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From: (Dan Zinngrabe) Subject: New Area 51 3D Renderings Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 18:18:57 -0500 I've just completed a set of 3D renderings of Groom, based on USGS Digital Elevation Model data, with 1968 USGS and 1995 Russian GRU overhead images as texture maps. Soon I should have a QuickTimeVR rendering as well as a "virtual" F-117 approach to Groom Lake done as a QuickTime movie (which may be compressed to MPEG format). If anyone is interested in hosting the images on a web page, please e-mail me. Thanks Dan Z ****************************************************************************** Strategic Consultant, 21's Picks- Macintosh Artist, Misery Loves Co. Independant Author of Korn Fiction and Nonfiction Penal Colony ______________________________________________________________________________ Closed systems are destined to fail by their own nature. ****************************************************************************** _______________________________Windoze95(tm)(R)_______________________________ ---------------------------The Ultimate Sleep Aid----------------------------- -----------------------From The Makers of Office(tm)(R)----------------------- Simply insert floppy disks, run the installer, and in seconds your insomnia is cured! *WARNING!* Do NOT install Microsoft(R) products while operating heavy machinery, running Microsoft(R) or other applications or extensions, eating, debugging, "surfing" the internet, or living in the continental United States. ______________________________________________________________________________ **************************************************************************** **

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From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas) Subject: WPAFB - a General's Comment [a.c.a51] Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 16:35:09 -0700 From: (Bizfixer) Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.area51 Subject: WPAFB - a General's Comment Date: 6 Oct 1996 14:02:37 -0400 Of possible interest to y'all. A few years ago, I visited WPAFB with a few friends as guests of the 4-star General in charge of the Air Force Logistics Command, headquartered there. We had a nice tour of the facilities, including the museum where we had a catered dinner at which each table of 5 had at least one general officer. The next morning, we had breakfast, similarly attended, at which various generals presented a briefing on US, USAF and AFLC issues & strategy, etc. In an informal moment, a friend and I were talking with the head general when my friend asked him bluntly, "What's really in Hangar 18?" (or whatever is the correct designation for the place where the Alien material is said to be - you all know, I'm sure). The general, in charge of AFLC and WPAFB replied, smiling, "I don't have clearance for that area." He then politely changed the subject. Make of his response what you will. Hokie ------------------ Note from Moderator: We still need people to cruise the newsgroups, including a.c.a51, to look for messages to re-post to this list. (I don't have time to do it myself.) G

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From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas) Subject: How long are Groom Lake Runways? Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 18:19:13 -0700 A email correspondent writes: > How long is the main and secondary runways at the base? I have heard > many different estimates. Please let me know. I'd like to know this too! I have hear a lot of estimates: 35000 feet, 27000 feet, 7 miles, 3-1/2 miles... If I knew once, I've forgotten now. The length would be two numbers: The total paved runway (south of the lake bed), and the total length including the unpaved part. There are two runways. One seems to be the longest runway in the world, both paved and total, but I've never been able to say this with complete confidence, not knowing what there might be in Russia. You should be able to get a very accurate number by examining satellite images; I just haven't had the time. Can someone give us some reliable numbers, plus how they were obtained? I can post these to the web in an "Area 51 Statistics Page" so we don't have to ask these basic questions again and again. Glenn +------ U F O M I N D -------+ | Glenn Campbell | | AREA 51 RESEARCH CENTER - Las Vegas & Rachel, Nevada | | UFOs - Gov't Secrets - Philosophy - Psychology | | Box 448, Rachel, NV 89001 | +------------------------------------------------------+

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From: (Dan Zinngrabe) Subject: AREA 51: Bright Light Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 23:05:51 -0500 Hmmm... some possiblities for the 1981 flash- 1. Fissile material accident. If a near-critical mass was acheived, there's a good chance you'd see a pretty bright flash- maybe something went wrong disassembling a warhead, or perhaps something to do with spent nuclear material. 2. EMP weapon is a possibility, but VERY remote. They weren't in development back then as far as I know. 3. Laser. Could have been a power source problem, or even something as simple as dirty optics. Hit a cloud with a powerful laser and you can get some interesting effects, depending on what there is in the cloud....

