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Historical BS from the "Colonel"

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 07:54:09 -0800

Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 00:24:35 -0700
From: [withheld by request]

This is a portion of the log from that IRC chat the "Col" had
with his Skywatch state directors back in 11/96.  The names
denote the state the director is from (i.e...PA is the
Pennsylvania director, etc.).  The words beside the name <Col>
are those of Wilson himself.  Quite the interesting read :)

[As usual with on-line chats, there is a lot of background
noise.  You have to filter it out to hear the Colonel's claims
about his career. -GC]

<PADir> hahahaha
* Col makes his home on the beautiful Planet Earth in a cowtown
 called Grand Junction, Colorado, USA -  Date: Saturday - 11/2/96
 Time: 7:18:20 PM MDT
<PADir> Col... what was your Carreer Field in the AF?
* UkDir "shoots little grey monster"
<Col> Fighter Pilot
* Col is sucked out of an open window.... 'til we meet again...
 another time, another place, another planet, another space...
 Bye to all.
* PADir is ready for a real ride and one that I can remember
<Col> Hahahahaha
<PADir> Col... what was your Carreer Field in the AF?
<Col> Fighter Pilot
<PADir> Ahh! Was Radio Rely here, Did a yr and a half on the Island of
<PADir> Ahh! Was Radio Rely here, Did a yr and a half on the Island of
<PADir> What did ya fly Col?
<Col> Started with the old AT-6 texan, F-51's, F-80's, F-100, F-86, etc,
<UkDir> Best I could do was a little Piper with one prop and fixed wheels
<PADir> Sounds great! So 65 was your first exeperiance with downed ufo?
 I was just a little wipper snapper back then!--))
<Col> Last one was the X-8
<PADir> Col.. Have you ever met John Lear?
<Col> Nope, first experience was in Korea in 1954
<Col> Yes, we are good friends
<PADir> 54? Wow, Can ya tell us a little about that one?
<UkDir> I was 10 in '54
<PADir> I meet Lear  in Vegas at his home
<PADir> I was 2 in 54
<Col> Was out of Base 13, and 3 of us heading up the walu river to take
 a dam out, and
<Col> I got hit with ground fire after taking dam out, was passing out,
 gave fuel and location, and begin to black out
<Col> 3 days later a green light sat my F-51 down on the runway, and they
 took me to hospital, I had been operated on with
<Col> laser surgery and was almost healed
<Col> No lasers back then
<PADir> Do you remeber anything during those three days? or were you out
<Col> That's when I began my move to POSI
<PADir> pOSI?
<Col> Paranormal Office of Scientific Investigations
<UkDir> Wow!  I recon that we should rename the Col >>> OldMan of the Sky
<PADir> Hope you dont mind the questions cause after 23 yrs research here
  I got a ton of them!--))
<Col> Don't remember a thing, jumped out of bed and got some reports, but
 then the clamp came down and no one knew anything
<Col> Then MJ-12 and Black ops of Cia began there debriefing
<Col> Later they sent me to Stanford for testing
<Col> Was a 140 IQ, and now was rated at 232
<PADir> Col... Did ya ever meet Adamski or VanTassel?
<Col> Only slept 4 hours, but heart beat slowed to no detection, and felt
 good after 4 hours, but all that tiome I never moved one muscle and
 still don't
<Col> Yes, met them both long ago in Pasadena, Ca
<PADir> Col.. became freinds with a good freind of Adamski  out of
 Buffalo, a gentleman named Norm Weis.
<Col> Later found I had become Highly telepathic, and one day it scared
 the hell out of me
<Col> Never knew I had it.
<PADir> Did ya ever meet Mantell?
<Col> Nope
<PADir> Do you  mind all my Questions?--)))
<Col> Nope
<PADir> Whew!
<UkDir> Interested in the 4 hours sleep.
<PADir> Ever hear of the  Herb Schrimmer case
<Col> I've actually had people think I was dead
<UkDir> You see,  I sleep EXACTLY 4 hours every night -- never a minute
<Col> Interesting
Col> Not off hand
<UkDir> I wake in EXACTLY the position that I go to sleep in
<Col> yea, me too
<UkDir> But I have never lost any time
<UkDir> Not that I am aware of, anyway
<Col> Me either
<Col> BRB.......Need a fix.......Coffee Time
<PADir> Col.. while in the AF ever hear anything on Tesla?
