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Re: Prometheus Skeptic's Books Added to Catalog

From: Jim Deardorff <>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 01:29:45 -0800

Hello Glenn,

In your recent UFO Updates List message, you shouldn't have wasted your
time extolling the books by Korff.  In just 7 pages in his 1995 book
against the Meier case I found 9 false or unsupported claims, 13 errors of
fact, 12 misleading impressions, an irrelevancy, and 3 innuendos or false
implications.  That was in his section dealing with the Talmud of Jmmanuel
(pp. 36 & 78-83), which document I've researched thoroughly but Korff
seems not to have even read.

This is detailed (under chap. 2) within the website:

which persistently points out errors all over this book of Korff.  Another
web site that points out some of the gross misimpressions is:  .

And of course others on the UFO Updates list have pointed out how full of
errors Korff's book on the Roswell case is.

So I don't see why you wish to ruin whatever reputation you feel you have
by pushing Kal Korff's books.  Doesn't make sense.

Jim Deardorff

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