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From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas) Subject: Lights and Weird Glow in Southwest [From UFO Roundup] Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 20:06:42 -0700 On the subject of weird lights, below is a report on recent fireball sighting. I read in the newspaper today that astronomers are now attributing it to a multiple-entry meteor. (Broke up over New Mexico; parts skipped into space and reentered near LA.) Anyway, I don't know what you can do with these lights-in-the-sky reports. ...And look, there's "Col. Steve Wilson" -- back from the dead! Glenn Campbell, MAJ GEN, USAF (Ret.) ---- From: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 1, Number 32, October 6, 1996 Editor: UFOs AND WEIRD GLOW DAZZLE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST Shortly before 9 p.m., on Thursday, October 3, 1996, a mysterious yellowish-green flash lit up the skies from New Mexico to southern California, startling hundreds of onlookers. NORAD in Colorado Springs, Colorado said the object "was most likely a meteor or other natural phenomenon." Ignacio Tantajos, an employee of Griffith Park in Los Angeles, said, "We thought it was a skyrocket. It lit up and came down, and that was it." Patricia Dobbins, another eyewitness in Griffith Park, said the mystery object "just blossomed out...something like a flare. It seemed to have little sparkles coming from it." In Belen, New Mexico (population 5,617), a town on Interstate Highway 25 about 40 miles (64 kilometers) south of Albuquerque, a woman named Christine Church saw a UFO. Interviewed by CNN, Ms. Church "described the object as having a row of five or six lights laid up horizontally. At first she thought it was an airplane about to crash, but when she went outside she found nothing. 'There was no noise, no crash, and the lights were gone,' Church said." Another witness was Col. Steve Wilson (USAF Ret.), of the group Skywatch International. A trained aerial observer, Col. Wilson reported, "When the sky lit up, I turned and saw a blue- green object streaking across the sky from the southeast to slightly northwest." The lack of any sound associated with the phenomenon was noticed by observers in California, as well. Rick Sedona of the group UFO Experiencers received a phone call Thursday night from a woman in Westminster, California, a suburb of Los Angeles 27 miles (43 kilometers) southeast of L.A. City Hall and 8 miles (13 kilometers) east of Long Beach. The woman, her parents and a small group of friends watched the object pass over Westminster just before 9 o'clock. She told Rick Sedona that the UFO "was close enough to judge with her eyesight to be 'retro fire' from a very large, mothership-looking vessel. The retro-fire was so intense and so bright that the group claimed to have felt the actual heat." The UFO then "shot at a horizontal or straight-line direction south towards San Diego and Mexico at a rate of speed that made it disappear within seconds."

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From: Mark Hartoog <> Subject: RE: Bright Light Seen Near Beatty, NV, Oct. 1981 Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 22:06:13 -0700 >It may have been a Friday-Saturday night. The fact that there >was no moon might help fix the date. I used the program Home Planet which is available free from and other sources (like AOL). It says there was a Full moon on October 13, 1981. A Full moon would be bright and visible in the sky all night. The nearest New moons, when the moon is not visible in the sky at all durning the night, are on September 28, 1981 and October 27, 1981. The first Quarter Moon, which is visible in the evening sky, but would have set by 3 AM, was on October 6, 1981. The Last Quarter moon, which is visible in the morning sky and would have risen by 3 AM was on Oct 20th. For there to have been no Moon visible at 3 AM, I would guess it would have to have been roughly before October 10th or after October 22nd. If there was no Moon visible at anytime durning the night, it must have been close to the New Moons of September 28th or October 27th. Mark Hartoog Los Gatos, CA

