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Expanded topics for this mailing list

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 16:23:19 -0800

Since the number of purely "Area 51" messages on this mailing list is
dwindling, the topics covered in this list will be expanding in coming
months.  I am still thinking about how this should be done, and I
welcome suggestions.  In the meantime, I will be passing along more
messages that seem compatible with the new agenda.

I would like to see this mailing list play a broader supporting role
for the Ufomind website, rather than the more restrictive charter we
are obeying now.

There may be a name change to reflect the new role of the mailing
list.  For example, it might be merged with the current UFOMIND
Mailing List and use that name instead.  We may also be changing
mailing list servers eventually.  (I am looking forward to the release
of Pairlist:  Our current list server works
okay, but delivery is slow.)  Any change of name or mail server
will not require any action from subscribers.  The current list of
subscribers will be copied to the new location.

The future mailing list could cover all of the areas of the current
Area 51 Mailing List (secret military facilities, government UFO
coverup claims and southwest UFO reports), plus...

  -- Documents reflecting on the character, credibility and claims
     of specific UFO or paranormal researchers.

  -- Documents regarding credible parapsychology research.

  -- Any interesting document that I feel belongs on the website but
     that does not otherwise have a permanent web address.

  -- Notice of new products added to the Research Center catalog (to
     help "pay the rent")

  -- Technical notices regarding the Ufomind server (as currently
     provided by Ufomind Techniques at

As is currently true, this mailing list will NOT be the place for
discussion of general UFO cases (unless there is a significant and
specific government component), general conspiracy claims, general
black aircraft discussions or paranormal claims without empirical
data.  There are plenty of mailing lists available to discuss these
themes (for example, for general UFO discussions see UFO UpDates,
archived at

Moderation will continue to be "tight", in that only a few messages
will be allowed through each day, and back-and-forth debate will be
limited to that which is truly interesting. However, the future list
will obey a less rigid charter and will depend more on my own
judgement of what is worth preserving.  (Since I am paying for mailing
list distribution and for long-term archive storage on the web, I feel
that I must exert some control, even if it seems capricious at times.
Less restrictive standards apply to links added to our website, where
I do not have to pay for storage.)

Remember that you don't need to subscribe to this list to read it or
post to it.  All messages are immediately archived on the website, and
the latest are linked to our What's New page at  The storage location may or may
not change in coming months, but no existing messages will be moved.
It's my intent to provide permanent storage and a stable URL for every
message that goes out on our mailing list.

For information on subscribing/unsubscribing see

There are currently 1131 email subscribers.

Glenn Campbell

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