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UFO Encounter at Lee Vining, CA, in 1980

From: "S. Holmes Jr." <>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 07:38:25 -0800

In 1980 my girlfriend and I where traveling between June Lake
and Lake Tahoe, when we saw an object hoovering abou 1/4 mile off
395 just north of the Hawthorne turn off. As we got closer we
could see that if was just hovering, it was as big our bigger
than a 747, and you could clearly see orange and blue lights
around the center, it was saucer shaped, as we got within 1/2
mile it just vanished, no sound no sign of it.  We kept driving,
and we got a weird sensation because we had lost 20-30 minutes we
drove as far as Topaz Lake and stopped, we where are going to
call the Air force but thought better of it.

A month later she came down with a weird virus that was in her
Bone marrow, she was so ill they did not know what it was at
mamouth hospital, she was in intesive care for 5 days, She got
alittle better and we took her to Tahoe hospital, she had several
spinal taps and they to where confused about it, the doctor said
they would treat it like menengitis but they knew it wasn't, they
had no Idea what this virus was.  She got better, but she
developed vertigo on long open hyways, and on bridges, she still
to this day has vertigo!

I have no explanation, because most reports I've read it's very
strange that not many discribe what we saw. if you have any info
on large Ufos sightings let me know.

                                         S. Holmes Jr

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