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From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas) Subject: Miscellanea: Dulce, Rachel Rave, Reactor Blast?, Star Distances Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 08:35:44 -0700 While cleaning out my mail queue, came upon these... --GC ----------------- RANCH AND TOWERS AT DULCE, NM [I regard this Dulce stuff as nonsense. I've been there and found the area totally open. Any talk of underground alien activities there is probably outside the scope of this list. However, when someone talks about _specific_ above-ground facilities, then we can do something with it - visit it at least and perhaps prove it true or false. (One thing Boylan will never do is knock on the door and say, "Got any aliens?") --GC] Date: Sat, 07 Sep 1996 10:38:00 EST5EDT From: Rich Boylan <> To: Subject: Dulce -> SearchNet's iufo Mailing List lg> Hi all! I am going up near Dulce in a couple weeks, does anyone know if lg> there is really a base there or if it is still there? I have heard lg> conflicting reports about it existence, but I thought since I am going lg> to be up that way anyhow I might go check it out and see if there is lg> anything unusual going on. Any thoughts or suggestions would be lg> appreciated. lg> lg> Best, lg> Lesley Lesley, I have reconnoitered Dulce [aka Archuleta Mesa, north of Dulce, NM] and found an anomalous ranch on the north-northwest [Colorado] side of the Mesa. Could be an entrance into the mountain. Its guarded by four elevated surveillance towers. The best available evience, murky and fragmentary though it be, suggests that Dulce Base, if it still exists, is way underground; (think 20 stories down.) US Army Intelligence Colonel John Alexander revealed that they nuked the installation inside the mesa some years back. Rich Richard Boylan, Ph.D. ---------------------- RAVE SUPPORTER Old comments on our Rachel Rave page Subj: Rachel rave Date: Sun, Aug 4, 1996 5:03 PM PDT From: mnm@NAUVAX.UCC.NAU.EDU X-From: mnm@NAUVAX.UCC.NAU.EDU (Marc M.) To: To whomever wrote the corrections and comments about the rachel rave, I found your comments and such very sarcastic and closed minded. Your not an activist! Many young people have an interest, however misguided, in UFOs/Govt. projects. Frankly, I am surprised that your organization is not willing to relate information to these very OPEN MINDED kids! Please do not underestimate this generation of young people who have a hunger for the truth. Raves are a gathering in a spiritual sense, not just an excuse to party. Like woodstock of your generation! If you would like these people to take you seriously at all in the future I would suggest a little more OPEN MINDEDNESS! Marc M. Northern Arizona University ------------------ ATOMIC REACTOR EXPLOSION? On 8/5/96, reader asked: I enjoyed your Website very much. Since you are familar with navada history - I have a question. I heard a rumor that in the 50's a atomic power plant blew up on a restricted area in navada. I was wondering if you had any information on this. Thank you. Sean [I have no info. Does someone else? (The rumor could be a distortion of some real event.) -- GC] ------------------ STAR DISTANCES On the subject of ZETA RETICULI 2, D. Kanipe reports there is a book that gives distances for any star you can name. See Proximity Zero, A Writer's Guide to the Nearest 200 Stars (A 40-Lightyear Radius) [2nd Edition] Terry Kepner, ISBN # 0-926895-04-4. Second Edition has Distance Tables that give the distances between all stars listed. No more math required! Available from the author for $19.95 + $3.00 Priority Mail return postage ($5 outside US): Terry Kepner, PO Box 428, Petersborough, NH 03458

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From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas) Subject: Psychic Prophesies of Ed Dames and Courtney Brown Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 09:20:57 -0700 From: Tom Mahood <> Date: Sun, 1 Sep 1996 17:29:22 -0700 Subject: Ed Dames and Courtney Brown I downloaded the Real Audio plugin for Netscape, and started browsing through Art Bell's audio archives. Much better than actually listening to his show, because you can fast forward through the commercials! Anyway, about a month or two ago, he had on, separately, Ed "PsyTech" Dames, and Courtney "Cosmic Voyage" Brown. Most enlightening. Dames revealed the real poop on what is at A 51. No aliens or ET stuff. Strictly terrestrial. It seems a number of years ago, our government assembled a brilliant team to deal with the issue of ICBM launches toward the US. Not a good thing. Anyway, it was decided the thing to do was to destroy the things in their boost phase, while still over the offending country's own soil. Soooo, the boys at 51 developed very high speed vehicles to do just that. Of course, Dames convieniently ignored the fact that the boost phase is only 2-3 minutes, and unless you are Superman, I don't think you'll make it from the runway at Groom to the Soviet Union in the time allowed. Maybe from orbit, but then that's Star Wars. Dames struck me as a highly functioning wingnut, who thought himself VERY important. Brown on the other hand was a hoot. A true wacko. He sounded JUST like a contactee from the 1950s... the same euphoric certainty of tone in his voice. In between all the times he plugged his book, he kept saying, "I'm a SCIENTIST! Why would I want to destroy my career if this weren't true??" Kept going on and on about the martians in New Mexico under Santa Fe Baldy. Actually, if I were to be locked in a room with either of this two dorks, I'd prefer Brown. He'd be a lot more fun. Was was interesting was their individual prognosis for the upcoming years. Dames is preaching doom and gloom, with dead babies, high winds (yes, high winds!), and lots of bacterial plagues. Brown, OTOH, said the next few years are going to be wonderful, full of exciting things. Who's tuned into the correct channel, I can't say. I've been trying to decide what to make of Brown, and now I think I have a good idea. Tom