<PADir> me too BRB
<UkDir> Three coffees [_[/   [_]/  [_]/
*** OKDir (jhickman@ has joined #sitest
<OKDir> hi
<UkDir> Hi,  just warming up some coffee
<OKDir> sounds good just getting our first cold spell here...
*** UkDir sets mode: +o OKDir
<UkDir> The Col was just telling me that it is snowing
<Col> Back
<OKDir> hi Col
<Col> Hi OK
<OKDir> i finally made the connection
<Col> Good, it may take some a little time
<UkDir> what took you so long?
<OKDir> new server software at my ISP
<PADir> back
<Col> My server is moving to a new location next week and will be down
1 day
<UkDir> Ah.  Didn't know that could be a problem
<PADir> Hello Jim!
<OKDir> hey!
<OKDir> major problem whole town down no i-net at all
<UkDir> Col,  that will give me a chance to catch up on the
<PADir> Yeah Life on the ever grwoing Inet!--))
<PADir> growing
<PADir> Col.. while in the AF ever hear anything on Tesla?
<Col> yes, watched them using his stuff at Almagordo, NM
<PADir> Col I talked to a gut awhile back using Iphone whom worked for
NASA and was in charge of the Video feed coming back from the Shuttles!
 Very Intereting conversation we had!
<PADir> Col I wish I had half of your experiences!
<Col> I imagine, I have photos the astronauts sent me
<Col> How many know when a crop circle is real or not with only one on
 site test?
<UkDir> Not me !
<PADir> He had quite a bit to say and confirmed every mission we ever
 sent  up and this contiues  is monitored and followed by UFO's and he
 was describing what he saw on video and how
 they would turn off the feed to the rest of the world.
<PADir> Not me
<PADir> Compass?
<UkDir> Geiger?
<Col> Take a pie pan, fill it half full of water and grab a handfull of
 dirt in the circle and put it in the pan
<PADir> hmmm? doesnt absorb water?
<Col> If it floats like packing peanuts, its real
<Col> If it sinks and absorbs the water its fake
<PADir> Col no magnetic anomalies from the soil?
*** FLDir ( has joined #sitest
<PADir> Welcome Dawn!
<FLDir> hello all!
<UkDir> Hi Dawn
*** PADir sets mode: +o FLDir
<Col> sure, but why waste time with all other tests unless your sure
<Col> Hi Dawn
<FLDir> hi brian,dave. Colonel, and is it Jim from Oklahoma?
<PADir> Col... can you expand on the Experiments you seen the AF do
 regarding Tesla?
<UkDir> I like simple tests.  Thanks Col,  I hope to try that one.
<PADir> Yeah I'll remember that one
<OKDir> hi FLDir
<Col> Know how to get a UFO to come right down close?
<PADir> Dawn: I spent hour and a half with NY Dir on phone. Got program
 installed but shes having a conflict with other  software on her system
<PADir> Do Tell Col!!!!!!!!!!!
<UkDir> Now that is something I REAKLLY WANT TO KNOW!!
<UkDir> REALLY!!
<Col> You will before its over
<FLDir> Thanks for trying to help Michelle, is she frantic?
<PADir> Dawn: No not really, just that shes using propietary software by
 netcom, prodigy, aol, compuserve and never neen on IRC!--))
<PADir> been
<Col> Using that one method and there are several, I took that picture of
 the Ufo
<PADir> Well col whats the secret?
<Col> a 100 feet and 10feet above the ground using it.
* PADir waitning with baited breath!
<Col> You use a series of flashes with a strong flashlight.  That's how
 they communicate
<PADir> Col I gotta tell ya something!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Col> go for it
<Col> AF figured out the long and short flash patterns
<PADir> When my sighting began over Lake Ontarion and spotted this bright
 light over Lake I said to my friend Lets Flash My headlights, which I
 did like in SOS and i swear to God thats when it came from 26 miles
 across the Lake to Directly in front of my car!
<Col> They may have wondered what you were doing.  Hahahahaha]
<PADir> You are the first person that ever mentioned this to me besides
 my own experiance!
<PADir> Well it sure worked!
<UkDir> I didn't know about it --- I do now!!
<Col> There are 9 patterens and you can get them to do different things
<PADir> what are they col
<UkDir> please ........
<Col> Too long to do here, but will be in the manuals we are doing
<OKDir> Same type of experience here, near Lawton,we were flashing our
lights and got quite a suprise, brian I was talking about this one eailer
<UkDir> I look forward to it in the manuals
<Col> Aweee, Lawton, went to University there and took achaeology and
<OKDir> you know about the wildlife refuge by scott mt.?
