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From: craig statham <> Subject: Area 51: Nevada Domains Date: Sat, 09 Nov 1996 20:58:47 -0600 I would wonder why something like that would not be on a Milnet. Anyway has anyone tried to see if any of the address have a DNS (Domain Name Server) entry? I was wondering if any one here has ever heard of some thing called the Western Research Center, WRC for short. I heard a little about it on some TV program, sightings, Inside Edition or something like that. The show was filming in some small town in Eastern Colorado. The town had a large number of UFO sighting reports. While in this town the TV crew saw a number of f-15 and f-16 fighters flying very very low over the town, almost as if trying to buzz the town. The trick is that there aren't any military bases with in 400 miles or so. After some research the show uncover a DOD budget request where it mentioned a request for funding to build a research complex called the WRC. The request was rejected do to lack of evidence of need for this complex. The odd thing is that it was to have been built about 150 miles or so north of this town, (don't hold me to that number). And low and behold a request was filed by the DOD to have all air traffic from White Sand Missle Range in New Mexico to the upper eastern corner of Colorado. The request was to restrict all commerical flight to below 45,000 feet I think. And guess what The FAA Aproved the request. I used to Live in New Mexico Albuquerque about 8 years ago, and I will say this that there is more areas of restriced airspace than I can count. Like the time a plane I was on flew to close to the perimeter of Sandia National Labs. The sent up 3 F-15s to bring the plane down, on a runway at Kirkland Airforce Base where they questioned the pilot. sorry to ramble. If any one has heard anything about the WRC I would like to hear what you know. From what I have heard it may already full operational and beginning to take over much of the work being done ar the Area 51 complex.. C.S.

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From: "A.J. Craddock" <> Subject: All DDN UFO locations (HACKER.TXT) Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 22:37:08 -0800 The following reprinted from the Computer Underground Digest, which contains the full original HACKER.TXT file giving the Computer addresses of many of the DDNs involved in UFO activities. The narrative covers some old ground, but then this document first surfaced around 1992. Tony Craddock ***************************** Date: Sat, 23 Jan 93 01:15:50 PST From: Subject: File 4--"Hackers" take on the UFOs? Rumors have begun to surface about a group of hackers who were involved in a project to uncover information regarding the existence of UFOs. The most public example pertaining to this alleged project was seen on Dateline NBC on the screen of the mystery hacker "Quentin." The story goes that this group of individuals decided to put their skills to work on a project that, if successful, would legitimize the hacking process by uncovering information on what has been called the greatest cover-up in the history of the world. Milnet TAC ID cards were obtained through military officials sympathetic to the cause. Several sites and networks were targeted that had in the past been linked to UFO activity. These were sites like the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Sandia Labs, TRW Space Research, American Institute of Physics, and various other educational, government and military sites. The rumors also emphasize that several sites had what these individuals called "particularly heavy security." Within several seconds after connection had been established, system administrators of sites used in this project were contacted. Further rumors state that there was information regarding a propulsion system designed utilizing what is termed "corona discharge" being analyzed at one site. The most sinister of all rumors states that one particular participant who was allegedly deeply immersed in TRWs internal network has not been heard from since uncovering data regarding a saucer being housed at one of