"Hot Gossip" interview with Michael Wolf

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Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 11:43:20 -0800

I found the following interview with Michael Wolf while doing a search
for him on the Internet.  The interview comes from the UK section of Hot
Gossip magazine and the interviewer is Georgina Bruni.  Since this site
no longer seems to be in the search pages, I will type from the copy
that I printed out when I first found the interview.

Marge Haller



American born Dr.Michael Wolf, scientist and author of `Catchers of
Heaven' kindly gave me an interview which was much appreciated because
it required tremendous effort on his part as he is in great pain and
dying from a degenerating spinal condition.

His book is published as fiction because it was the only way he could get
a copyright, but he assures me that it is based on a great deal of fact
relating to the UFO and alien abduction phenomena.  Dr. Wolf is no
ordinary witness, as Emeritus of The New England Institute for Advanced
Research, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, and Patron
Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, he
has inside knowledge of the UFO and alien situation.  This respected
scientist was an MD in neurology for 30 years and he also studied
pathology.  During his carreer he was a consultant for the National
Security Council and had top secret clearance which took him to the
infamous Area 51 US base where he was a Team Leader on a scientific
project which involved `back engineering', copying or attempting to copy
alien technology.

Area 51 is a top secret base in the Nevada desert which is so secure
that not even the President of the United States is allowed access.
Ufologists have known about the base for several years due to engineer
Bob Lazar'a expose, whereby he publicly claimed he had seen alien
spacecraft and worked on `back engineering' whilst employed at the
base.  But a couple of years ago it hit the headlines when the widow of
an ex worker tried to sue for the death of her husband, which, she
insisted, was the result of chemical poisoning obtained through his work
whilst employed at Area 51.

I asked Dr. Wolf if he could answer some questions and wanted to know
how much of his book was fact.

`I'll try to answer what I can.  The `Catchers of Heaven' could not be
approved by the National Security Council for a copyright unless I wrote
it as `Fiction', yet only by reading itcan one read `between the lines'
if you will.  Only the character's respective names have been changed,
but I do use my own name.  There is very little fiction(if any)in the
book, fiction was the only way I could receive a copyright.

In an interview with James Courant, you mention an automobile accident
which occured on Christmas day 1984, d that your intelligence officer
informed you that your vehicle had been `fixed' in a deliberate act.
Can you offer more details on why this dreadful act was carried out, why
would they want to kill you at that time, and who are `they'?

`I was on an antiterrorism visit, by order of my superiors, to help
devise antiterrorism methods.  I was warned that my work might lead to
retaliation, but I went ahead and still did what I had to do.
Unfortunattely, my wife and son and unborn child were killed as a bomb
had been planted in the rental car we had used to celebrate both my
son's birthday and my wife's and my anniversary.

I asked Dr. Wold if, during his time as Team Leader at Area 51, or
elsewhere, did he ever come in contact with any British scientists
working on secret projects.

`Yes, but I cannot discuss it'.

Dr. Wolf, I understand that you worked alongside the aliens.  Can
youtell me more about them, how many different races did you come in
contact with, what was your honest opinion of them, and where did they
originate from?  What was your first feeling when you met an alien?

`This will be addressed in the sequel to `The Catchers of Heaven, A
Trilogy'.  It will be known as `The Bright White LIght Quartet'.

Dr. Wolf believes the US Government intends to inform the public about
the UFO and alien situation.

`I must explain here, that this Government(US)does want a `processed
release of UFO information, but you must know that the only way it will
happen, is the slow `bureaucratic way' things get done in Government'.

Dr. Wolf is in constant pain and is disabled with his illness.  He
assures me he as tried to honestly answer some of my questions, some he
can't answer for national security reasons.  All the royalties from Dr.
Wolf's book go to a non profit children's foundation."

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