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Analysis of Sherman claims by ELINT officer

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 23:42:39 -0800

A skeptical analysis of Dan Sherman's claims can be found
at the MSN UFO forum at

It is written by an Army ELINT officer who ought to know about
Sherman's working environment.  I have reproduced the whole
article here.  (It is written by a military officer on active
duty who is drawing on the resources of the U.S. Government,
so I take it as a public domain work.) --GC


The Search for the Truth on Project Preserve Destiny


Claims about a special government program known as Project
Preserve Destiny (PPD) have recently surfaced by one Dan Sherman
aka D.L.Sherman. Mr. Sherman claims that while he was an Air
Force Staff Sergeant Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) analyst that
he participated in the PPD program as an empath, receiving
information from aliens which he then forwarded to the U.S.
Government presumably to the National Security Agency (NSA) via a
special computer program and communications path located within
his workstation terminal at two undisclosed duty stations. At
first this information appeared to be locational then started to
deal with abduction information. This upset Mr. Sherman. He
admitted to committing homosexual acts or an act to get
discharged from the Air Force rather than remain in the program.
Mr. Sherman's empathic gifts are a result, of genetic engineering
done to him while still being carried by his mother in 1963.
According to him the PPD program was a joint US/alien program
begun in 1960. Its avowed purpose was to have people who could
communicate telepathically with aliens so that when an impending
disaster struck and the earth's electromagnetic field was
affected and all communications degraded, so that a method of
communication with the aliens would be sustained.


There is nothing in Mr. Sherman's background to suggest that he
is not telling the truth with regard to his general military
service. Given what he has said about ELINT, the course he was
taking, and his general description of Ft. Meade and his
assignments which he does list, he probably was what he says he
was: an Air Force ELINT Analyst who graduated from EA280 and was
sent to the field. Prior to that he claims to have been an Air
Force Security Policeman, again there is no reason, at face value
to dispute this aspect of his tale.


Mr. Sherman claims to have been part of the PPD program and that
he was recruited after a period of years. His desire to be in the
Air Force came from a pilot friend, another friend encouraged him
to retrain from Security Police to ELINT analyst and it was only
when he arrived at Ft. Meade, after he received his initial ELINT
training at Goodfellow AFB, that he was selected for the PPD
program. He does not state whether he went directly from Tech
School to EA280 or whether he worked as an analyst for awhile.

This leads us to the first problem: Why was Mr. Sherman allowed
to enlist in the Security Police, why wasn't he immediately
recruited into PPD upon entry into active duty? Most military
personnel are chosen or choose to be in Intelligence during their
first term of enlistment, yet Sherman, a genetically engineered
empath, is allowed to enlist, enter a career field which requires
lower aptitude scores, and works as a Security Policeman, a vital
job, but not one requiring above average intelligence or

Upon arrival at Ft. Meade he is met by Capt. "Blank." Sherman
finds it odd that an officer would contact him. We find it odd
that he finds that odd, especially in the intelligence field
where knowledge sometimes more than rank is held in greater
importance. His clearance isn't in , and yet he is allowed to
pass with this captain through a rather elaborate security system
which presupposes that they already must have some security
information about him. This is a violation of the most basic
tenet of security procedures. Admittedly he could obtain access
with the captain as his escort, but if that were the case his
movement and actions would be severely limited.

Upon completing both day and night schools, Sherman is then
assigned to an active ELINT site. He claims to have forgotten
which codewords and caveats he had except for one which
frequently appears in open source literature. (We can neither
confirm nor deny its existence as a legitimate caveat) however,
Sherman says he has forgotten what access, in effect he had. This
is absurd. One never forgets what one has been read on for.
Sherman never claims to have been "read on" for PPD, yet it too
must have a caveat.

After Sherman is assigned to his first station he is then
assigned a case officer and a terminal. It is in a van, probably
not dissimilar from the Army's Electronic Processing and
Dissemination System (EPDS) van. Most ELINT operations run twenty
four hours per day. This means that someone has to be working at
that terminal for sixteen hours per day when Sherman is not on
duty. It is extremely difficult to imagine that a person not read
onto PPD would be allowed to sit at a terminal that is sensitive
during the time that Sherman is not there and alludes to a much
bigger problem which is twofold: the first deals with format, and
the other deals with connectivity itself.

