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FBI interested in Groom Lake march?

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 09:27:48 -0800

[From the Skywatch mailing list via]

Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 21:36:08 -0700
Subject: Skywatch: A warning from me and the FBI

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
From:          "Old Wolf" <>
Date:          Mon, 17 Nov 1997 19:01:08 +0000
Subject:       A warning from me and the FBI
Cc:            mnswede@pop3.Spacestar.Net
Priority:      urgent

I was contacted by the FBI last week and due to my not knwoing why and
then playing phone tag for a couple of days I didn't get to speak to
them until today.  The agent came right to the point and asked me "What
is Skywatch and are they planning to attack Area 51?"

My answer with the dumbest look on my face I'm sure I have ever had was
"What ?!?"

The agent couldn't tell me who had said this or notified then about "me"
and our militant organization, but I am hoping that it was just some
admirer of mine and not someone out to sabatoge what we are trying to do
here as members of this organization.  And that is:

"The PEACEFUL teaching of the masses that the GOVERNMENT is not
telling WE THE PEOPLE everything that we should be told and that the
GOVERNMENT is not the great and trusting organization that they have
been made out to be.  AND that when the time comes for people to be made
aware that something is happening - be it an invasion from other humans
or our own government or non-earth types - that we as Skywatch members
will have - hopefully - some kind of advanced warning.


Our goal and mission as I see it is to increase the information
transfer between all peoples of the government and between nations and
to eliminate the threat of anyone or anything taking away our rights as
men and women of Earth.

That is what we are about.

If there is someone out there that has a private problem with me or that
has something against my beliefs or Skywatch, lets talk about it.
Openly and honestly.  If you don't like my views don't read them.  But
don't go and take the cowards way out and report me to someone that can
with a computer hooked up to the web find out that we are not a militant

Am I afraid of the government, no.  Am I afraid of what the
non-existant government might or might not do to the American people,
yes.  That is why I belong to this organization.  The truth is
paramount.  Not some stupid cowardly alligations that can possibly get
someone in trouble for no real reason.


Old Wolf

Minnesota State Director of Skywatch International

If we are alone in the universe, what a waste of space.

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