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From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas) Subject: Desperately seeking newsgroup sifters Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 10:26:24 -0800 We still have a pressing need for "newsgroup sifters" for this mailing list. Among other things, this list is intended as a "filter" for alt.conspiracy.area51 and related newsgroups, but we still need people to do the filtering. For all their chaos, the newsgroups still contain a lot of useful data. The trouble is wading through all the muck to get it. If some people are muck-wading anyway, they can distill the essence of the muck and pass it on to us non-muckers. The real motivation for this message: I MISS GENE. I don't have time to cruise the newsgroups anymore -- and my news server seems to be losing many of them anyway. I'm desperately missing Hular's rich postings -- many of which no doubt concern myself and my many sexual perversions. Sure, he's nasty, but his flame wars do produce a lot of (mostly damning) Lazar information. Like it or not, Huff is a critical element in the Lazar story and Area 51 "society," and his postings are as newsworthy as the actions of, say, Saddam in the Middle East. (They at least help us prepare for whatever Huff nastiness is looming.) The main problem with Hular's flame wars is not their nasty content but their sheer bulk -- both from him and from the many enflamed people replying. If someone could take a thread of 20-30 messages and distill it into a single message for this list, that would be a great service. For one thing, you can eliminate all the quoted material and signatures, and just give the actual content portion of the messages, printed in sequence in a single document with a meaningful subject line. You can also eliminate the messages that are irrelevant to the thread or that add nothing to it. What you'd have left is the "vital essence" of the flame war in a much more readable and practical form. A "sifter" might also produce a periodic compendium of minor newsgroup postings -- those that aren't important enough for their own message on our list but that are still worth reporting. You wouldn't have to quote each message in its entirety, just the best parts. For example, a single weekly message of minor postings to a.c.a51 would be much easier to deal with than wading through the individual messages on the newsgroup. You can go through current threads, and you can also go to dejanews ( for older threads to process. To distill a huge historical thread into a single readable message constitutes bonafide research in my book and will be accorded space on this list even though it is old news (as long as the topic is relevant to Area 51 or specific government UFO cover-up). Even lunatic postings are worth passing on, as long they are presented in a compendium with a clear subject line labelled "[Loon]". In a compendium, you can edit any lengthy message down to its essence as long as it is clear that you have done so. Just be sure that for each message you include enough information (date, subject line, poster's name & email) so the original message can be called up from dejanews if necessary. Please, I beg, can someone start doing this soon? I NEED my Hular fix. Moderator +------ U F O M I N D -------+ | Glenn Campbell | | AREA 51 RESEARCH CENTER - Las Vegas & Rachel, Nevada | | UFOs - Gov't Secrets - Philosophy - Psychology | | Box 448, Rachel, NV 89001 | +------------------------------------------------------+

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From: Jeff <> Subject: majestic-12 Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 20:52:00 -0500 About a month ago, I sent a VERY informal request to the national archives. It was by E-mail. In it, I just asked if there were any documents on UFO's AREA-51 or Majestic-12. I got a reply via snail mail. The UFO fact sheet that Wright-patterson AFB hands out, a summery of project blue book, and a letter regarding MJ-12. For those of you that have read the MJ-12 briefing from Gen. Twining, this will probably suprise you. The last sheet on that briefing (it's floating around the net) is a letter from president-elect eisenhower. It is an agreement that states that he wants to meet with the general. The paper that I got from The national archives was that exact same letter! I don't know what you think of that, but it seems to have some meaning. There responce on area-51 was that there is absolutly no documentation on it. -jeff -- //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// You make me smash the clock and feel, I'd rather die behind the wheel. Time was never on my side, so on I wait my whole lifetime! -Hetfield '96 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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From: "A.J. Craddock" <> Subject: "Secrets of DreamLand" Video Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 18:26:04 -0800 There is a video presentation by Norio Hayakawa entitled: "Secrets of DreamLand" UFOS, Area 51 And The New World Order. 2 1/2 Hrs. If anyone would like Info on how to obtain a copy send email to: ---- End Forwarded Message

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From: Charles Drummond <> Subject: Area 51 Infiltration. Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 13:18:54 +0000 Don't you think that these guys are a joke? There's no way they are going to get in when they are broadcasting it to the known universe. The only good that can come of that is that if they just disappear then we will all know why. I reckon that the best way to get into someplace like Area 51 is alone and on foot in the middle of the day, without weapons as if you need to use one then you will be dead anyhow. The plan should be to get really close and hide until dusk or night and then enter undercover of darkness and have a minimal snoop then leave. Has anyone ever thought about blowing the place up? Or is that just me :) You know If you had a bit of decent, useful tech like say E.M.P or radio frequency guns / microwave weapons you could wipe out 99% of their detection and hit them while before they knew which end was up. Just a few thoughts.. Charlie Drummond ( <-- *They* all know me anyhow...

