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Richard Boylan on Col. Steve Wilson

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 20:45:01 -0800

[Via:  Apparently written before the Colonel's
alleged passing.]

 > From: UFO UpDates - Toronto <>
 > From: Jan Aldrich <jan@CYBERZONE.NET>
 >   From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
 >   Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 07:38:39 -0800
 > [From a correspondent who has watched the "Colonel" for several years.]
 > It makes me sick to watch people buy [the Colonel's] lines day after
 > day. I just wish someone would do something about him.

Dear Gutless Afraid-To-Give-Your Cryptonym,

You disinformation boys are really losing whatever few guts you
used to display. The above pathetic, sick attack on a man dying
of cancer, who may not last another couple months, is way below
how low I previously thought you Cover-Up agents could sink.

The Five D's of Disinformation: Deny, Distract, Demean, Deceive,
and Divide.

The above posting uses the technique(s) of: (all five).

Typical of your disinformation "art" are the elements of your
diatribe: no details, no documentation, no personal credibility
on your part, not even the guts to post your true identity.
Evidently the UFO Cover-Up has become so unravelled, that the
stupid disinformation peddlers still "working the circuit" are
afraid to furnish us even the phoney pseudonyms they used to go
by, and have to resort to "anonymous".

By way of contrast, even though dying of cancer, Colonel Steve
Wilson has taken the time to send me his DD-214 discharge
document, showing he is who he says he is, and was stationed
where he said he was.

His identity and role have been corroborated by Dr. Michael Wolf
of MJ-12's Special Studies Group, who would be in a position to
know about Project Pounce [UFO retrieval team] and the Colonel
[Wilson] who headed it.

But snide disinformationists, like the gutless coward above who
posted attacks on a dying patriot, won't have the intellectual
honesty to accept any testimony. They are the "expert"; their
sneers are as "good" as anyone else's solid evidence. Yeah, sure.

When the UFO Cover-Up ends, you disinformation-peddler slime had
better have squirreled yourselves away in some bolt hole in
Argentina, next to the [other] Nazis still cowering in hiding
from their WW II attrocities.

My bet: we still find you and bring you to justice.

                                      Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

  Richard Boylan, Ph.D. 2826 O Street, Suite 2, Sacramento, CA 95816,
USA. (916) 455-0120 E-mail: ; Primary website:  Author: Close Extraterrestrial Encounters,
Labored Journey To The Stars and Project Epiphany.


From: (Blue Resonant Human)
Subject: ::: Dr. B. & The Colonel :::
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 04:01:42 GMT
X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent 1.0.82

To: Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

Brother R:.J:.B:.,

Geez, Rich, you're really losin' it there, big guy (subtext:
"Physician, heal thyself").  Granted, the anon post was quite
tasteless in light of the Colonel's recent passage but -- though
perhaps rudely stated -- the core substance appears essentially
accurate (and no, I did not write it).  Wilson's mythos was
chock full of contradiction and he seemed to rather enjoy
embarking on sensationalistic journeys which culminated in
mysterious disappearances in the midst of "space alien plagued"
deserts, etc.; tales which, if nothing else, were certainly
entertaining and fun to read!

It is possible that his religious upbringing contributed to the
formation of the Colonel's Holy Martian Weltanschauung, for the
Salt Lake City Cult is rife with everything from Space Alien
Gods to Inter-Galactic Planetary Assignments to Masonic Ritual
to Mysterious Underground Tunnels to Holy Occultic Tantric
Underwear, and appears to be a veritable breeding ground for
bizarre sci-fi cosmologies and ontologies rivaled only by the
likes of L. Ron Hubbard and the pseudo-science of $cientology;
the cauldron from which both Hal 'n Ingo received their initial
... uh ... "seminal" memetic injections. ;-)

Now, before you rattle off yet another knee-jerk diatribe, my
Deare Brother Richard, be advised that despite a rather shaky
initial relationship with the Colonel some years back, we
eventually arrived at a place where we appreciated each other's
disparate perceptions and maintained a degree of respect for each
other; a respect I will probably never have for a wayward shrink
who implants vulnerable women with absurdly culture-bound sci-fi
post-hypnotic suggestions then turns right around and nails 'em
in the fambly hot tub (subtext: "Physician, heal thyself").

In any event, despite the Colonel's proclivity for seeing
things through the perceptual lens of Steven Spielberg, we
were surprised to hear him one day advise his loyal followers
to pay close attention when we made it a point to begin dragging
the likes of Aleister Crowley and Valleean Folklore into the
Matrix of UFO Beliefs.  Whether this was because he had an
overly active imagination or was truly in a place to know,
we cannot say -- it is left to the reader to decide.  Yet we
*can* say that he was quite aware of the decidedly metaphysical
and "transmundane" nature of the enigmatic UFOs and their
intensely magickal occupants.

But back to your vitriolic letter, perhaps you would be so kind
as to explain your position in regards to the nazis you so
ubiquitously mention.  On the one hand, you group "UFO Cover-Up
Disinformation Peddler Slime" with the renegade nazis rumoured
to be squirreled away in some South American jungle yet on the
other, you welcome with open arms that silly Phil Corso -- an
ADMITTED Projeckt Paperclip Player -- into the fold of your Holy
UFO camp.  And why?  Simply because he tells you precisely what
you want to hear.

Such absurd misology doth not befit us, my learned Brother!

Yet I guess what I find the most disturbing in your odd little
world is your concept of what you call justice.  To you, justice
appears to consist of applauding bonafide nazi-huggers like Corso
while curious seekers of truth who perceive a far larger reality
than "martians flying around in space ships" are fit only to be
branded with The Scarlet Letter, tortured in the hellish dungeons
of your own Inquisition, then finally burned at the stake for being
heretics and infidels.  Ah, justice...

To the Colonel, may you rest in peace, old friend.  But to the
wayward shrink, "Physician, heal thyself!"

-Brother Blue, B:.B:., Ph.D.
"All impressions of Brother Blue are wrong"



Now we know that Wilson is genuine: A character reference by Michael
Wolf proves it.  (How do we substantiate Wolf's credentials?
Col. Steve Wilson, of course.)

I'm still asking:  Where do we send flowers?

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