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From: "Zero" <> Subject: (Fwd) Bright Flash near Area 51. Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 17:31:22 +0000 The eminent Black Projects researcher Agent X and myself witnessed a bright flash in the sky sometime around June or July of 1995, near the Tikaboo trail head. We were - as all good researchers do - making cellular phone calls around midnight. We had to hike up the hill away from the campsite to get coverage. While X was talking to his nationally known radio show - Oil of the Dog, a bright flash filled the night sky. We both were looking down at the time, but the flash illuminated the whole hillside. Alas, it was nothing more than a Bolide - an exploding meteorite. For someone who is not familiar with Bolides, the brilliant flash could seem quite strange. Also, the rural areas of Nevada suffer much less from light pollution, thereby allowing such phenomena to become much more apparent on a moonless night. Of course, this was also the same night we witnessed our famous "celestial anomaly" (See: Desert Rat #28) Maybe this wasn't a Bolide after all??? Zero--

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From: John Joseph Mercieca <> Subject: British documentary on Area 51 Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 12:47:30 +0100 from the UNITED KINGDOM UFO NETWORK <> {64} DREAMLAND - AREA 51 An outstanding British television documentary crew recently travelled to the United States to conduct an in-depth investigation into the top secret USAF Nevada facility known as Area 51. The Groom Lake base has also been tagged 'Dreamland' by UFO enthusiasts, convinced that recovered alien spacecraft are being housed there for 'backengineering' purposes. Dreamland is the appropriately named title of a unique two-part television documentary made by top British TV producer Bruce Burgess and his team from Trans Media Productions Limited, London. Accompanying Bruce was acclaimed war cameraman Sebastian Rich. This documentary is in two parts - both one hour in length. The Real Audio files which make up this two hour documentary have been split up into smaller parts to make it easier for download. If at all possible you are advised to have a listen to this documentary. Those who have say it is excellent. Thanks to Crow and Raine for help with this. All the Real Audio files and more can be downloaded from the UK.UFO.NW WWW site at: The DREAMLAND documentary can also be downloaded from: - end - .----------------------------------------------------. * ~ MALTA UFO RESEARCH ~ * * Researcher & Investigator : John Joseph Mercieca * '----------------------------------------------------' * MUFOR Web site :* * E-mail 1 : * * E-mail 2 : * * IRC channel : #cydonia (on Undernet) * * Fax : + 356 456729 .'--------------. * Mobile : 099 0756 * "Either these * * Postal Address : P.O. Box 14, Rabat RBT 01, MALTA. * features on * '-------.-------------------------------------------.' Mars are * * natural and this investigation is a complete waste of time,* *or they are artificial and this is one of the most important* * discoveries of our entire existence on Earth." * * - RICHARD C.HOAGLAND on the MONUMENTS of CYDONIA, MARS * '------------------------------------------------------------'

