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Col. Whoever? (The Day After Roswell) book

Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 00:40:43 -0700
Subject: Col. Whoever? (The Day After Roswell) book

I agree with the guy on the mailing list that was talking about how this
Colonel is wrong in his book.  I believe his name was Carter?.  The writer
of the book supposedly says that he allowed alien technology to be placed
in the industry so that technology would go forward faster.  I agree with
the respondent Carter? that this is not so.  He says that the technology
that is talked about was around before the Roswell incident.  I agree and
would like to add to this.  There is some technology that is produced
before it is widely used such as transistors.  The CMOS (Complementary
Metal Oxide Semiconductor) transistor was produced by at least the 70's.
The technology had some problems that made it unfeasible to be made cheaply
so it was not widely used.  These problems like Latchup and other parasitic
problems were not fixed until a fabrication process was designed to make
them usable in the marketplace.  CMOS is what makes modern computers
fantastic devices because they don't run as hot or burn as much power so to
speak as other transistors do.  This is why computer technology has picked
up speed in recent years not because some alien at area 51 has allowed its
technology into the industry.  It is because companies like Intel and IBM
have engineers and large R&D budgets.  Some technology  is here today that
people don't know about but in ten years it will be common place.  This is
not mysterious, it is science.  The Romans did it, the Greeks did it, and
we do it!
Scott   (There here, there hostile, and I don't want you to know)
           (Practicing MJ-12 agent)

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