their Southern California installations. Believe what you will about the reality of this project. Much will be dismissed as hacker lore, but within the core of every rumor lies a grain of truth. Are we being lied to? Why is this information still classified by the NSA? What are they hiding from us behind a maze of security? Will we continue to stand idly by and let an uncaring and deliberately evasive government shield us from what may be the most important, and potential dangerous news to ever surface? Information wants to be free, and only a concerted group effort can make this happen. How much do you really want to know about what is really going on? What follows is information that has been released regarding this project... ++++++++++++++++++++++++ PROJECT ALF-1 A Planetary Effort TOP SECRET TOP SECRET TOP SECRET TOP SECRET TOP SECRET TOP SECRET These are the raw data. Where comments are appropriate, they will be included. The data will be grouped together with dates, names etc. to make correlations easier. There are countless references to the aliens, their down space craft and what the Government is doing with them. If, as is supposed, the research on the craft and the 'ufonauts' continues today, then undoubtedly there are computer records, somewhere. I. Searching the Skies; Tripping the Electronic Fence around the USA. US Space Command Space Surveillance Center, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, Box Nine (Electronic Surveillance Room) (This is where they search for and track UFO activity.) U.S. Naval Space Surveillance System, Dahlgreen, Virginia, (Main computer), Lake Kickapoo, Texas (listening post): Search for 'Flash Traffic' Commander Sheila Mondran CINC-NORAD Space Detection and Tracking System Malabar, Florida 'Teal Amber' search National Military Command Center - Pentagon (These are the areas where UFO activity is tracked. There is a radar shield around the country that is 'tripped' by UFO's. All tracking and F14 scrambling is done through this system.) II. The Second Cover Up Defense Intelligence Agency Directorate for Management and Operations Project Aquarius (in conjunction with SRI) Colonel Harold E. Phillips, Army (where/what Feb. 1987) UFO Working Group, (formed Dec 1987) Major General James Pfautz, USAF, Ret. (March 87) US Army experiments -(Monroe Institute, Faber, VA) Major General Albert Stubblebine Capt. Guy Kirkwood, (thousands of feet of film of UFO's catalogued and on record somewhere.) The UFO Working Group was formed because one arm of the Govt doesn't know what the other is doing.) III. National Security NSA NAtional Security Agency, Dundee Society (Super secret elite who have worked on UFO's.) NSA - Research and Engineering Division NSA - Intercept Equipment Division Kirtland Force Base, Office of Special Investigations, Project Beta. 1979-83-? (Sandia Labs are here.) Paul Bennewitz Project Blue Project Blue Book (NSA computers do analysis for Pentagon.) IV. More Secret Players NASA, Fort Irwin, Barstow, CA NASA Ames Research Center, Moffet Field Naval Base SETI State Dept. Office of Advanced Technology Any Astronauts from Mercury, Gemini and Apollo CIA - Office of Scientific Investigation CIA - Domestic Collection Division (NASA has known about UFO's since the astronauts saw and photoed them. Records somewhere.) V. Dealing with the Secret MJ-12 (1952) Majectic 12 Operation Majestic 12 MAJIC-12 Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter Dr. Vannevar Bush Dr. Detlev Bronk Dr. Jerome Hunsaker Dr. Donald Menzel Dr. Lloyd Berkner General Robt. Montague Sidney Souers Gordon Gray General Hoyt Vandenberg Sect State James Forrestal General Nathan Twining Pres. Truman Pres. Eisenhower (One of the biggest secrets ever.) Nevada Desert, Area 51, S4 (houses UFO's) (Robert Lazar talked!) 