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Re: Col. Wilson and his missing Medal of Honor

From: (Jan Aldrich)
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 14:57:26 -0800

Tucker Balch wrote:
> Jan Aldrich said this:
> [snip]
> > Colonel Wilson said he had won the Air Medal of Honor.
> > However, on the Medal of Honor website there is no Steven
> > Wilson listed.  Since Dr. Boylan has Colonel Wilson's DD-214,
> [snip]
> I'm not a supporter of Wilson or Aldrich, but I would like to
> point out that as former Air Force pilot and now member of
> the Air Guard, I've never heard of the "Air Medal of Honor."
> I suspect that Colonel Wilson may have claimed an Air Medal,
> and someone else erroneously appended "of Honor."

I agree.  The Congessional Medal of Honor is just that.  Air
Medals for pilots and flight crews are completely different.
Like everything about the Colonel, it is like punching a
pillow, the closer you get to an answer the further away you are
from an answer.  Now Dr. Boylan claims that "Steve Wilson" was a
nom-de-guerre so that the "UFO Cover-up" could not find him
.....and that is why his name is not on the Medal of Honor site.

>  The Air Medal
> is quite an honor, but is distinct from the Medal of Honor.

You said a mouthful there.

> If he was in the AF, they'd certainly have a record of his
> awards and decorations, but I don't think awards are listed on
> the discharge form and I'm not sure the AF would release his
> records without a family member's request.

I am not sure how the Air Force works its DD-214s.  However,
certain states have special benefits for their Medal of Honor
winners.  So I would expect that at least that award would be

Since Col. Wilson or whoever he was is dead, there should be
no problem requested his personnel records, that is, if we knew
who he was.

You can request a person's record brief while they are alive
as about 95% of it is official public information.  The Service
blanks out the social security number and certain Privacy Act
infomation, but assignments, schooling, awards and decorations,
campaigns, promotion/demotions, etc. are public record.

Jan Aldrich
Project 1947

[Separate message]

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 11:22:19 -0600
From: vic <>
Subject: Wilson - Air Medal of Honor

Re: Steve Wilson and the "Air Medal of Honor" - As you must know,
there is no United States "Air Medal of Honor".  There is a
"Medal of Honor".  The list of recipients is probably on the web.
 There is a large monument type display in the Pentagon with all
of the names.  Of course Steve and Wilson are common names so
maybe that name appears there?  Of interest, there is a medal
called the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC), which is usually
given for aerial heroism ilo the Silver Star.  Sometimes it is
wrongly refereed to as the "Air Medal of Honor", a great
disservice to those who have rightfully been awarded the true
Medal of Honor.  Perhaps COL Steve is/was a pilot or perhaps he
was merely riding in the back when things got really hairy one
time and was awarded a DFC.  Unfortunately it was not uncommon in
Viet Nam (for Colonels in particular, they wanted enough ammo to
make General), for Commanders and senior staff officers who were
in the passenger compartment to get a DFC.  -vic

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