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Pop Mech on NASA's Antigravity Machine

From: "John C. Yeargin" <>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 09:48:32 -0800

The December 1997 issue of our favorite science magazine, Popular
Mechanics, has an article by Mr. Jim Wilson on NASA's antigravity

Sometime during the next several weeks a device which uses a
superconductor disc chilled to -400F and rotated suspended over a
powerful magnetic field will be tested.  The experiment is to be done
at the Marshall Space Flight Center at Huntsville AL.

The theory is that objects above the disc will experience a .5% to 2%
loss of weight because of the disruption of the gravitational field.
Past tests have been inconclusive.

The article adds that many physicists believe that absolutely nothing
will happen when the experiment is tried.

John Yeargin

Area 51 > List > 1997 > Nov > Here

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