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U.S. Gov't System for Classified Information

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 17:41:33 -0800

From: [withheld by request]
Subject: Classification of information
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 22:46:31 -0800

Well it's actually very simple, when you get your clearance the levels
of classification are very straight forward. They Drill them into you

Bottom to top they are:

Top Secret

There was also a level between Confidential and Secret known as
Restricted that was phased out in the late eighties.

There are however layers of Top Secret:
Namely code word which almost always has two word qualifiers, you see
these in the DOD budget.  Prior to the 1950 they were one word codes
such as Ultra, Purple, etc.

The project names are drawn from the same list as code words.

Just holding a Top secret clearance does not clear you for everything.
You have to have access to a specific project or information that was
code word protected.

Example I once worked on a project that was Top Secret "Long Broom".  It
was cancelled in the cut backs in the nineties but you had to be cleared
to work that hardware.  But "Long Broom" was only a piece of a larger
project with it's own code word.

That was how information or technology was compartmentalized.

There was also levels of access on how you work on something.

That would vary from must be examined only in a secure area to the buddy
system where you could not examine something alone but only in pairs.
Physical security was also addressed at this level.

These levels were numbered 1 through 5 for the physical security
required but that may have changed.

I've seen some of the BS out there about other levels, but there isn't a
need [because?] you can so layer a project in sub-project each within a
layer of physical, access and compartmentalized security. Just think if
there were more layers you'd have to write those long winded regulations
for how each type would be dealt with and train those 19 year old MP's
how to enforce those regs.

The badge colors I remember were Green or Blue had no clearance, yellow
would be confidential, Red was Secret and Top Secret.  The physical
security whether a cypher locked door, Safe or guard enforced the
difference between secret and top secret and the project access.  Either
you were on the list or you weren't.  If you weren't you could have a
gold badge with Utlra top secret majestic whatever and you would not get
in regardless of rank.  No enigma wrapped with in a riddle but that
doesn't make a good X-files.

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