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Reader response to Louttit PPD critique

From: "Bob Huff" <>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 18:35:11 -0800

   Re: Analysis of Sherman claims by ELINT officer

My exceptions to CWO Louttit assertions:

<Upon arrival at Ft. Meade he is met by Capt. "Blank." Sherman
finds it odd that an officer would contact him.>

CPT "Blank" is in fact a CPT Black. There are surprising few CPT
Blacks in the AF with the right Military Occupational Specialty
(MOS) and Date of Rank to match Sherman's description. Finding
and restricting  the list possible candidates has been
straightforward. I have not contacted CPT Black in respect to
Sherman's concerns.

<His clearance isn't in , and yet he is allowed to
pass with this captain through a rather elaborate security system
which presupposes that they already must have some security
information about him. This is a violation of the most basic
tenet of security procedures.>

In one my past lives as computer sw salesperson, I was allowed to
wonder about the halls of CIA HQ unescorted and without a
clearance. I was visiting one of the Deputy Directors and had
received an escort not required badge. Similarly at NSA HQ at Ft.
Meade, I've met with the Deputy Director of NSA in his office
without a clearance on several occasions. Both individuals and
organizations are familiar with security procedures.

<Upon completing both day and night schools, Sherman is then
assigned to an active ELINT site. He claims to have forgotten
which codewords and caveats he had except for one which
frequently appears in open source literature. (We can neither
confirm nor deny its existence as a legitimate caveat) however,
Sherman says he has forgotten what access, in effect he had. This
is absurd. >

My wife was Russian linguist/Strategic Intelligence Analyst for
NSA in the mid-80's. She had at least 14 caveats but  today does
not recall them all.

<It is in a van, probably
not dissimilar from the Army's Electronic Processing and
Dissemination System (EPDS) van. Most ELINT operations run twenty
four hours per day. ...snipped... he is either the dumbest operator that
ever worked a system, or he hasn't looked at this aspect of his
tale, and has yet to make something up.>

Back in the early 70s I was ELINT operator with the Army Security
Agency stationed at Shemya, Alaska. When we communicated with
whoever, I understood that we had at least seven different
pathways for the comms to travel. I was never cognizant of a comm
failure -- though some may have occurred. At the 24 hour site, we
also shared consoles as the different crews rotated. Given the
complexity of consoles there could have been many functions I was
not aware. And if some wants to hide or obfuscate a function,
especially with program-based computer technology, the chance of
compromise can be engineered to  nil.

<Sherman also claims to have an Associate
Degree in Communications Applications Technology from the
Community College of the Air Force, it is inconceivable that he
would not be "not really sure" of the computer operating system
used. >

Based on my own knowledge and my email discussions with Sherman,
I am confident that Sherman was IC 'ready' at  Buckley Air
National Guard Base located in Aurora, CO. Sherman indirectly
confirmed that the OS used their was Silicon Graphic's Irix.
Given Buckley's sensitivity, he refused anymore details.

<6. Mr. Sherman refers to Black Programs and Gray Programs.
He has a very incomplete understanding of what constitutes a
Black Program.>

Given his assignment to Buckley, I am confident Sherman understands
'Black Programs'.

<Mr. Bob Huff claims that someone in Pacific Sierra Research is
familiar with a database of that name. Pacific Sierra Research is
a civilian contractor not unknown to us that does some work with
ELINT. This may be coincidental, or it could be a contractor
friend who served with Sherman on active duty merely perpetuating
the tale, or it actually could be the name of a database.>

The individual at PSR has no knowledge of Sherman and PSR does many more
things than just ELINT for the gov't. I also asked a former high ranking
NSA official about PPD. His response was unexpected. He abruptly said
'NO' followed by a loud, nervous laughter and curt end to our telephone

<1. Review all of his military records and his DD Form 214. (By
the way his 214 will give you his last duty station, or PPD
assignment number 2, something that he is very coy about) If he
refuses what is he hiding?>

Sherman's two comm 'ready' sites were San Vito, Italy and Aurora, CO.

<2. Find out more about his work as a Security Policeman. Did he
guard airplanes or did he do investigative work, if so that would
contribute to his glibness.>

I am disturbed that glibness is implicitly equated with lying.

< (Yes we know that polygraphs
are not recognized in a court of law, but they are routinely used
at NSA for security purposes and they are good indicators)>

I was told by a former CIA covert type that polys were not
reliable. Supposedly, the CIA maintained the poly facade because
the Soviets thought they were reliable.


Many of the assertions presented in the original critique are not
'hard and fast' rules. My own personal experiences and those I
know well repudiate that certain knowledge and actions could only
occur in the described manner.

My own research into Sherman's claims have only continued to
confirmed the possibility of the validity of his 'story'. I
consider the possibility as being very likely at this time. Other
obscure aspects of Sherman's story - like the involvement of the
Noise Cancellation Technology Corporation - tend only to confirm
it further. Time ultimately will tell.


Mr. Bob Huff is currently employed with a small Internet company
that delivers business solutions over the sacred Net. A 1977
graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point, NY, Mr. Bob
ardently believes their are many secrets worth preserving but not
the existence of ET life and the disturbing pattern of US
government deception.

'Unlimited power corrupts the possessor.'
           William Pitt

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