9 space ships on storage. Propulsion by corona discharge. (Area 51 is the most protected base on the planet.) VI. ROSWELL, NM Crashes Mac Brazel (farmer) Major Jesse A. Marcel 509th. Bomber Group Lewis Rickett, CIC Officer Colonel William Blanchard Gerald Anderson, witness to crash and aliens Wright Patterson Air Force Base, (parts lists of UFO's catalogued; autopsies on record) (Bodies in underground facility) Foreign Technology Building USAAF (United States Army Air Force reports: "Early Automation" Muroc, CA (Base with UFO's for study) (1 saucer with 4 aliens. They were transported to Wright and then saved, catalogued and autopsied.) VII. THOSE ON GOVT SHIT LIST (People who have gotten close.) Robert Lazar Major Donald Keyhoe William Moore Stanton Friedman Jaime Shandera Whitley Streiber Timothy Goode, UK Other UFO Crashes Del Rio, TX 12/50, Colonel Robert Willingham Las Vegas, 4/18/62 Kecksburg, PA 12/9/65 VIII. International Belgian Air Force. (They are going public and have records. Press conference held 7/12/91.) Australian Air Force UK; GCHQ British Air Force Belgium: NATO Radar Stations IX. UFO Civilian Groups. (What do they really know?) NICAP, National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (private company.) APRO, Tucson, AZ (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, private company.) MUFON Mutual UFO Network X. GENERAL Kenneth Arnold, June 24, 1947 Cattle and Sheep Mutilations General and Pres. Eisenhower, (private files and library) President Truman Wright Field or Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH, (Air Force Foreign Technology Division) USAF Project Saint USAF Project Gemini Project Moon Dust Project Sign Project Grudge General Hoyt Vandenberg (1940-1960) Air Force Regulation 200-2 (8/12/54) Holloman AFB, NM Roswell, NM July 7, 1947 XI. Possible Searches Presidential Libraries Old USAAF, (United States Army Air Force) NASA Astronaut Frank Borman, Gemini 7, pictures of UFO Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11, saw UFO's on moon. Colonel Gordon Cooper saw a bunch of them James McDivitt, 6/66 United Nations NATO; General Lionel Max Chassin, French Air Force Star Wars, United Kingdom, 23 scientists killed in 6 years. Gulf Breeze, FL Additional UFO records at NSA, CIA, DIA, FBI Good Searching. +++++++++++++++++ Project ->Green Cheese<- Data Base ++++++++++++++++++ Holloman AFB Location: New Mexico. Preconceived landing 15 years ago. DDN Locations: +++++++ NET : : HOLLOMAN : GATEWAY :, : HOLLOMAN-GW.AF.MIL : CISCO-MGS :: EGP,IP/GW : GATEWAY :, : HOLLOMAN-GW.AF.MIL : CISCO-MGS :: EGP,IP/GW : HOST : : HOLLOMAN-TG.AF.MIL : VAX-8650 : VMS : TCP/FTP,TCP/TELNET,TCP SMTP : HOST : : HOLLOMAN-AM1.AF.MIL : WANG-VS100 : VSOS : TCP/TELNET,TCP/FTP, TCP/SMTP : Host: DDNVAX2.6585TG.AF.MIL +++++++++++++++++++++++ Kirtland Air Force Base Office Of Special Investigations. Sandia Labs are here. Also part of NSA Intercept Equipment Division. Key Words/names: ++++++++ Sandia Labs Project Beta (1979-83-?) Paul Bennewitz Project Blue Project Blue Book DDN Locations: +++++++ NET : : KIRTLAND-NET : NET : : KIRTLAND2 : GATEWAY :, : KIRTLAND2-GW.AF.MIL,KIRTLAND-GW.AF.MIL : CISCO-MGS : UNIX : IP/GW,EGP : GATEWAY :, : KIRTLAND1-GW.AF.MIL,KIRTLAND1606ABW-GW.AF.MIL : CISCO-MGS : : EGP,IP/GW : HOST : : KIRTLAND.MT.DDN.MIL : C/30 : TAC : TCP,ICMP : HOST : : KIRTLAND2.MT.DDN.MIL : C/30 : TAC : TCP,ICMP : HOST : : KIRTLAND-AM1.AF.MIL : WANG-VS300 : VS :: +++++++++++++++++++++++ NASA What can I say about NASA that you couldn't guess for yourself.... (Except that the following sights are SPECIFIC NASA sights, not just randomly suspected sights). DDN locations: +++++++ Fort Irwin, Barstow, CA: +++++++++ NET : : IRWIN : NET : : FTIRWIN1 : NET : : FTIRWIN2 : GATEWAY :,,, : FTIRWIN-GW1.ARMY.MIL : CISCO-GATEWAY : CISCO : IP/GW,EGP : HOST : : IRWIN-ASBN.ARMY.MIL : NCR-COMTEN-3650 : COS2 :: HOST : : FTIRWIN-AMEDD.ARMY.MIL : ATT-3B2-600G : UNIX : TCP/FTP,TCP/SMTP,TCP/TELNET : HOST : : FTIRWIN-IGNET.ARMY.MIL : DATAPOINT-8605 : RMS :: HOST : : IRWIN-EMH1.ARMY.MIL,FTIRWIN-EMH1.ARMY.MIL : SPERRY-5000 : UNIX : TCP/FTP,TCP/SMTP,TCP/TELNET : Moffet Field Naval Base (Ames Research Center): +++++++++++++++++++++ GATEWAY :, : MOFFETT-FLD-MB.DDN.MIL,AMES-MB.DDN.MIL : C/70 : CHRYSALIS : IP/GW,EGP : HOST : : MOFFETT.MT.DDN.MIL : C/30 : TAC : TCP,ICMP : +++++++++++++++++++++++ Pentagon (National Military Command Center) One of many places in charge of tracking UFO activity. Possible DDN sights: +++++++ GATEWAY :, : PENTAGON-GW.HQ.AF.MIL : CISCO-AGS : : EGP,IP/GW : GATEWAY :, : PENTAGON-GW.AF.MIL,HQUSAFNET-GW.AF.MIL : CISCO-MGS :: IP/GW,EGP : GATEWAY :, : PENTAGON-BCN-GW.ARMY.MIL : SUN-360 : UNIX : IP/GW,EGP : GATEWAY :, : PENTAGON-GW.ARMY.MIL : SUN-3/160 : UNIX : EGP,IP/GW : GATEWAY :,, : PENTAGON-GW1.ARMY.MIL : CISCO : CISCO : IP/GW,EGP : HOST : : PENTAGON.MT.DDN.MIL : C/30 : TAC : TCP,ICMP : HOST : : OPSNET-PENTAGON.AF.MIL : VAX-8500 : VMS : TCP/TELNET,TCP/FTP,TCP/SMTP : HOST :, : PENTAGON-BCN.ARMY.MIL : SUN-360 : UNIX : TCP/FTP,TCP/SMTP,TCP/TELNET : HOST : : PENTAGON2.MT.DDN.MIL : C/30 : TAC : TCP,ICMP : HOST : : PENTAGON-AMSNET.ARMY.MIL : AMDAHL : MVS : TCP/TELNET,TCP/FTP : HOST : : NSSC-PENTAGON.NAVY.MIL : ALTOS-3068A : UNIX : TCP/FTP,TCP/TELNET,TCP/SMTP : HOST : : PENTAGON-EMH4.ARMY.MIL : SPERRY-5000/80 : UNIX : TCP/TELNET,TCP/FTP,TCP/SMTP : HOST :, : PENTAGON-AI.ARMY.MIL : SUN-3/160 : UNIX : TCP/TELNET,TCP/FTP,TCP/SMTP,TCP/FINGER : +++++++++++++++++++++++ Raddaman Location of infamous building 18a. Suspected saucers and others? DDN location, yet unknown. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SECI ? DDN Locations: +++++++ NET : : ARC-SETI-NET : ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Utah Locations: GATEWAY :, : HILL-GW.AF.MIL,HILLAFBNET-GW.AF.MIL : CISCO-MGS :: IP/GW,EGP : GATEWAY :, : HILL-GW.AF.MIL,HILLAFBNET-GW.AF.MIL : CISCO-MGS :: IP/GW,EGP : HOST : : HILL.MT.DDN.MIL : C/30 : TAC : TCP,ICMP : HOST : : HILL2.MT.DDN.MIL : C/30 : TAC : TCP,ICMP : HOST : : HILL-AM1.AF.MIL : WANG-VS100 : VS : TCP/TELNET,TCP/FTP,TCP/SMTP : ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Wright Patterson AFB Catalogued UFO parts list. Autopsies on record. Bodies located in underground facility of Foreign Technology Building. DDN Locations: +++++++ HOST : : WRIGHTPAT.MT.DDN.MIL : C/30 : TAC : TCP,ICMP : HOST : : WRIGHTPAT2.MT.DDN.MIL : C/30 : TAC : TCP,ICMP : HOST : : WRIGHTPAT3.MT.DDN.MIL : C/30 : TAC : TCP,ICMP : HOST : : WAINWRIGHT-IGNET.ARMY.MIL : CONVERGENT-TECH-CN-100 : CTOS :: HOST : : WRIGHTPAT4.MT.DDN.MIL : C/30 : TAC : TCP,ICMP : ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Nevada: NET : : NEVADA : ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Random Suspected Nets: WIN: Top Secret Network. All coordinator's have last name Win. NET : : DFN-WIN8 : NET : : DFN-WIN9 : NET : : DFN-WIN10 : NET : : DFN-WIN15 : NET : : DFN-WIN25 : NET : : DFN-WIN26 : NET : : DFN-WIN28 : NET : : DFN-WIN57 : NET : : DFN-WIN58 : NET : : DFN-WIN59 : NET : : DFN-WIN60 : NET : : DFN-WIN61 : NET : : DFN-WIN62 : NET : : DFN-WIN63 : NET : : DFN-WIN64 : NET : : DFN-WIN65 : NET : : DFN-WIN66 : NET : : DFN-WIN67 : NET : : DFN-WIN68 : NET : : DFN-WIN69 : NET : : DFN-WIN70 : NET : : DFN-WIN71 : NET : : DFN-WIN72 : NET : : DFN-WIN73 : NET : : DFN-WIN74 : NET : : DFN-WIN75 : NET : : DFN-WIN76 : NET : : DFN-WIN77 : NET : : DFN-WIN78 : NET : : DFN-WIN79 : NET : : DFN-WIN80 : NET : : DFN-WIN81 : NET : : DFN-WIN82 : NET : : DFN-WIN83 : NET : : DFN-WIN84 : NET : : DFN-WIN85 : NET : : DFN-WIN86 : NET : : DFN-WIN87 : NET : : DFN-WIN88 : NET : : DFN-WIN89 : NET : : DFN-WIN90 : NET : : DFN-WIN91 : NET : : DFN-WIN92 : NET : : DFN-WIN93 : NET : : DFN-WIN94 : NET : : DFN-WIN95 : NET : : DFN-WIN96 : NET : : DFN-WIN97 : NET : : DFN-WIN98 : NET : : DFN-WIN99 : NET : : WIN-IP : NET : : WINDATA : +++++++++++++++ Scinet: Sensitive Compartmented Information Network NET : : BU-SCINET : +++++++++++++++ Disnet: Defense Integrated Secure Network. Composed of SCINET, WINCS ([World Wide Military and Command Control System] Intercomputer Network Communication Subsystem), and Secretnet(WIN). NET : : DISNET : ------------------------------ End of Computer Underground Digest #5.13 ************************************