<OKDir> I dont go there at nite anymore...
<Col> My first dig the AF sent me on was a grey over 30,000 years old,
have the JPG on my puter
<UkDir> I would love to see that, Col
<OKDir> me too
<Col> send an email and I'll send it
<OKDir> cool
Col> Aweee, Lawton, went to University there and took achaeology and
<OKDir> you know about the wildlife refuge by scott mt.?
<OKDir> I dont go there at nite anymore...
<Col> I'd DCC it, but not sure where in my archives it is
<FLDir> may I also Colonel e-mail you for the jpg?
<Col> Would you guys like to see a good photo of our UFO PROTOTYPE,
 I flew the chase plane and got a good one
<Col> Sure FL
<FLDir> thank you.
<OKDir> you know about the wildlife refuge by scott mt.?
<OKDir> I dont go there at nite anymore...
<UkDir> Me too, please
<PADir> Is that what you are sending us now?
<Col> yup
<PADir> Great! Thanks Col!
<Col> They have since removed wheels and now have 3 pods
<PADir> So Col what do you think about us getting together here for a
staff meeting when everyone gets up to speed on IRC?
<Col> Sounds great
<PADir> BRB Checking out photo!
<OKDir> nice picture!
<PADir> Col what yr is that pic from?
<Col> On this one, the funny looking things in back are the Harrier type
 jets to get it off ground, they have since figured the primary out and
have the pods which is what gets it up, then the anti-magnetic drives
 kick in
<Col> 1959
<PADir> Wow!
<UkDir> WOW!!!  That's one of the best I've ever seen
<FLDir> that was a great photo!
<Col> I have other things that I don't dare put on Skywatch, but send to
<PADir> Col I figure the Glow around many UFOS are the Ionization of the
 atmosphere from the force fiels/prpulsion system. How close am I?
<PADir> Well Col when you feel you can Im ready for these Pics!
<Col> Nope, wrong
<PADir> I also have a few of some good shots at night time  over
 Lake Ontario of these glowing objects and will provide them when I
 move into new home and get them out of storage
<Col> I don't want to blow your minds too fast
<PADir> You cant blow my mind. Nothing really would shock me at this
 point in the game
<UkDir> I recon that they need to make a shockwave some distance ahead,
 to allow them to move without the usual air    resistance
<Col> I even have pics of the UFO's Germany had in 1907
<PADir> Yeah I heard that also UK
<Col> No, the one ahead pulls, and the tail behind pushes
<UkDir> It maybe can be done with some sort of plasma?
<PADir> Col you familiar with the Tonopah Test Range?
<Col> Creates a vacuum inside so there is no feeling of motion
<Col> yes
<PADir> I was stationed on the perimeter for 4.5 yrs
<Col> Saw a couple of things, did ya?
<PADir> Went and visited the Little Alien Inn!--)) Well lets just say a
 few friends of mine  worked for the Security contractor there whom
 shared  a little info with me!--))
<OKDir> I've been monitoring a lot of C-17 traffic into tonopah lately...
 on hf
<Col> Bet, none of you knew we had a moonbase before the public saw the
 first moonlanding
<PADir> OK What Freq?
<PADir> Col what is your opinion of Alternative 3?
<Col> What about it/
<OKDir> 11176 or as they call 76 upper
<PADir> Col what is your opinion of Alternative 3? Thats where i first
 heard of Moon Base and the Video implicating it
<PADir> Thanks OK
<Col> I know, I've been there in 1964
PADir> Col been there?
<Col> yes
<PADir> Please decribe whatever! I just love this
<Col> Went up to our moonbase in 1964 in our UFO.
<PADir> Whew! and..............--)))
<Col> That is the ones the grey's took away from us on the apex of the
 dark side of the moon
<UkDir> Col,  I enlarged and printed that UFO pic at 10 X 8 in colour at
 720 dpi and have just put in a frame and hung it above my desk.  It
 looks great.
<Col> Not many know the extent or how far ahead we really are.  The X-117
 is OLD, over twenty-five years old
<Col> well, it was X-117 when I first saw it
<Col> The Stealth, and what many do not know is it can become totally
<PADir> Col tell us more. Like what was your mission. Is there a lot of
 bases there? Are we working with other countries there? Have we lande
 on pther planets?
<Col> The reason they only sent one at a time to bagdad, afraid they
 would run into each other.
