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A field trip to Dulce, New Mexico

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 17:38:44 -0800
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 09:40:14 -0500 (EST)
From: John Granger <>

Being a new resident of Albuquerque New Mexico I decided to drive
up to Dulce New Mexico 2 weeks ago.. I figured I couldn't live here and
not see the center of the underground base for the planet Earth.

Well, BIG disappointment. After having Map N' Go send me across a 19
mile horse path (don't ever accept a map that uses the term "local road"
in place of a street or highway name) I found Dulce was dead...just
dead... A Best Western Motel and a local Indian casino had the only
lights on in town.

Since I arrived in the middle of the night I decided to follow the
infamous 36 foot wide road out into the Archeluta Mesa... Well, I had no
trouble finding the was the only road heading northwest out of
town.. Well, I got into the mesa...and the 36 foot wide paved road
turned into a 20 foot wide dirt road... (never mentioned in the
documents)... I decided the area was sufficiently spooky so I stopped
along the cars, no lights, just darkness. At 3am I find myself
sitting in the dark...just to see if anyone noticed....I keep an eye on
the clock just so I don't have any gaps in my time perception...

Well, the only exciting thing that happened was that my battery operated
radar detector decided the car hadn't been moving for several minutes so
it decided to shut itself off... It emits a shrill warning, just so the
driver won't be unprotected. Well, I nearly peeded on the seat when THAT
thing went off... That was really the high point of the night... Didn't
see any UFO's...or vehicles of any kind matter of fact... and I decided
to drive back through Santa Fe and avoid the 19 mile horse trail....

-John Granger



From: Glenn

I visited Dulce several years ago.  The main trouble with the
underground base claims is that the land around Dulce is not very
restricted.  It is Indian land belonging to one of two tribes.
It is the equivalent of private ranch land: You aren't supposed
to go in without permission, but security is non-existent, and
in practice you can travel fairly freely.

As I recall, most of the land on Archeluta Mesa belongs to the
Jicarilla Apache tribe, while the northern part is controlled
by the Southern Ute (or perhaps reversed -- I don't have a map
handy).  The Jicarilla are fairly liberal about access, while the
Ute are more restrictive.  I remember hitting a stern no-trespassing
sign at a reservation boundary at the Colorado border and turning
back, but there was really nothing to prevent me from going on.
(You have to go into Colorado to get to the dirt road on top of
the mesa.) If I had more time, I would have hiked to the top of
the mesa from just north of Dulce.  The worst I would expect is
a trespassing citation, and I would only expect to get this if
I was really drawing attention to myself.

The Indians tend to be very touchy about their land, politically,
and they would probably throw a lot of bureaucracy at you if, say,
a UFO group wanted to tour the area, but a private citizen could
easily poke around.

The other major problem with secret base claims is that local
Indians who do have free access to the reservation are under no
security restrictions whatsoever.  They are as ambivalent about
the Federal government as the rest of us, and certainly would not
withhold a good UFO or secret base story if one came along.

To outsiders, the tribes may seem a bit mysterious, but there
isn't any secrecy to speak of.  What most "researchers" seem to
do is visit briefly, see some detail they can't explain (like
the wide road) then run off to write about it in the UFO magazines.
No one bothers to talk to locals.

Here is a page on the Jicarilla tribe, which is headquartered
at Dulce:

If there is an underground base at Dulce, there don't seem to
be any hints at the surface, so your underground base might as
well be anywhere -- say, under Phoenix, London or Disneyland.

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