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Sherman responds to Louttit's PPD critique

From: "Dan Sherman" <>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 21:15:06 -0800

To all of you who recently read the comments written by CWO2 Mark
E. Louttit regarding the varacity of my experience as written in
my book ABOVE BLACK, I have a few comments in response.

First, I'd like to thank Mr. Louttit for his attempt at an
objective analysis.  I say "attempt," because it is very
difficult to analyze something you are totally unfamiliar with.
The remarks that follow should explain what I mean...

>He admitted to committing homosexual acts or an act to get
>discharged from the Air Force rather than remain in the program.

This statement is untrue.

>According to him the PPD program was a joint US/alien program
>begun in 1960. Its avowed purpose was to have people who could
>communicate telepathically with aliens so that when an impending
>disaster struck and the earth's electromagnetic field was
>affected and all communications degraded, so that a method of
>communication with the aliens would be sustained.

As it was told to me, the goal of PPD was not to provide a
sustainable means of communication with the aliens during a
future worldwide electromagnetic outage, it was to provide a
communication link between human organizations VIA the aliens
using my (and other's) intuitive abilities.

>.....after he received his initial ELINT training at Goodfellow
>AFB, that he was selected for the PPD program.

I was not SELECTED in the sense that they sat down and looked at
potential candidates and chose me.  My abilities had been given
to me before birth while in the womb.  There was no "selection"
process after that.

>This leads us to the first problem: Why was Mr. Sherman allowed
>to enlist in the Security Police, why wasn't he immediately
>recruited into PPD upon entry into active duty? Most military
>personnel are chosen or choose to be in Intelligence during their
>first term of enlistment, yet Sherman, a genetically engineered
>empath, is allowed to enlist, enter a career field which requires
>lower aptitude scores, and works as a Security Policeman, a vital
>job, but not one requiring above average intelligence or

I have also wondered about this.  I originally had signed up in a
different career field but something happened that I had to wait
if I wanted that career field and I didn't want to wait, so I
took the Security Police field.  Regardless of these details,
however, it wouldn't have mattered to the people running the PPD
show because they could have involuntarily re-trained me into
anything they wanted at any time.  As well, my intuitive
abilities could not be uncovered (as I was told) until my mid
20's anyway.  So there was no rush at the time.  I joined the
USAF at 18 years old.  Another point: in the USAF, most of the
intelligence people come from different career fields by
re-training.  This is because most of the original people get out
after their first term and the upper ranks have to be filled by
someone so they get re-trainees to fill the slots.

>Upon arrival at Ft. Meade he is met by Capt. "Blank." Sherman
>finds it odd that an officer would contact him. We find it odd
>that he finds that odd, especially in the intelligence field
>where knowledge sometimes more than rank is held in greater

Mr. Louttit is correct when he says that knowledge is most times
more important than rank.  But this has nothing to do with the
situation I was describing.  This was not in a working
atmosphere.  I had just arrived to a temporary duty base.  I had
not even checked in with anyone yet, and I receive a call from a
Capt. wanting a private meeting.  Usually you are in-processed
with admin people with the hosting organization and go through a
bit of familiarization.  The call from the Capt out of the blue
was just a bit odd in the context of the situation.

>His clearance isn't in , and yet he is allowed to
>pass with this captain through a rather elaborate security system
>which presupposes that they already must have some security
>information about him. This is a violation of the most basic
>tenet of security procedures. Admittedly he could obtain access
>with the captain as his escort, but if that were the case his
>movement and actions would be severely limited.

When you are assigned TDY (temporary duty) your security
personnel at your home base send security information to the TDY
base confirming what access you will need for your stay there and
the level of clearance you are authorized.  During the first
visit with the Capt, my name was not on the EAL (entry authority
list) yet but I was positively identified and the Capt escorted
me into the facility.  This is VERY normal entry procedures.
Yes, my access would be extremely limited and that is always up
to the escort to make sure of.  Evidently entering the Capt's
office was not a breach of security or he would not have taken me
there.  The only thing I had access to was what he told me.
There was nothing of a classified nature in his office, out in
the open, that I could see.  As far as the classification of the
info he shared with me regarding PPD, I have already mentioned
that it has no "classification" per se.  Its classification
relies upon its invisibility within the system.  In essense,
being so classified, it's not classified.  It's above
classified.... ABOVE BLACK.

