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Physicists Announce Low-Cost Fusion Reactor [news]

From: "Michael J. Poirier" <>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 19:29:38 -0800

(out from deep-cover lurking...)

I saw this article several days ago in the San Francisco
Chronicle. I think this just another step in revealing alien
technology to the human race. And it also explains the aliens'
need for boron, that substance so plentiful in southeastern
California. Only three ounces a day will produce 50 megawatts
continously.... that is probably why the alien's impact on our
supply has not even been noticed. And since the Office of Naval
Research (reported to be the PRIMARY agency involved with Area 51
now) is involved, it must be true!

They will ACT like they're testing some new device so that they
can do a full-scale roll out of this 'breakthrough' technology in
about 3-8 years.


San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 21, 1997

Physicists Announce Creation of Low-Cost Fusion Reactor
Energy alternative to fossil fuels

     Charles Petit, Chronicle Science Writer

Physicists in California and Florida say they have designed a
compact, boron-fueled fusion reactor that would make low-cost
electricity with no radiation hazards and may be much easier to
build than the monster machines now favored by major federal

If it, or other new ideas for fusion reactors, do work, they
would have immense impact on the world's economy, and on worries
over greenhouse warming of the climate from the burning of fossil

Units of the new design would be small enough to be built
anywhere. A drawing of a proposed prototype shows a machine about
four times the size of a city bus. It would generate 50 megawatts
of power -- enough for a town of about 50,000 people.

For rest of article, see...

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