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Historical Corrections to Darlington Book

Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 17:24:36 -0800

Here are a few corrections to David Darlington's new book, "Area
51: The Dreamland Chronicles", based on a quick scan of the text.

P.27 margin note "The alleged code name for the Aurora is 'Senior

Actually, SENIOR CITIZEN was the code name for a low-observable
("stealthy") tactical transport.  Artists concepts of Boeing and
Lockheed versions have been released.

P.41/41 re. LeViers recollections

1. It is true that the shotput drop over the lakebed never
happened.  That legend is based on an actual method of testing
the lakebed surface.  The steel ball is dropped from six feet.

2. It is false that Ozzie Ritland was not involved in the
selection of Groom Lake.  Kelly Johnson's personal logs and
Ritland's own testimony state otherwise.

3. It is true that LeVier, Johnson et al overflew a shot tower at
Yucca Flat just nine hours prior to detonation.  The date in
Johnson's log fits in with the shot schedule.

P.49 second para. "During 1955 and 1956, fourteen nuclear
detonations occurred at the Test Site..."

In 1955 alone, there were 14 atomic blasts, but ALL prior to
construction of Watertown.  There were NO more full-scale atomic
detonations at NTS until 28 May 1957, nearly two years after the
base was built, and two months before the U-2 operation departed.

"In April 1957, Operation Plumbob blew up twenty four bombs..."

Between April and October 1957, there were 24 full-scale
detonations and six safety experiments.  Only two of the safety
tests had a zero yield.

P.50 third para.  "...but within a month of his capture by the
Russians, Project Aquatone had been moved to California.."

The Gary Powers U-2 incident occurred in May 1960.  In June 1957,
the U-2 test operations moved to Edwards AFB, California and the
operational U-2 aircraft moved to Laughlin, Texas and various
detachments throughout the world.

P.50 "...had evolved into the A-11 'Blackbird'"

Actually, the A-11 design was completely different from the
final, A-12, design.  A declassified drawing of the A-11 was
released recently by the CIA. Lyndon Johnson erroneously referred
to the YF-12A as the "A-11"

P.133 second para. "...depository at Boeing Air Force Base..."

This sounds like a tape transcription error.  It is Bolling AFB.

P.133 last para.  "Mel Bovoditch"

Same problem:  Mele Vojvodich

P.138 last para.  "Pete Ames"

That's Pete Eames

P.260   "Lear also revealed that...the Defense Advanced Research
Projects Agency invented the Internet..."

Actually they did!  It was called ARPANET, and was set up by the
Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in 1969.
ARPANET enabled its users to share information and resources, and
served as a testbed fornetworking technologies.  One result was
development of the TCP/IP protocols which govern the way data is
transmitted and shared across networks.  The widespread use of
TCP/IP helped create the Internet as we know it today.  ARPANET
continued to expand,and in 1983 split into APRPANET and MILNET.
In 1990, ARPANET was dissolved, amd most of its former sites
connected to NSFNET.

P. 130 para. four

 "picket shifts" should be picket ships

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