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01 - (Gle - Miscellanea: Victorville Airliner, Croatian Documentary, etc.
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From: (Glenn Campbell, Las Vegas) Subject: Miscellanea: Victorville Airliner, Croatian Documentary, etc. Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 13:59:18 -0800 VICTORVILLE AIRLINER WAS DHL DC8 Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 17:58:19 -0800 From: Subject: area51: Janet 737 Sighting That big airliner cruising over the Southern CA desert is a DC8 owned by DHL (the express package carrier). They periodically have their pilots practice at the old George AFB strip. Keep looking,though, I've seen a couple of interesting wedge shaped objects doing about 5K MPH in the last 3 years. rgds James in VV << "VV" = Victorville, CA >> ====================================================================== CROATIAN UFO DOCUMENTARY ON AREA 51 Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 10:08:56 +0100 From: John Joseph Mercieca <> Subject: Message I received Hungarian documentary on Area 51 : Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 04:29:24 +0100 (MET) From: Roman Horvat <> To: Subject: Hi Greetings colleagues. Me and my associates are shooting documentary film on Area 51 ( S-4). I know that your organization have interest in this area of information. We are experienced with this kind of "sensitive" actions, and we plan to record some material around announced "script". So if you would like to help us as sponsors or co-sponsors, please contact me. I will send you our trip plan, estimated costs and all other information that interest you. Regards, Roman Horvat << The .hr suffix is actually Croatia, not Hungary, which is .hu -- Glenn >> ======================================================================= "EGYPTIAN" AREA 51 RESEARCH Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 22:07:31 CDT Subject: new list groupie From: (Shanna L Toft) Hi, I'm Egypt, and my interest in Area 51 grows each day. I would like to find out all I can about the area, and eventually I would like to visit if there is a way. I have information regarding air space over the area, as well as possible classified locations, several of which surround the Groom Lake area. Please contact me if you have any information that could be helpful. Thank you. << There is nothing secret about the Nellis airspace boundaries --GC >> ======================================================================= DET 3 AT AMCHITKA Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 04:30:57 -0800 From: (Tony Dinkel) Subject: Re: AREA 51: DOE Search Finds Another DET 3 (AFSWC) >TWX TO USAEC PROJECT MILROW, SUBJECT: >NAME OF FACILITIES TO BE VISITED: >AMCHITKA, BASE CAMP AREA, ADAK, HQ >AFSWC DET 3 ( PROV ) Amchitka rings a serious bell as the location of an underground nuclear test in the 70's? Its a location in Alaska and I recall watching the test being covered on TV with comentary! I believe it had something to do with fracturing rock stata to release natural gas. << No big deal here. "Det 3's" are everywhere, not just A51. --Glenn >> ======================================================================= WHO IS PNICKELS? From: Wright Dale <> To: "" <> Subject: Re: How (who) is pnickels? Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 09:47:00 +0800 Did you make the same conclusions that I did? 1) Presumably our man is using his wife/sister's account. 2) Anyone around him who has to listen to his ravings is likely to suffer from migraines. The responses to her questions show that she is on a very strong prescription :-> The other thing that fascinates me is your legal system. I've been following with interest your reports on the trial, and if I understand it correctly, the lawyer who lost the case got $100k legal expenses, but his clients received none of it. Where do I sign up for law school? :-) ====================================================================== AREA 51 SECURITY Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 18:05:09 -0700 From: Thomas Lucas <> To: Subject: Area 51 Security My basis for comment is my visit to Freedom Ridge in May '94 before it was closed, and witnessing Cammo Dude behaviour just as you described, and a gentleman (EE) I work with that was formerly employed somewhere in New Mexico. I visited Freedom Ridge several months before the closure. I saw some of the detection devices just as you described in your manual. I also saw the Cammo Dudes and they behaved pretty much as you sescribed also. So when I saw the mail list message that someone was going to 'penetrate' the border, I just shook my head. I work with a EE that used to work 'somewhere' in New Mexico, and told him about the 'potential' border crossing, and I commented that "...they can probably count all the mice anywhere on the base...". I could tell from his body language and facial expression that I wasn't too far from the truth. So, my comment is, even being an FBI agent, and having $25k worth of equipment probably won't even make a dent in what detection methods out there that 'you can't see or can sense'!! My two cents worth, thanks for listening. ======================================================================= MILLION MAN MARCH Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1996 19:18:30 -0800 From: "A.J. Craddock" <> Subject: AREA 51: Miscellanea: Million Man March, etc. Let's not forget that the National Parks Service estimated that the Rev. Louis Farrakhan's Million Man March on Washington only clocked in at about 400,000. Let's not get caught this short on the one to Area 51 or the debunkers will go crazy. << I'd say our "Million Man March" will be about 999,998 men short. Maybe we should break down and include women. --Glenn >> ======================================================================= NEWSGROUP SIFTERS >Hi Glen, >I saw your request for a newsgroup sifter. >What are you looking for? Is it criteria from the list or other >information. > (Keith Wyatt) Keith -- Note how I condense messages in the Miscellanea email I send out periodically [here]. You could do the same with long newsgroup threads; just include the most interesting parts (that fit the list's criteria). Include Date, From, Subject and the name of the newsgroup, but cut out the footers, quotations and other irrelevant stuff. Glenn ======================================================================= ANOTHER AREA 51 INVASION PLAN (SIGH!) Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 23:59:34 +0100 (MET) From: (mortenbo) To: Subject: Getting In To AREA-51 After hearing about you guy's talking abouth how to get into AREA 51 i have to say that youre a bit wrong on how to do it. Here is how it should be done: 3 persons with 2 way communications with eachother should start of from diffrent sides in the night wearing black clothes and no Guns. all three shouldalso be equipted with some sort of direct video camras that sends the recording directly to a 4th person someplace loong away that gets the signals from the camras realtime and records them. so that if/when the guy's get cauth some other person has the recordings so the guards on Area 51 cant destroy the tapes. This is much more bether than regular camra's. If they get some good recordings before they get cauth the 4th guy should upload still pictures of the interesting stuff to Internet and make it public as fast as possible and get the fuck out of there in case the guy's on AREA51 had traced the signals. I'll like to hear reply'es to this. Mr.X << No relation, I assume, to Agent X or Commander X or any of the many other X's. Before one intrudes into Area 51, one should choose another letter. -- GC >>

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