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From: John Joseph Mercieca <> Subject: Secret base under Groom lake runway Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 12:27:23 +0100 Hi Glenn, There's an interesting discussion re Area 51 going on at UFO Updates. If you're not subscribed to the list, contack Errol Bruce-Knapp at Regards, JJ Mercieca Forwarded message : From: Date: Sun, 10 Nov 96 22:45:38 -0400 Subject: Re: UFO UpDate: Re: 'Final Word' on Colonel McCoy To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <> Kevin Randle re evidence re Area 51. As I have noted earlier, of course the question is whether there was or wasn't an Area 51 in 1954. But I have seen no evidence that due dilgence has been performed by you or anybody else and it is not an easy job and I have made several suggestions. That I haven't claimed I have proof that it existed then, certainly doesn't mean it didn't. I have been informed that a secret underground base was built under the runway at Groom lake in the early 1950s, well before the U2 program. I expect to dig into this one soon. Stan Friedman _______________________________________________ UFO UpDates - Toronto - Operated by Errol Bruce-Knapp - ++ 416-932-0031 An E-Mail Subscription Service for the Study of UFO Related Phenomena - end forwarded message - .-----------------------------------------------------. * ~ MALTA UFO RESEARCH ~ * * Researcher & Investigator : John Joseph Mercieca * '-----------------------------------------------------' * MUFOR Web site: * * TLP Database :* * E-mail 1 : * * E-mail 2 : * * IRC channel : #cydonia (on Undernet) * * Fax : + 356 456729 .'--------------. * Mobile : 099 0756 * "Either these * * Postal Address: P.O. Box 14, Rabat RBT 01, MALTA. * features on * '-------.-------------------------------------------.' Mars are * * natural and this investigation is a complete waste of time,* *or they are artificial and this is one of the most important* * discoveries of our entire existence on Earth." * * - RICHARD C.HOAGLAND on the MONUMENTS of CYDONIA, MARS * '------------------------------------------------------------'

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From: PRAPHAT FERNANDES <> Subject: Area 51: `Pairings in Mr. Craddocks list of nodes' Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 14:28:57 +0530 (IST) I hope this makes it to the list. My thanks if it does. In his list of Domain names, Mr. Craddock gave a list of `pairings' as he called them. They puzzle me. They look similar to ARPANET or Milnet node names. Is that what they are ? Does anyone know any of the phone numbers required to log on to ARPANET. From ARPANET it is then possible to link to the Milnet. What does he mean by the co-ordinators names ending in WIN, could someone please interpret the information. I am sure that your comments regarding it will be helpful. Thank you. Praphat

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From: james wilson <> Subject: Green Flash Meteor Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 17:21:03 -0700 Glenn: A lot has been made of the "Green Flash Meteor" which fell over California several weeks ago. A prof at Cal Tech is offering a $5K award for parts of it. My wife & I saw this event and agreed on the magnetic direction. I called the prof to give my input, but all he wanted to know about was information from people who heard a sonic boom. Also, news reports stated that Cal Tech had volunteers looking around Lake Isabella. My calculations showed the event farther to the east, on the west side of the China Lake Bombing Range. Now, if one draws a straigt line between the long runway at Edwards AFB and Groom Lake, the intersection is on the west side of the China Lake Range. I might add that the "meteorite" we saw flashed long, very intense green light. It came down with a peculiar arc towards the west. The speed of this event was much slower than an average meteorite and the intensity of the light much greater. I'll leave any conclusions to the reader. rgds. James

