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"Colonel Steve Wilson" and his lies

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 07:38:39 -0800
From: [withheld by request]

[From a correspondent who has watched the "Colonel" for several

It makes me sick to watch people buy [the Colonel's] lines day
after day.  I just wish someone would do something about him.

A lot of people will remember the things he has said in public
and hoped people forgot.  He probably never planned to show up at
the Skywatch conference and is pulling one of his "disappearing
acts" he is so famous for. ...

Most if not all of what the Colonel claims about himself are lies
and most of the stuff on his web site is misinformation and

IF the colonel is really in the hospital, he would probably be in
a VA in or around Austin, Texas.  He is disabled with heart/lung
disease and depends on oxygen.  He is around 63 years old.
Desert Storm my ass!

He may not be in the hospital at all as he has done this before
in the past and was never really gone.  But since he IS disabled,
he may be sick and actually in the hospital.  Can't tell when he
is telling the truth anymore because he lies so much.  But the
members of his little "cult" will never believe this because they
WANT to believe he is telling them information supposedly from an
"insider".  He has never provided proof of his claims and he
always gets mad at anyone who asks him to prove what he says and
he says he doesn't have to prove anything.

All of his lies are there, in his own words, in many posts he has
posted to the Skywatch mailing list.  It is there in the memories
of his cult too if they think back...if they CAN think for
themselves anymore.

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