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2 Oct 1996


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From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas) Subject: Proposed 1997 Nevada Test Site Tour Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1996 10:11:18 -0700 For Public Consideration The Area 51 Research Center is planning to organize a free public tour of the Nevada Test Site sometime early next year. Instead of slinking along the border as we usually do, we'll go in the front door. "Take us to Area 51," we'll tell our DOE tour guide (to which he will reply, "Area 51, where's that?"). The usual all-day DOE-sponsored bus tour begins and ends in Las Vegas. Stops typically include Frenchman Flat, where above-ground nuclear tests were conducted in the 1950s; Yucca Flat, the vast, crater-strewn landscape where below-ground blasts were later conducted; Control Point 1, the control room where the tests were initiated; and various fun "Stangelovian" sites. This tour will be more specialized, however, since most of the Interceptors have already taken the standard tour. We will focus on the sites of interest to us, while perhaps breezing past the standard tourist attractions due to time constraints. Camouflage fatigues will be de rigueur at this event, and everyone must proudly wear their Area 51 cap or patch. A DOE rep says that no questions are off-limits (although some of the answers may be). We can ask, for example, to visit the underground alien bases at Pahute Mesa (...and DOE is free to turn us down, proving that it's all true). The details of the itinerary can be worked out later. All we have to decide on now is what the date should be. We were thinking of something around February-April. Although Saturday tours are possible, weekdays allow better access to facilities. Since we don't want to be locked out of anything we might want to visit, we thought a Friday would be the best choice. Does anyone have any thoughts or preferences regarding date? We hope to fix a date by the end of October, giving everyone at least 90 days notice to make their plans (February at the earliest). This gives us plenty of time to research where we want to go and negotiate the itinerary. (This tour is much more enjoyable if you have conducted research beforehand and know what to ask.) To take this tour, you will have to register with DOE, providing your social security number, date of birth and other info. This tour is open to foreign - er - aliens, although they must provide their info to DOE at least 45 days ahead. The tour will be limited to 40 people so we can all fit on one bus, and advanced sign-up will be required. (Other than that, everyone in the world is invited.) Cameras are not allowed, but freedom of speech will not be suppressed. +------ U F O M I N D -------+ | Glenn Campbell | | AREA 51 RESEARCH CENTER - Las Vegas & Rachel, Nevada | | UFOs - Gov't Secrets - Philosophy - Psychology | | Box 448, Rachel, NV 89001 | +------------------------------------------------------+

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