>Upon completing both day and night schools, Sherman is then
>assigned to an active ELINT site. He claims to have forgotten
>which codewords and caveats he had except for one which
>frequently appears in open source literature. (We can neither
>confirm nor deny its existence as a legitimate caveat) however,
>Sherman says he has forgotten what access, in effect he had. This
>is absurd. One never forgets what one has been read on for.
>Sherman never claims to have been "read on" for PPD, yet it too
>must have a caveat.

I have not forgotten what accesses I had I have simply forgotten
SOME of the codewords associated with them.  These were not
codewords I was subjected to day in and day out.  It is evident
that Mr. Louttit has not been indoct'ed into missions having
several different codewords associated with several different
aspects of the mission.  I did not sit around reciting them every
day.  They were unimportant.  Yes, some of the documents I
handled in regards to the Black missions I worked on would have
the caveat "Handle Via _____ Channels Only" but even those become
invisible to you after awhile.  The point is moot anyway, because
even if I could remember all the codewords of the programs I
worked on, I couldn't reveal them anyway.  With Black missions,
even the codewords describing them are classified.  I'm surprised
at Mr. Louttit for wanting me to share classified information.
Because of the onion effect, I can't even comment on the
codewords at the lower level of classification because it would
by extension be revealing what they are hiding with the layers of
the "onion." (Ultimately revealing the Black projects co-located
with the other, lower classified information.)  PPD had no
codeword that I was aware of.

>After Sherman is assigned to his first station he is then
>assigned a case officer and a terminal. It is in a van, probably
>not dissimilar from the Army's Electronic Processing and
>Dissemination System (EPDS) van. Most ELINT operations run twenty
>four hours per day.

The mission I worked on within the van did not have a 24 hour
operation.  This is the problem with Mr. Louttit's critiques.  He
is basing all of his insight on typical ELINT operations.  It is
apparent that I am not speaking of typical ELINT operations.

>This means that someone has to be working at
>that terminal for sixteen hours per day when Sherman is not on
>duty. It is extremely difficult to imagine that a person not read
>onto PPD would be allowed to sit at a terminal that is sensitive
>during the time that Sherman is not there and alludes to a much
>bigger problem which is twofold: the first deals with format, and
>the other deals with connectivity itself.
>FORMAT: At the time that Sherman alleges to have been active in
>PPD, all communications via systems and terminals that he
>describes were through the Automated Digital Information Network
>or AUTODIN (or simply DIN). This network consists of both a high
>and a low side meaning that routinely classified and unclassified
>messages are sent over one kind of message router and those that
>have a caveat or are compartmentalized are sent over another type
>of router. Since this is an automated system, either router
>requires a specific type of message format. One simply does not
>type data into a blank screen and send the data off to NSA. Now
>it could be that the format was already preprogrammed into the
>program, but there is some administrative data that must be "hand
>jammed" into the message before it can be sent. If a message is
>not properly formatted it will be kicked back by an AUTODIN
>Switching Center (ASC) which monitors all traffic, one simply
>does not sit down at a blank screen and type in data and push a
>send button, it does not work like e-mail.

Yes, there was someone else working at my terminal when I wasn't.
(Again, not 24 hours though.)  Here we again run into Mr.
Louttit's ignorance of the situation.  He is speaking of a very
antiquated system where things must be typed into fields in the
computer screen.  Our system was much more advanced.  We had Sun
Workstations with 27 inch monitors running customized software
that would put Windows 95 to shame (this was several years ago
too.)  With the software we ran, we could do multitasking, having
several windows open at once.  We ran all of our equipment via
our software, alleviating us of the need to even touch any of our
equipment for the most part.  As for e-mail, I could open several
e-mail windows at the same time and type the addressee, subject
and message and press send... just like typical e-mail.  So to
have a screen hardwired to send info to a particualr place would
be VERY simple to do with the capabilities our workstations had.
Even if someone accidentally accessed the blank screen I used,
they wouldn't know what to do with it and it would dissappear if
unused for more than a couple of minutes.  As for the DIN issue.
We did have AUTODIN access and we did use it for administrative
things, but we also had another highly classified pipeline for
communications that I'm sure he is unaware unless he has worked
on this project or a few others (which I doubt based on where he
has been stationed.)  Another example of commenting without
knowing what he is commenting on.