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From: (Ken MacGray) Subject: Public Invite From Hular Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 06:21:05 -0500 (From a.c.a51... -Ken) Don't miss the new information on Glenn Campbell and Stanton Friedman in the "Gossip and Rumors" column of the new Lazar web site. Most of you didn't know Goober Campbell/aka psychospy as well as you thought you did! Did you know that Campbell once visited the Tri-Dot productions office to explain away rumors about his being a child molestor? Did you know that Stanton Friedman hasn't had a non-ufo related job in over 20 years? Did you know he lied about Lazar in his most recent book? Greed prevails. Find out why. Suggestions for future technical discussions/groups are now being solicited for those interested parties who realize that usenet is actually uselessnet. Contact tridot from the web page. ===================================================================== Ken MacGray, Administrator - Virtual Village BBS Central Massachusetts' Premier Online Service 508-368-4222 - - Area 51 Images/Lore/News: =====================================================================

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From: Subject: FY 1997 classified programs list now available. Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 18:44:14 -0500 I have posted my new, extensive list of classified military programs (and the references I used to find them) in the FY 1997 budget at: (NOTE: requires a Web browser with table support) There are some shocking revelations such as 31% of the Air Force's research and development budget is being spent on programs whose purpose -and- cost is classified. Doesn't anyone believe in public accountability for taxpayer money? (I apologize for being slow in answering my e-mail, but I've been rather busy with the list.) Paul McGinnis / [military secrecy site]

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From: John Mark Nickels <> Subject: AREA 51: I'm going in! Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 15:14:12 -0500 For many months now, i have been reading you all's email and studying up on Area 51. This weekend (Nov. 15-17), myself and 2 others (my personal S.W.A.T. team) will venture into the RESTRICTED area 51. We will probably go in late at night. We plan to not get caught. We will uncover valuable information and upload it to this mailing list. I was wondering if anyone had some last minute advice or anything. We will be going in with Maxon headset radio communicaters on a private 25,000 Mhz frequency. We will use knives, guns, infared goggles, night vision, heat seeking devices, special "detection proof, night vision proof, and infared proof" clothing and ALL the latest "stuff" in technology. A private company has given us $25,000 dollars in a grant for this project. Does anyone have some last minute advice? John Mark Nickels

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From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas) Subject: Security Supervisor on Campbell (Larger than Life?) Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 14:27:14 -0800 Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 19:52:53 -0500 From: Christopher Keeler <> To: Subject: It's really you! Dear Glen, My name is Christopher C. Keeler, and I was Security Police at McGuire AFB, NJ in 1995-96. My supervisor was a security supervisor Area 51'er and he used to tell me stories about you all the time! He told me about the time you put cooling pipes around your vehicle so the heat sensors wouldn't detect you, and the time you would call them and say you left a marker in a certain spot inside the site. He said you were a real pain in the ass to them, but I know deep down he loved the excitement of the chase! At first I thought he was just tellin' "war stories," but then I saw your Internet site and couldn't believe ARE for real! He said he could get me stationed at the site because I had the right clearance, and I would have loved it (seeing all the new planes would have been really cool), but I was gettting out of the Air Force soon...(Damn, if only he had come sooner. I would have loved to see some of the projects and do some of the missions he talked about.) Anyway, I browsed you site, (saw the part on security (Cammo dudes) and had a laugh,) bought a shirt, and bookmarked it so I can see just how well you guys are doing your homework! (If you know what I mean) So keep in touch! Sincerely, Christopher C. Keeler (aka USAF PS. I was going to mention his name so you could verify, but I didn't want you harrass him...Sorry! (you can reprint this in you Internet site if you want to :) )