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From: "Zero" <> Subject: Janet terminal in National Geographic Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 07:25:18 +0000 While perusing the December issue of National Geographic I fliped to page 58 to check-out the story on Las Vegas. Low-and-behold, there was a Janet jet in the air and one on the tarmac next to the terminal in the two page photo. The photo is looking Northwest across the airport capturing the Luxor (pyramid) and the mountains in the background, thereby exposing the Janet terminal in the foreground. As an added bonus, you can also clearly see the Area 51 Research Center, Las Vegas Annex, to the left of the Janet terminal. Jim--

Message #6

From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas) Subject: Tired Topics: Intruding into Base, Sending RC Plane, etc. Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 08:36:02 -0800 The following are hereby designated "Tired Topics" on this mailing list: -- Plans to intrude on foot into Area 51 -- Plans to send a remote controlled model airplane with a camera on it into Area 51 -- Plans to send a balloon with a camera on it into Area 51 -- Plans to strap a camera onto a bird and send it into Area 51 It has been happening almost every week for the past half-decade. Some newcomer to the newsgroups announces, "Hey, I've got this great idea. Why don't we...." Then other correspondents feel they have to respond, and a long series of useless messages ensues. For all the bandwidth expended on this topic, as far as I know no one has actually followed through. A few tourists have crossed the Nellis Range boundary and gone a quarter mile or so before getting caught, but no one has come within 10 miles of the actual Area 51 boundary. If you feel compelled to make such proposals, make them on usenet, not the mailing list. The mailing list wants to know about it only AFTER you have completed your operation and have something to report. In my opinion, such plans are the delusions of adolescent minds who have never set foot in Nevada and never explored the many legal means of investigating Area 51. Future messages along this vein will not be passed through. (The only exception might be especially absurd and entertaining proposals that are clearly marked "[LOON]". In that case, the message would be sent for its one-shot comic value, and no response is expected from readers.) Glenn

Message #7

From: Subject: Area 51 Inventory Liquidation Sale [LOON] Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 09:41:52 -0800 [this item appeared on another mailing list, from the First Millennial Foundation, people interested in developing the technology necessary to colonize space. Their Web site is at] Subj: Re: Area 51 Date: Sat, Nov 9, 1996 12:41 AM PST From: X-From: (Eric Hunting) Though the subject of Area 51 seems off-topic, it does bring up a possible opportunity for FMF that we should keep an eye on. It's likely that the Groom Lake facility will get the royal boot within the next five years if, for no other reason, than that it's notoriety has made it both a security risk and a national joke. Therefore, there is a potential boon for those quick enough to get the first bids in on liquidated equipment. Aside from any UFO left-overs ;^), it's probable that the facility has a lot of useful hardware such as automated machine tools, CAD/CAM systems, materials analysis systems, environmental monitoring systems, computer systems, and demountable buildings which all would have immediate application on Aquarius Rising. The usual DoD surplus liquidation channels will probably never see this before the defense contractors get their paws on the good stuff but if there is anyone in this group actively looking into activity there they could gather the clues to allow us to get a jump on the competition with early bids offering to take stuff direct from the site at our shipping expense, rather then the DoD's. After all, FMF currently has non-profit organization status so any proposals we make through the regional politicians could get priority over the defence corporations -as long as we beat them to the door. It's a thought... "His men would follow him anywhere, but only out of curiosity." - comment in British Royal Marines S206 officer fitness report.