Col> Nope, Greys run us out and told us in no uncertain terms not to come
 back to the moon
<Col> We know that mars is used as landing and jump off site for many
 sopace travelers
<PADir> What about others that descrobe being picked up by what appear
 to look like human beings?  How come we hear nothing about this. Seems
 like for the longest time all we hear  about are greys.
<Col> this bull about meteors hitting moon and mars is horse hockey,
 look at photos and see mountains in the center of them higher than the
<Col> almost all the different ebe's are doing some dna reserch or
 biological research
<Col> i guess because all but 1800 of them are clones
<PADir> Col How tru is it that past Presidents have been in contact with
 other Ebes? I think it was Truman that supposedly meet with them at an
 Air Force base?
<Col> the 1800 original greys are hiding out in a space vehicle called
<Col> phoebes
<PADir> Hmmm? Must be a Huge Mother ship?
<Col> yes, he did near roswell, and when they wanted our unconditional
 surrender, he shot them down
<FLDir> Col. may I ask you about military abductions and what they are
 all about.  I have vivid details uf an underground facility w/ militay
 and ebes.  Any thing to this or is it a wild imagination?
<PADir> I wonder what the scoop is with this Hale-Bop?
<Col> that is the reason it travels just opposite in rotation
<Col> hale is a space ship and there are two smaller ones right behind
 it, was the reason for star wars
<Col> i don't know of any abductions by military
<PADir> Must be a huge one and I understand its headed this way.
<Col> we put a stop to black ops impersonating af tho
<Col> yes, and the two behind will drop oiff towards us as it passes by,
 has changed direction 4 times already
<FLDir> i can not say it is the military...just a recollection of
 uniformed human personel
<PADir> Wonder  what the purpose of this coming visit is then?
<Col> cia black ops were impersonating military for years before we knew
 and put a stop to it
<FLDir> I see.
<Col> they were found out when they abducted a high ranking officer with
 mj-12 when he was in civies
<PADir> Col, any experiance with the so called cigar  shaped mother ships
 of the Adamski era?
<FLDir> that was not very intelligent.
<Col> yes, and they are still around, more modern, and belong to
 reptiloid races
<PADir> Bottom line Col what is your understanding of their intent?
<Col> which ones, four races are benevolent that we know of
<PADir> Which races are the Benevolent ones?
<Col> pliedian, ummos, vegans, and the nordics
<PADir> Ahh the Adamski decribed Nordics! Well what role do the
 Benevolent Races play in the scheme of things to come  I wonder?
<Col> pliedians are the only race besides the nephiliam that have time
<Col> they think we are not ready for cosmic travel because
<Col> we cannot get along with our niegbors let alone ourselves
<PADir> I Can understand that being that we demonstarte this every day!
<Col> yup
<FLDir> Have we translated any of the symbols similar to
 hyrgliphics(spelling sorry). and would you recognize some if you saw
<Col> they were also at the geneva talks and showed us what they could do
 if we kept exploding nuclear bombs.  everyone quite and all paniced when
 france blew another one
<PADir> Col do you anything about the Pyamids under  water off the coast
 of Floria? Friend of mine was on a Nuclear sub and said they mapped the
 whole earts oceans and they are clearly marked?
<Col> yes the pliedians put the pyramids in long before the egyptians
<PADir> My understanding is that these pyamids were first assembeled to
 act as a type of Navigational Beacon for their craft. Wonder  if this is
<Col> and yes, in the mj-12 manuals I got away with are the written
 languages of six races
<Col> the dna structure of about 90 different space travelers
<FLDir> great Col. are you going to share this with us also?
<Col> yes, in part they are and still do, you'll find them on all the
 planets in our solar system
<Col> yes, when groups get started, some will come with the charter
<PADir> Col why do you think many contact people are not allowed to
 recall events while taken aboard craft?
<Col> long ago they found most of them were thought crazy, became crazy,
 and it made it harder for them to return
<Col> the 1800 original greys have souls, but the clones do not
<Col> even the ones impregnated in our women and taken after 3 months
 have no souls
<PADir> Col did you see a lot of structures while  on the moon and how
 long was your mission there?
<Col> souls or auras
<UkDir> This is facinating,  but it's 4:00am here and with regret,  I
 must go to bed.
<Col> was only there a few hours and saw maps of most that was up there,
 nASA is a joke
<Col> flly high
<Col> well, take care all, see you later
<FLDir> Col. : nothing on that Wolf guy huh? perhaps I was given bad
<PADir> I suspected for a long time that  NASA is just a smoke screen
for expenditures to do whatever they want with tax dollars and not
 justify any of it
<PADir> Night Col

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