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From: John Joseph Mercieca <> Subject: (FWD) Area 51 article Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 12:47:34 +0100 This was posted on the Art Bell Fans mailing list by BUG <> JJ Mercieca - start - If your interested..... This appeared in the Sunday Cleveland Plain Dealer on September 22, 1996. Forgive the spelling errors. Cleveland Plain Dealer Sunday, September 22,1996 Driving Section (H1) ALONG THE UFO HIGHWAY STRETCH OF NAVADA BLACKTOP DRAWS OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD TOURISTS NOWHERE in Navada - Disciples of Elvis has Graceland, and Catholics have Louders. For UFOlogist, a lone desert highway in Navada leads to their shrine at Rachel. A town not worthy of the name, a dusty settlement so sparsely populated that the sole human being to be born there had the town named after her, Rachel apears to be a magnet for Martians and other assembled accupants of interplanetary craft. Rachel is where extraterrestrail spotters fill more pages of their notebooks than anywhere else on earth, or beyond. "APPROACHING AREA 51" "In the last 2 1/2 years, I have seen at least half a dozen objects in the skies above Rachel which I am not certain were not 'our' technology," said Rachel resident UFO expert, Chuck Clark. Most nights, Clark and a group of skygazers are glued to the darkening desert horizon west of town, where many of the unexplained sightings have been made. "The sort of things I have seen travel about 5 miles in one second, then make a V-trun that would rip a conventional airplane apart," he said. It is no coincidence that Rachel is the closest settlement to Area 51, the U.S. Air Force's top-secrect desert base. This is where the Stealth Bomber was developed and where the triangular satellite hunting Aurora space plane until recently was being tested. For years, travelers north of Las Vagas on the desolate 98-mile stretch of Highway 375 between Alamo and Warm Springs have been buzzed at night by saucer-shaped craft performing almost undefiable stunts. The public calls them UFO's, but military and experts like Chuck Clark call them technology. "It is the sightings of these things we don't recognize that makes us think that the Air Force has captured alien spacecraft and are testing their technology out there. Without going to the moon, there is nowhere less populated than this part of Navada in which to test. Being seen by a handful of people in Rachel or on the highway is a risk they take," Clark said. So many unusual flying objects have been seen over Rachel and along Highway 375 that Hollywood and the Navada Commission on Tourism have jumped on the bandwagon. Highway 375 is no longer just that, it is the "Extraterrestrail Highway." "THE HOLLYWOOD TOUCH" The character "E.T." from the 1982 Steven Spielberg film would have run a mile had he seen actor Jeff Goldblum and busloads of press land in Rachel early this summer for the launch of the ET Highway and Goldblum's new summer blockbuster, "Independence Day." The film is the story of aliens who destroy New York City and plan to do the same with the rest of the planet until confronted by a small group of humans. The film is partly set in Navada and refers to the secret goings-on at area 51, so 20th Century Fox decided to launch the film at a place with only a little better grip on reality than Hollywood. "I've never seen a UFO," admitted Goldblum, "but the universe is so big , there must be something out there. It is beyond comprehension to think what it must be like if aliens did arrive on Earth and threaten the human race. "It would be good to spend some time out there and try to see something. It is just awsome out here, and the idea of calling the ET Highway is inspired. I am sure many people will come out from Vagas to try and see something." To drive the ET Highway is as close one can get to driving on the moon. The thin ribbon of tarmac, with its new signs optimistically giving the speed limit as Warp Factor 7 (really 65), Slices the Navada desert in two. On either side there are endless miles of sand and rock towering 5,000-foot mountains. Only 53 cars a day on the average travel the ET Highway at the moment, but that is about to change. From the road that goes to Warm Springs, a ghost town, it will become the state's first intergalactic tourist attraction. Glen Campbell, Rachel's other UFOlogist and a reputed party pooper, dreads the arrival of hundreds of tourists in his hamlet of mobil homes, one gasoline pump (the only one for 110 miles), a yard of dead or dying cars and the Little A'Le'Inn Motel. "Tourists are in grave danger out here," he wanred. "If you stick to the highway, you are fine, but people don't come all the way out here to see the road. They want to get as close to Area 51 as possible. "Recently, a Canadian tourist wandered into Area 51. It is easily done. Although there were signs warning 'Restricted Area... the use of deadly force authorized,' they are not everywhere. "He was caught by the 'camo dudes' [heavily armed security guards in camouflaged suits], and now he is denied access to the United States, ever. It would be even worse if tourists who don't speak English come up here." Campbell has produced a homemade Area 51 Viwers Guide, full of tips on how to see as much as possible without getting deported. Taking a four-wheel drive is imparative, and so is packing enough food and water to survive the 105-degree summer tempertures and the 10-degree winter cold. Wednesday night is the best time to watch for alien craft. Bob Lazar, a former Area 51 worker, claimed to have worked with flying saucers captured by the US Military. He told a Las Vagas TV station that Wednesday was the night that the craft were tested. It was a Thursday night that we desided to try the ET Highway's magic and go UFO hunting. Twenty miles south of Rachel is where the ET Highway runs closest to Area 51. A new black mailbox (the original was auctioned for $1,000 to an alien watcher) marks the best spot to watch the dusk and the first few hours of night, when flights are most common. In an hour, we saw six police cars. We were 50 miles from the nearest major town. In the pitch black of the new night, a solitary light in the sky was enough to set hearts pounding. It hovered a man's height above the horizon. Nelson Morey, a sailor Canada also on the lookout for UFO's grabbed the binoculars. What is it, what is it?" Morey couldn't tell. What on earth or in space, does a spacecraft look like anyway? Within a minute or two, another light appeared - and then a few more. It was the stars coming out. Three hours of squinting through binoculars had produced nothing more that an easily identifiable star. Even the lure of the tasteless feed at the Little A'Le'Inn was more appealing. We headed back. Where the ET Highway crests the mountains surrounding Rachel, you are so high you can reach out and touch the sky. Not a good idea just as a flying object skimmed the roof and let off a chain of starbursts. Before you could say "Star Trak," and scour the sky for saucers and little green men, Navada was all silent again. HART IS A FREELANCE WRITER WHO RARELY SPENDS TIME AT HOME IN ENGLAND. --- end --- If your interested in the two pictures that where in the article, Please email me and I'll send them to you. -- ********************************* * * * BUG - Atlanta, GA * * * * * * * ********************************* - end - .----------------------------------------------------. * ~ MALTA UFO RESEARCH ~ * * Researcher & Investigator : John Joseph Mercieca * '----------------------------------------------------' * MUFOR Web site :* * E-mail 1 : * * E-mail 2 : * * IRC channel : #cydonia (on Undernet) * * Fax : + 356 456729 .'--------------. * Mobile : 099 0756 * "Either these * * Postal Address : P.O. Box 14, Rabat RBT 01, MALTA. * features on * '-------.-------------------------------------------.' Mars are * * natural and this investigation is a complete waste of time,* *or they are artificial and this is one of the most important* * discoveries of our entire existence on Earth." * * - RICHARD C.HOAGLAND on the MONUMENTS of CYDONIA, MARS * '------------------------------------------------------------'

