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From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas)
Subject: Area 51 Mailing List Welcome
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 1996 07:28:50 -0700
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For our still evolving charter, see

As with other startup operations, it may take a while for things
to get moving. In the meantime we are working out the bugs and
figuring out what the moderation standards should be.

For startup purposes I have set up myself as the moderator, but it
probably shouldn't be me in the long run, for obvious political
reasons. The moderator shouldn't be seen as a partisan of any
particular UFO camp, and as soon as I reject some message, I am
bound to be accused of favoring my own viewpoint. (In fact,
_anyone_ who moderates the list will be accused of that, but
some more than others.)

The success of this list depends on effective moderation. This
list is designed for "high end" subscribers who already know the
outline of the various Area 51 stories and who have something
intelligent to contribute. This list is not intended to educate
the masses or answer naive questions the rest of the group already
knows the answers to. If we pass along too many low quality posts,
our high-end users will unsubscribe, and the purpose of the list
will be defeated.

We would rather send out no messages at all then distribute a lot
of low quality posts. People can go to alt.conspiracy.area51 for
this. This list should contain only the "good stuff" that a well-
informed Area 51 watcher would find worth reading and discussing
and that won't seem like clutter in his mailbox.


It is assumed that everyone on the list has web access, so any
lengthy documents that are already on the web should be referred
by URL, with only a short message sent to the list to describe why
this URL is worthwhile.

This list will supplement, but not duplicate, the Research
Center's What's New page at .
The difference is, What's New contains complete documents we have
already posted to our web structure, whereas the mailing list is
more of a "work space" where discussions and investigations are
conducted before they are posted to the web.

It is assumed that readers of this list also look in on What's New
occasionally; therefore, there is no reason to re-post most items
added to What's New. However, if some particular timely or time-
critical item is added to What's New it can be re- posted to the
list in abbreviated form. (E.g. a "TV alert" or some significant
research breakthrough).


Everything sent out on this list will be permanently archived on
our server (linked to Therefore,
you should watch your spelling and not say anything you don't want
preserved forever. History is the final moderator.

In effect, sending something to this list is an easy way to add it
to the web, since each digest will be stored at a permanent URL
that anyone can link to. We will also add html labels (names) to
each message so it can be accessed directly.


Before submitting a message to this list, you should think about
the alternatives:

(1) Posting to alt.conspiracy.area51 or another newsgroup. Here
you will get a huge but low-quality audience. Until our list
reaches critical mass, it might be useful for you to re-post to
a.c.a51 any messages you send to the Area 51 list. Any posting to
a.c.a51 produces a lot of useless replies, but it could also
produce a useful reply from someone who isn't on the list. a.c.a51
is the place for mass appeals and political statements and for
background questions that the rest of the mailing list subscribers
already know the answers to.

(2) Personal email to another subscriber. You should submit to the
list only those messages that you feel that subscribers would want
to know about. You can also use the list to ask questions of
another member of the list if you think that the answer would be
interesting to everyone. However, you should not use the list to
communicate something to another person that is not useful to the
rest of the membership. Use direct email for this.


Don't expect many messages at first. Perhaps many days will go by
without any list messages or digests. This is normal and at least
proves we aren't sending out any junk.


Remember that if you subscribed to this list using the word
"subscribe" you will receive only the digest version, which comes
out every day or two.  To receive individual messages as soon as
they are approved, use "subsingle".  (Send to

Glenn Campbell
Acting Moderator

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