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Re: Commuter flight at Northrop's Hawthorne complex [2 msgs]

From: Mary Shafer 
Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 14:32:51 -0800
Subject: Re: Commuter flight at Northrop's Hawthorne complex [2 msgs]

Why would the dust on or in the cars be any evidence of the people being
at Groom Lake?  Since that airplane, a KingAir, isn't big enough to carry
cars, presumably the cars remained in the Hawthorne airport parking lot.
The dust, therefore, would be characteristic of Hawthorne, not Groom.

Even if we assume that these people work for Northrop, which is not a
foregone conclusion despite your seeing badges, since my mother wears a
badge much like the one you describe because she's a volunteer at the
local hospital, your assumptions are much too far-reaching.  For example,
they may have been up here at EDW or Plant 42 working on the B-2; I see
the Northrop KingAir here in the Antelope Valley, both at Plant 42 and
EDW, regularly. One high desert location's dust is much like another's.

As for the tans, the Antelope Valley is a great place for them.  I've
already got a nice tan just from walking back and fort between buildings.
And we're equally good at dust production.

I don't think you've got any sort of evidence of anything except that
tanned dusty people flew into Hawthorne in a KingAir and got into dusty

Isn't there some aphorism about making bricks without straw that applies


Mary Shafer  DoD #0362 KotFR
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Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 17:05:05 -0400 (EDT)
From: Mary Shafer <>

Oops--the corporate plane that Northrop-Grumman flies isn't a KingAir but
a Beech 1900.  I was just chatting about it with one of the Northrop B-2
pilots today as we both flew up from LAX on the UAL Exp noon flight.
However, cars won't fit into a 1900 either.

Sorry--I was thinking about the NASA KingAir, N7NA, which we'd also


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