Message #8

From: Chuck Zukowski <> Subject: Encounter with an Area 51 "Insider" in Rachel Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 10:11:21 -0800 Note: This letter was emailed to Glenn Gampbell, and he suggested I'd post it to this mailing list. chuck. Glenn, I was in Rachel a few Saturdays ago, and hiked to Tikaboo Peak. Your Area 51 Guide I purchased earlier in the year was very informing. (thank you) I'm emailing you because I stayed at the Quik-Pik trailer park on my visit. I hiked Tikaboo with Kathleen Ford and a couple of other gentlemen who were staying in the park. One of the guys named Jeff, drives a van pulling a travel trailer. He had been staying at the park for over 2 weeks. He also claimed to work for another secret Airforce base in Nevada. He had the military equipment to look authentic, but something about him was disturbing. He had the smell of fraud or disinformationist [.sp] all over him. First off, he claimed he staked out Tikaboo numerous times for Area 51, yet he was slightly unsure about the trails or the road up there. He also had previously marked the trails with fluorescent paint and continued to do so while I was there. (That's not very environmentally sane) Simple stacking rocks or other means of trail markings are sufficient without, "tagging the rocks". Once on top, he boasted about his knowledge on Area 51, the fact he had been on base, knew of the guards, etc.. Then he explained how the Roswell wreckage was taken to Area 51, and pointed out a large hanger which housed the material. (Boy he has great eyes to be able to see the hanger all the way from Wright Patterson, in Dayton, Ohio) His rattling on about military equipment left him short of common military knowledge. And when I questioned him about his comments, he repeatedly said, " I'm sorry I can't divulge that information". (easy out) Not knowing the type of person he really was, I decided not to call him a liar to his face, and let him proceed with his performance. I actually enjoyed his conversation, pretending to key in every thing he said, thinking he was a fake. Don't get me wrong though, as nice guys come, he was the nicest. Anyway, some of the ufo researchers I've talked with, think you are a disinformationist, which leads them to believe Jeff works for you. :) If he does, let him go. If he doesn't work for you, keep an eye on him, besides destroying trails to Tikaboo, he's very interested in what goes on around there. (Rachel) He may simply be a (wanna be) and very harmless, he's sharp, somewhat informed, but anyone who does any investigative research can call his bluff. The average Joe would believe him, but the average me, has been in the game long enough not to except information without investigation. Once again, thanks for writing the manual, I really enjoy it, and if this Jeff guy hangs around Rachel, keep an eye on him. chuck. P.S. Bummer about the Little-A-Le Inn, how many years is that fine outstanding citizen Joe Travis going to get? My wife and I, really enjoyed his composure, especially his language when we last visited the Inn. I'm sure the Health Department would love to take a stroll through the Inn, maybe check the meat, see if it was soaked in vinegar. (I'm not laughing, I ate there!)

Message #9

From: Dave B <> Subject: Re: AREA 51: Encounter with an Area 51 "Insider" in Rachel Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 20:03:27 -0600 Chuck Zukowski wrote: > > I was in Rachel a few Saturdays ago, and hiked to Tikaboo Peak. > ..... One of the guys named Jeff, ... had been staying at the park > for over 2 weeks. > He also had previously marked the trails with fluorescent paint .... I wonder how long Jeff has been painting the hills? When I hiked Tickaboo on October 7th, there were some rock cairns that were spray painted. (orange and yellow) I thought that was a bad idea; the paint will be there forever. There also was some 'fluorescent' tape tied to tree branches. That was a good idea. Rock cairns are hard to see on a rock covered hill, and its environmentally OK. The tape can be removed when everyone gets tired of looking at Area 51. Dave B in Houston

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From: Subject: Janet 737 Sighting Near Victorville, CA, Nov. 20 Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 07:19:35 -0800 I have recently moved to the High Desert area of Southern California, and on Nov. 20th observed something I thought unusual. At about 11:15 am I was driving north on interstate 15 in Apple Valley and observed an unmarked 737 plane with a red stripe making a turn from NE to SW at a very low altitude. I thought perhaps it was a military craft of some kind, heading to George A.F.B. or Edwards A.F.B. as they are close and have the only facilities in the area to accomodate a plane of this size. I continued to my home where I picked up my mother to take her shopping. As we started to drive back toward the Victorville area I observed the plane again heading NNW at a low altitude, and pointed it out to my mother. We both observed this plane "circling" in the area until we arrived at our destination. After we finished shopping and started to return home ( at about 1:30 pm ) we observed the plane again doing pretty much the same thing it had been ( circling ). We both thought this to be unusual as we have never seen any kind of "commercial" type airliner in the area ( especially at this altitude ) only high flying military jets from Edwards and a couple of stunt pilots with bi-planes from our local little airport. So, as I cruising the web tonight I happen on your Janet page and what pops up but a picture of the same plane I saw today! So my question is if this was from the Janet terminal what was it doing out this way? And if it wasn't what was it?

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