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From: Sean Breen <> Subject: Re: AREA 51: I'm going in! Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 18:46:55 -0700 (MST) <delurk> On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, John Mark Nickels wrote: > For many months now, i have been reading you all's email and studying up on > Area 51. This weekend (Nov. 15-17), myself and 2 others (my personal > S.W.A.T. team) will venture into the RESTRICTED area 51. We will probably > go in late at night. We plan to not get caught. We will uncover valuable > information and upload it to this mailing list. I was wondering if anyone > had some last minute advice or anything. We will be going in with Maxon > headset radio communicaters on a private 25,000 Mhz frequency. We will use > knives, guns, infared goggles, night vision, heat seeking devices, special > "detection proof, night vision proof, and infared proof" clothing and ALL > the latest "stuff" in technology. A private company has given us $25,000 > dollars in a grant for this project. Does anyone have some last minute advice? > > John Mark Nickels > > Last Minute Advice: Don't. Those characters are using live ammo, son. I'd do something a little less risky first, like infiltrate the White House or steal a press from one of the mints. *sheesh* --S. Michael Breen, back to the lurking! <relurk>

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From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas) Subject: Latitude/Longitude for A-51 Boundaries Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 19:48:30 -0800 :Subject: Lat/Long question :Date: Tue, 12 Nov 96 18:41:54 -0400 :From: "James R. Graham" <> :To: <> : :Hi all, :If you were to define a rectangle around the groom lake area, what would :be the lattitude/longitude of the northwest corner and the southeast :corner? You don't have to be exact--just a general idea. The reason I :want this is that the USGS has searchable databases for satellite imagery :as well as Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and I'd like to check it out. :With the software package, Bryce2, one can convert DEM data into rendered :landscapes. Pretty damn cool. The URL for those interested is: : : :thanx, :james : :James R. Graham :Senior Assoc. Scientist :Genetics Institute :Research Computing :V:617.498.8964 :F:617.498.8993 ========================================================================= From the Area 51 Glossary at http://www.ufomind/area51/ref/glossary.shtml the longitude and latitude of the Area 51 boundaries are.... Longitude 115deg45' and 115deg56', and latitude and 36deg12.5 and 37deg17.5'. Glenn

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From: james wilson <> Subject: X-33 Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 23:20:16 -0700 Glenn: Here's an article from our local rag in Victorville, CA. It would be fun to go to this event, but I have to go somewhere else. I don't know what this has to do with Area 51, but it must fit in somewhere. rgds James The Daily Press, Nov. 12, 1996 Victorville, CA Space--Public hearing on X-33 slated. Barstow--A public hearing concerning the X-33 the new prototype of a new space vehicle that would be tested a Edwards Air Force Base, will be held Saturday in Barstow. The meeting, at 10AM, at the Holiday Inn, 1511 E. Main St. is part of a study designed to examine the environmental impacts of devel- oping and testing of the X-33. Officials from NASA and the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works will provide background information on the vehicle and the testing program. An initial assessment indicates the study should focus on sonic booms; potential effects on cultural resources, threatened and endangered species; and flight test paths. The formal public comment period ends Nov 29. However, comments will be accepted throughout the course of the study, expected to conclude by September 1997. The X-33 is a wedge-shaped, half-sized model of the VentureStar, a possible successor to the space shuttle. The unnmanned prototype will be launched vertically and land horizontally.

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