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New Product: Best Cathouses in Nevada

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 11:23:49 -0800
[In our never-ending quest to remain solvent, we will occasionally
send out announcements of new catalog additions via the Area 51
mailing list.  There will not be more than one message of this
kind per day, and "New Product" or a similar notice will always
appear in the title. We plan to limit the offerings to books that
are truly interesting, outrageous or timely. -- GC]

Added today to the Research Center catalog...


"Everything You Want to Know About Legal Prostitution in Nevada."

By J.R. Schwartz

171 Page Softbound Book
Size: 4 x 7
J.R. Schwartz, 1997

Price: $9.50
Item Code: cathouse
Postage Code: book1

File this one under "cultural anthropology." It is a consumer's
guide to the legal brothels in Nevada (virtually all of them that
are currently viable, not just the "best"). In Nevada,
prostitution is legal in some rural counties, but lest you be
deceived by the hype, it is still the same industry, managed,
staffed and patronized by the same cast of mostly pathological
characters. Whorehouses are not gleaming casinos in the desert;
they are usually humble trailers near the highway, gaudily
painted but hardly romantic. You'll find no criticism in this
book, however; it is bubbling with naive idealism. There are no
photos of brothels or even of the girls, because that would burst
the delusion. Instead these pages are filled with glowing field
reports on the ambiance, history and "menu" of each establishment
-- something like restaurant reviews as might be approved by the
restaurants themselves. Although we don't suggest visiting these
businesses (unless you frequent hookers in your own hometown),
this book helps relieve one's curiosity. For anyone interested in
Nevada kitsch or the sociology of sex, it is irresistible
reading.  -- Glenn

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