FORMAT: At the time that Sherman alleges to have been active in
PPD, all communications via systems and terminals that he
describes were through the Automated Digital Information Network
or AUTODIN (or simply DIN). This network consists of both a high
and a low side meaning that routinely classified and unclassified
messages are sent over one kind of message router and those that
have a caveat or are compartmentalized are sent over another type
of router. Since this is an automated system, either router
requires a specific type of message format. One simply does not
type data into a blank screen and send the data off to NSA. Now
it could be that the format was already preprogrammed into the
program, but there is some administrative data that must be "hand
jammed" into the message before it can be sent. If a message is
not properly formatted it will be kicked back by an AUTODIN
Switching Center (ASC) which monitors all traffic, one simply
does not sit down at a blank screen and type in data and push a
send button, it does not work like e-mail.

CONNECTIVITY: The type of system that Sherman routinely worked
with requires maintenance and upgrades. This is either done by
military maintainers and/or civilian contractors. Any software
loaded into such a terminal and the terminal itself requires
routine maintenance, this means that someone other than Sherman
and his handler would have to know about PPD, and those would be
the maintainers of the system. This suggests that at least one
more person per installation besides Sherman and his handler
would have to know about the PPD program. I have yet had to use
an automated intelligence system that did not fail on occasion
and had to be fixed, and there are times when the AUTODIN circuit
is down. Sherman has not addressed the logistical and maintenance
aspect of his work and if he pleads ignorance because he was
"just an operator" then he is either the dumbest operator that
ever worked a system, or he hasn't looked at this aspect of his
tale, and has yet to make something up.

Sherman claims that as an operator, he did not know the names of
the systems he operated. This is simply not the case. The types
of systems that provide ELINT information and that process ELINT
information are well known to all operators and is taught in the
basic ELINT course. Sherman also claims to have an Associate
Degree in Communications Applications Technology from the
Community College of the Air Force, it is inconceivable that he
would not be "not really sure" of the computer operating system
used. The types of systems used and even the types of software
and hardware are well known and are available in official open
source documents.


Mr. Sherman has failed to convince us that the tale that he has
related is true. We feel that he has taken the framework of very
real intelligence operations and used this as a foundation with
which to tell his story. This makes about seventy percent of his
story true, and it is much easier to lie when one is telling the
truth most of the time. He has a great fear of releasing real
classified information. As long as he tells an outright lie he
cannot be prosecuted for revealing something which does not
exist. Sherman appears very earnest, sincere, and glib, he goes
to great lengths to correct minor points of his story regarding
his service record, for instance, in the audio interview. This
only builds his credibility. On many specific facts about the
aliens he is very vague, stating that they would not answer his
questions. This is very convenient. Because he has described his
routine intelligence work so well, and has an air of sincerity
and plausibility about him ( a result of his Security Police
training?) people are most taken with him. Frankly, we are. But
now lets consider what he is really saying:

1. He is recruited after many years in the Air Force.

Why have the PPD people waited so long? Please see item 3.

2. He carries out this mission in the context of his regular

If the project is that important then why aren't all

PPD empaths at Ft. Meade doing this full time?

3. Certain demographics are factors in genetic engineering and
PPD people are attracted to the military, maybe even groomed for

This is a pretty ineffective way of recruiting operatives. NSA
and other intelligence agencies employ thousands of civilians, if
someone is being monitored by the government as part of a secret
program then why aren't they directly recruited into the program
as civilians the way civilians are recruited routinely into the
CIA, FBI and NSA? If Sherman says that the reason that they join
the military is so that they can be checked out we would say
that, that is contrary to how we recruit people into our
business. A person going into intelligence receives an extensive
background check and in some cases a polygraph examination as

4. Mr. Sherman claims that the aliens are without emotion.

He also states that he feels an underlying compassion, this
appears contradictory.

5. Mr. Sherman describes his work as "Intuitive Communication"
and then describes a faculty that operates well in passing
numbers (hardly intuitive!) and functions even when he is tired.

