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Third Presidential Exemption for A51

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 14:55:45 -0800

Below is the third annual presidential memorandum exempting the
Groom Lake base from environmental reporting. This exemption must
be renewed every year.  This one is dated September 26, 1997 and
was published in the Federal register on Oct. 8.



Federal Register / Vol. 62, No. 195 / Wednesday, Oct. 8,1997

[Federal Register: October 8, 1997 (Volume 62, Number 195)]
[Presidential Documents]
[Page 52647]
>From the Federal Register Online via GPO Access

[[Page 52647]]
                          62 FR 52647

                     Presidential Documents

Presidential Determination No. 97-35 of September 26, 1997

Presidential Determination on Classified Information
Concerning the Air Force's Operating Location
Near Groom Lake, Nevada

Memorandum for the Administrator of the Environmental Protection
Agency [and] the Secretary of the Air Force

I find that it is in the paramount interest of the United States
to exempt the United States Air Force's operating location near
Groom Lake, Nevada (the subject of litigation in Kasza v. Browner
(D. Nev. CV-S-94-795-PMP) and Frost v. Perry
(D. Nev. CV-S-94-714-PMP)), from any applicable requirement for
the disclosure to unauthorized persons of classified information
concerning that operating location. Therefore, pursuant to
42 U.S.C. 6961(a), I hereby exempt the Air Force's operating
location near Groom Lake, Nevada, from any Federal, State,
interstate, or local provision respecting control and abatement
of solid waste or hazardous waste disposal that would require the
disclosure of classified information concerning that operating
location to any unauthorized person. This exemption shall be
effective for the full one-year statutory period.

Nothing herein is intended to: (a) imply that in the absence of
such a Presidential exemption, the Resource Conservation and
Recovery Act (RCRA) or any other provision of law permits or
requires disclosure of classified information to unauthorized
persons; or (b) limit the applicability or enforcement of any
requirement of law applicable to the Air Force's operating
location near Groom Lake, Nevada, except those provisions, if
any, that would require the disclosure of classified information.

The Secretary of the Air Force is authorized and directed to
publish this determination in the Federal Register.

                    (Presidential Sig.)<Clinton1><Clinton2>

Washington, September 26, 1997.

[FR Doc. 97-26988
Filed 10-7-97; 10:31 am]
Billing code 3910-01-M

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