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USAF Yearbook 1997 : Article on Groom Lake

From: "George Haines" 
Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 02:49:56 PDT
Subject: USAF Yearbook 1997 : Article on Groom Lake

To All:

Each year, as a fund-raising effort, the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund
publishes a yearbook; not concerning the RAF as one might expect, but
for the USAF (bigger market, perhaps?)  The '97 edition just came out,
and there are certainly a few items of "skunky" interest.  First is a
well-researched article on the Groom Lake facility by Chris Pocock, with
a useful history of the base, period photos of U-2's, OXCART, and other
items flown from Groom, and an annotated satellite view of the base
circa 1991.  The article speculates a bit about curent operations and
even Lazar gets a mention.  None of this may be new to close followers
of the Area 51 legend, but it is a good, no-nonsense summary for

There is additionally a handy list of USAF units with  home bases and
aircraft flown; check out Det. 3 and the 413 TS of the 412th OG (Groom
and Edwards, respectively), the aircraft for both of which are listed as
'unknown'.  Finally there is detailed coverage of the recent 50th
Anniversary airshow at Nellis.

Cover price is USD7.50 and the ISSN number is 0956-2826.


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