>CONNECTIVITY: The type of system that Sherman routinely worked
>with requires maintenance and upgrades. This is either done by
>military maintainers and/or civilian contractors. Any software
>loaded into such a terminal and the terminal itself requires
>routine maintenance, this means that someone other than Sherman
>and his handler would have to know about PPD, and those would be
>the maintainers of the system. This suggests that at least one
>more person per installation besides Sherman and his handler
>would have to know about the PPD program. I have yet had to use
>an automated intelligence system that did not fail on occasion
>and had to be fixed, and there are times when the AUTODIN circuit
>is down. Sherman has not addressed the logistical and maintenance
>aspect of his work and if he pleads ignorance because he was
>"just an operator" then he is either the dumbest operator that
>ever worked a system, or he hasn't looked at this aspect of his
>tale, and has yet to make something up.

We did have civilian contractors who worked on the equipment.
I'm sure at least one of them had been indoct'ed into PPD.  I
have no idea who it was.  If I were to ever have a problem with
the screen I sent my comms through, I would tell my commander and
he would make sure it got fixed.  I never had problems with the
screen though.  We had plenty of times other things went out
though.  We just called the maintenance people.  I'm not sure
what Mr. Louttit is saying here in his critique.  Is he disputing
that I worked in a van, worked with a black project, worked with
the grey project... what is he trying to dispute.  It sounds to
me that he is only trying to tell people how much he knows about

>Sherman claims that as an operator, he did not know the names of
>the systems he operated. This is simply not the case. The types
>of systems that provide ELINT information and that process ELINT
>information are well known to all operators and is taught in the
>basic ELINT course. Sherman also claims to have an Associate
>Degree in Communications Applications Technology from the
>Community College of the Air Force, it is inconceivable that he
>would not be "not really sure" of the computer operating system
>used. The types of systems used and even the types of software
>and hardware are well known and are available in official open
>source documents.

Mr. Louttit is speaking from the world of typical ELINT.  The
projects I am speaking of did not have "names" for the systems we
worked on.  They were specifically built for the missions we
worked on and were not taught in ELINT school.  Even so, once
again, I can't speak of the systems anyway because they involve
the Black projects I worked on. The systems I worked on are NOT
available in open source documents, I assure you!

>1. He is recruited after many years in the Air Force.
>Why have the PPD people waited so long? Please see item 3.

Already answered above.  My abilities were not trainable until my
mid 20's.  Anyone reading the book would remember this.

>2. He carries out this mission in the context of his regular duties.
>If the project is that important then why aren't all PPD empaths
>at Ft. Meade doing this full time?

It is much more difficult to hide something when you group people
together.  This program succeeds in its secrecy goals because
everyone is so isolated from one another.  I was not able to talk
about this with anyone except my commander.  If you are unable to
talk to others about your job you are less likely to find out
things about the project that doesn't pertain to your specific
part.  The ultimate in compartmentalization.

>3. Certain demographics are factors in genetic engineering and
>PPD people are attracted to the military, maybe even groomed for it.
>This is a pretty ineffective way of recruiting operatives. NSA
>and other intelligence agencies employ thousands of civilians, if
>someone is being monitored by the government as part of a secret
>program then why aren't they directly recruited into the program
>as civilians the way civilians are recruited routinely into the
>CIA, FBI and NSA? If Sherman says that the reason that they join
>the military is so that they can be checked out we would say
>that, that is contrary to how we recruit people into our
>business. A person going into intelligence receives an extensive
>background check and in some cases a polygraph examination as

I'm not exactly sure where Mr. Louttit is here.  Left field I
presume.  Nowhere in my book do I say that "PPD people are
attracted to the military, maybe even groomed for it.  There is
no "recruiting" of operatives either.  I have no way of knowing
whether there are IC capable people in the NSA, FBI and CIA
civilian ranks.  If I had to take a guess, I would imagine there
are because I believe there are many thousands of people who were
genetically altered to have IC abilities.  What the criteria for
actually selecting one to be part of PPD, I haven't a clue.  I
would imagine being in the military is one such precursor only
because of the controls that can be placed on someone within the
military framework.  I was given polygraph tests as well before
getting indoct'ed and assigned to certain missions.  So that is
no different than anyone else.  Just not sure what Mr. Louttit is
saying once again....

>4. Mr. Sherman claims that the aliens are without emotion.
>He also states that he feels an underlying compassion, this
>appears contradictory.

When I wrote about their emotional make-up I said they were
unemotional.  This was meant in the sense that they are not
emotive like us.  Their actions are not based on emotions.  I did
not say that they were completely devoid of emotion.  Reading the
book carefully, there is no way anyone could see that my mentions
about emotion was contradictory.

