, via CS]
[Someone hasn't taken their Prozac?  --GC]

From:          "papaw" <>
Organization:  SEMPERFI
Date:          Wed, 28 May 1997 00:00:24 +0000
Subject:       Re: Skywatch down on Thursday May 29, 1997

> From:          "SKYWATCH Post Only" <>
> Date:          Tue, 27 May 1997 22:32:50 -0700
> Subject:       Re: Skywatch down on Thursday May 29, 1997
> Reply-to:
> Priority:      normal

> Sorry everyone.......I really need a day off.
> So Skywatch MAY be down on Thursday.
> Col.
> Col.
 I have watched you grow from the begining, and have never replied to
 anything up to now. I am an old ex Marine retired, and just wanted
to say job well done. I think it is about time, you take time for
yourself. You know I have watched and wondered, what normal  people
would think or feel, if they have seen what some of us have over the
years. Nothing is ever what it appears to be, when it comes to assuring
that those we have always protected keep their sanity.  I don't mean
this to sound like a riddle of any kind, but I have a feeling you know
what I am saying. I have many times wished the truth could be told, but
there is no way without destroying everything people have ever been
taught to believe in. Which may be untruths, but at least it works and
most survive. What most want to know the truth about, I truly hope they
never know. The truth will not set anyone free, but it would  destroy
what little we have left to live for. Col. as you very well know not one
of us in reality are what we appear to be. But each and every one of us
are our own worse nightmares, when we need to be.


Note: I know exactly what you mean and Amen to that.  The truth is so
horrible that not even the most devout believers would believe it...
I don't sleep well anymore just thinking about how and when it will all

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