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From: Tom Walton <> Subject: Military Reactor Explosion Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 08:17:17 -0500 >ATOMIC REACTOR EXPLOSION? > >On 8/5/96, reader asked: > >I enjoyed your Website very much. Since you are familar with navada >history - I have a question. I heard a rumor that in the 50's a atomic >power plant blew up on a restricted area in navada. I was wondering if >you had any information on this. Thank you. > Sean > >[I have no info. Does someone else? (The rumor could be a distortion >of some real event.) -- GC] I worked as an intern at a nuclear plant when I was in college (1986), and one of the operator/instructors told me about a military accident similar to this. I don't recall if he said where it occurred or not, but here goes. It allegedly was a really bad accident that killed many people. The nuclear reaction was getting too hot, and in a modern reactor you could just SCRAM the thing and it would shut itself down (you hope). Well this old reactor actually had cranks on the top of the reactor chamber that people had to turn to put the control rods into/out of the core to regulate the reaction (The control rods act as a buffer between the fuel rods - the farther into the core the control rods go, the slower the reaction). While they were doing that, the pressure was building up in the reactor core, and the thing exploded. The control rods (and fuel rods) shot out the top and impaled the soldiers that were turning the cranks to the ceiling of the reactor building. Pretty gruesome stuff. It was basically the China Syndrome, but with a small reactor, once the thing exploded there probably wasn't enough interaction between the scattered fuel to sustain the reaction. Anyway, the Army just encased the thing in concrete and left it there (with the dead soldiers inside). I can't verify any of this, but it all sounded reasonable to me. Tom -- ----------------------------------------------------------------- Tom Walton Voice: (703) 715-9605 Software Configuration Manager FAX: (703) 715-9606 INRI - Reston, VA MAILTO: -----------------------------------------------------------------

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