Intuition is largely image based and functions best when the
subject is alert.

6. Mr. Sherman refers to Black Programs and Gray Programs.

He has a very incomplete understanding of what constitutes a
Black Program. His routine work as an ELINT analyst, while being
classified is not considered black.


An extensive search of our data bases failed to find any
reference to PPD. This does not mean that there is not a program
out there, but we could not find it and we have access to some
fairly comprehensive data bases. We found nothing.

Mr. Bob Huff claims that someone in Pacific Sierra Research is
familiar with a database of that name. Pacific Sierra Research is
a civilian contractor not unknown to us that does some work with
ELINT. This may be coincidental, or it could be a contractor
friend who served with Sherman on active duty merely perpetuating
the tale, or it actually could be the name of a database.


We believe that Mr. Sherman is motivated by a desire to make
money by marketing his tale. A secondary reason maybe to justify
his discharge for homosexuality. He may have been unjustly
accused. This would be a way of "getting back"


We highly recommend that the UFO Forum do the following in
preparation for an interview with Mr. Sherman:

1. Review all of his military records and his DD Form 214. (By
the way his 214 will give you his last duty station, or PPD
assignment number 2, something that he is very coy about) If he
refuses what is he hiding?

2. Find out more about his work as a Security Policeman. Did he
guard airplanes or did he do investigative work, if so that would
contribute to his glibness.

3. Have Mr. Sherman agree to take a polygraph test. It might
prove inconclusive, but then again it might not, If he is telling
the truth, he has nothing to fear. (Yes we know that polygraphs
are not recognized in a court of law, but they are routinely used
at NSA for security purposes and they are good indicators)

4. Have Mr. Sherman take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test.
This is not required, but many people in the intelligence
community do end up taking it at some point or another. This
would give us some insights into Mr. Sherman's personality.

5. Address the issues that we have presented in this critique.


Chief Warrant Officer 2 Mark E. Louttit is currently assigned as
the Officer in Charge of the First Analysis Platoon, D Company,
201st MI Battalion, 513th MI Brigade, Fort Gordon, GA. His
primary training has been in ELINT and he taught ELINT related
subjects at the Army Intelligence School formerly at Fort Devens,
MA. He has had assignments in Korea, Turkey, Alaska, Colorado,
Texas, New Jersey and Massachusetts. With almost twenty years of
active service, CW2 Louttit has spent sixteen of them in
intelligence. In addition to military schools, he is a graduate
of the University of Arizona with degrees in History and Music

The author of this paper is grateful for the input provided by
members of the Military Intelligence community, who took time
from their busy schedules to review Mr. Sherman's claims. Their
insight was most helpful.

[end of article]


What is perhaps most interesting about this review is that it is
written by an officer on active duty, whose name and credentials
are given.

This may mean that the military has learned a lesson from Bob
Lazar: Address the claims early and openly to avoid turning your
secret installation into UFO Central.  Whether or not such UFO
claims are true, the UFO believers are certainly real and can
cause a lot of disruption.

I am trying to figure out how this review came to be: Did Louttit
decide to do it on his own, then sought permission, or was he
asked to do it?  I can't imagine him giving his name and
assignment info if he did not have the authorization to do so and
had vetted the document through security channels. I've dealt
with a lot of present and recently retired military people, and
most of them would be extremely cautious about putting their name
and credentials on any UFO-related posting, even a skeptical one.
There is a lot of professional risk in it and no real benefit.

On the other hand, if Louttit was asked to do it by his
superiors, authorization to use his name would come with it.
He would not be blamed for any consequences.

I can imagine the NSA reading the PPD book with interest. They
are the agency at risk, not the Army or Air Force.  NSA
Headquarters is the place the alleged training took place, so
that's where the UFO buffs might descend.  (Hmmm, maybe the
Research Center should move to Maryland!)  Knowing how the Lazar
story and its aftermath compromised Area 51, the NSA might
realize that they have to formulate a response to defuse the
situation.  This article might be it.

This theory says nothing, however, about whether the analysis is
valid.  That has to be reviewed on its own merits.

(Anyone care to?)


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