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Reward offered for Boscombe Down mystery aircraft

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 18:30:59 -0800
Subject: Reward offered for Boscombe Down mystery aircraft

From: [withheld by request]
Subject: 1000-Lb Reward for Photos
Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 11:14:42 -0700

   1000-Lb Reward for photo of Boscombe Down mystery aircraft

The (British) Key Publishing Ltd's. "Air Forces Monthly" for June 1997
offers a reward for photographic evidence of the mystery aircraft involved
in the Sept '94 airfield incident at Boscombe Down, which was subsequently
airlifted out on a C-5.             (June issue)     (Special Report)

A full-length Boscombe Special Report discusses this incident and the
related ties involved with Groom Lake, Air Force Plant 42, and Northrop
& Mc Donnell Douglas.  Supported by numerous pieces of information,
the article provides some deductive speculation that the aircaft involved
may have been the ASTRA (Advanced Stealth Technology Reconnaisance
Aircraft), an aircraft similar to the Northrop YF-23 design.  Their analysis
suggests that the ASTRA is a hypersonic design that has in fact taken the place of the rumored Aurora, and by piecing together various funding and development timelines, concludes that the ASTRA is in operational status.

A good article for the aeronautically inclined.

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