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Re: "Colonel Steve Wilson" and his lies

From: (Jan Aldrich)
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 09:12:09 -0800

I am *shocked* by the post below!  Now can't we all just get along?
IF Colonel Wilson is in the hospital, I wish him a speedy and
complete recovery.  He should get back to work as soon as possible
so he can defend his good name and correct the mistaken ideas
about him.

After his return, two things he should do right away:  make sure
his records reflect his status as "Triple Ace" and holder to "The
Air Medal or Honor."  Seems like he has been left off the public
listings of Aces and Medal of Honor winners.  Or perhaps my eyes,
which are not as good as they once were, caused me to miss the
entries.  Someone with better vision should check out the Aces

and the Medal of Honor Site:

Someone with sharp eye sight could probably find his name on these
sites.  Or you know how bureaucrats operate these days, he was
probably just left of the lists by mistake.  He should also check
the MJ-12 roster to see if they left him off of that also.

Get Well Soon, Colonel!

Jan Aldrich


>From: [withheld by request]
>It makes me sick to watch people buy [the Colonel's] lines day
>after day.  I just wish someone would do something about him.
>A lot of people will remember the things he has said in public
>and hoped people forgot.  He probably never planned to show up at
>the Skywatch conference and is pulling one of his "disappearing
>acts" he is so famous for. ...


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