>5. Mr. Sherman describes his work as "Intuitive Communication"
>and then describes a faculty that operates well in passing
>numbers (hardly intuitive!) and functions even when he is tired.
>Intuition is largely image based and functions best when the
>subject is alert.

I did not say anything about "operating well in passing numbers."
It's interesting that Mr. Louttit equates what he thinks he
knows about the dictionary definition of "intuitive" with my
abilities.  Remember, this is simply a name that was placed on
this ability, presumably by some human who had not experienced
it.  One cannot compare it to the standard definition of
"intuition" and therefore being alert has nothing to do with it.
It functioned regardless of my state of conciousness.  I even
mentioned that I had dreamed in a state that seemed related to my

>6. Mr. Sherman refers to Black Programs and Gray Programs.
>He has a very incomplete understanding of what constitutes a
>Black Program. His routine work as an ELINT analyst, while being
>classified is not considered black.

This, I have to laugh at.  Mr. Louttit has absolutely no idea
what he is saying here.  The mere fact that he is unaware of what
he is talking about is the funny part.  Believe me, Mr. Louttit,
I was involved in two separate Black projects.  I only wish I
could tell him what the projects were so he could eat his words,
but alas, I can't do this.  I think Mr. Louttit longs for an
assignment where he can feel as important as he is striving to
feel by commenting on my experience.

>An extensive search of our data bases failed to find any
>reference to PPD. This does not mean that there is not a program
>out there, but we could not find it and we have access to some
>fairly comprehensive data bases. We found nothing.

<Smile>  Just thinking, for a moment, that you would find a Grey
Project within some database is the most preposturous thing.

>Mr. Bob Huff claims that someone in Pacific Sierra Research is
>familiar with a database of that name. Pacific Sierra Research is
>a civilian contractor not unknown to us that does some work with
>ELINT. This may be coincidental, or it could be a contractor
>friend who served with Sherman on active duty merely perpetuating
>the tale, or it actually could be the name of a database.

Mr. Huff has shared this with me as well.  I have no idea whether
they are actually related.  But I would doubt it.  Pure
coincidence is my guess.

>We highly recommend that the UFO Forum do the following in
>preparation for an interview with Mr. Sherman:

>1. Review all of his military records and his DD Form 214. (By
>the way his 214 will give you his last duty station, or PPD
>assignment number 2, something that he is very coy about) If he
>refuses what is he hiding?

I'll tell you exactly what my DD Form 214 says regarding my last



Good luck on figuring that one out.

>2. Find out more about his work as a Security Policeman. Did he
>guard airplanes or did he do investigative work, if so that would
>contribute to his glibness.

I did everything BUT investigative work.  I guarded planes,
missiles, weapons storage areas, people and even was a customs
inspector... but no investigatvie stuff.  Sorry.  (What does
being "glib" have to do with investigative work anyway?...hhmmm)

>3. Have Mr. Sherman agree to take a polygraph test. It might
>prove inconclusive, but then again it might not, If he is telling
>the truth, he has nothing to fear. (Yes we know that polygraphs
>are not recognized in a court of law, but they are routinely used
>at NSA for security purposes and they are good indicators)

I would be happy to!

>4. Have Mr. Sherman take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test.
>This is not required, but many people in the intelligence
>community do end up taking it at some point or another. This
>would give us some insights into Mr. Sherman's personality.

I did take the MB test while in the intelligence field.  I'm not
sure what it'll prove regarding my experiences but if it'll help
anyone I ended up being an INTP.

>5. Address the issues that we have presented in this critique.


I am open to anyone who works within a Black program to comment
on my experience.  Even they would be hard pressed to be able to
comment on the actual grey aspect of my book.  But all the other
things regarding the rest of the story would at least be
acknowledged as being accurate.  I don't consider Mr.. Louttit to
be qualified to remark on my experience.  He is an ELINT person
who has much experience in the Army ELINT world but does not
appear to know the first thing about Black Projects nor the
sophisticated equipment that is used in one.

I realize my experience is hard to believe, but it is true.  Only
time will tell, for proof of the truth will surface someday.
Meanwhile, I know I will have to fend off shots by
self-aggrandizing people attempting to bring to themselves a bit
of limelight.  It is inevitable.  But keep searching everyone!

Best Wishes...
Dan Sherman
Author of "ABOVE BLACK - Project Preserve Destiny,
Insider Account of Alien Contact and Government

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