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Report on Discovery Channel "Phoenix Lights" show

From: "T.J." <>
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 08:11:27 -0800

Wanted to let the group know that there was a good show on the Discovery
channel tonight (actually this morning) from 3am - 4am Phoenix time. It
actually offers a pretty good explanation of the lights, but also raised
alot of questions as well.

They had a firm in California analize a sample of the video tape. In
addition to the night video of the lights, they also went back to the same
location (Camelback Mountain I think..) and shot footage in the daylight.
When the two images were laid over each other and the footage run you
could see how the lights went away *right* as they dropped below the
mountain range in the background, one by one. This could support the
military's claims of having dropped flares attatched to parachutes.

However, they also had reports of two separate sets of lights at two
different times that night. They speculated that there still may have been
a UFO or something that flew over Phoenix which resulted in Edwards AFB
scrambling aircraft to check it out, and dropping flares as a decoy.

The main thing that struck me as odd is that Edwards AFB reported that
they had received *no* calls that night regarding the lights, when they
actually had been swamped with calls. Edwards also said that they had no
maneuvers or planes flying that night. Later, when Channel 12 aired the
broadcast suggesting flares could have caused this the military then
changed their story and agreed that they had actually dropped the flares
and their original statement was wrong.

Just seems weird that one can't get a straight answer from the military or
government. It seems they could have easily diffused the situation had
they just said that they had aircraft flying and dropping flares that
night. Makes you wonder...

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