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On this page: Government Facilities By State | U.S. Government Facilities Overseas | Selected Government Departments | Private Government Contractors | Miscelaneous Defense-Related Topics

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U.S. Government Installations

Fact, folklore and mysteries connected to specific military bases and other restricted government installations. To be included in this list, a facility must be performing classified work for the government (or could be reasonably accused of such). List of known installations is fairly complete for Southwestern States, but selected for other states. All references are to WWW pages except where stated otherwise. Please report link errors and additions to

Assembled by Glenn Campbell, Rachel, Nevada

U.S. Government Facilities by State: A-M | N-Z | U.S. Government Facilities Overseas | Home Pages of Selected Government Departments | Private Government Contractors | Miscelaneous Defense-Related Topics

Government Facilities By State

Select name of facility for unofficial page stored here. Select "official" for their official on-site home page (external).

U.S. Government Facilities Overseas

Following is a selected list of U.S. military/government installation outside the mainland U.S. for which we have references. In alpha order by country. "Official"=Points to their official on-site home page (external). Other items point to unofficial sources on this server.

Selected Government Departments

Below are official home pages of selected government departments (all external). Others can be found through the Federal Government Server List

  1. Secretary of Defense
  2. Department of Defense
  3. Central Intelligence Agency
  4. National Security Agency
  5. NASA
  6. Department of Interior
  7. U.S. Department of Energy
  8. Central Intelligence Agency
  9. Federal Bureau of Investigation
  10. The White House
  11. Congress
  12. Federal Aviation Administration
  13. Environmental Protection Agency

Private Government Contractors

Following is a selected list of private military contractors associated with secret programs

  1. Aerojet
  2. Lockheed, official
  3. Northrop Aviation
  4. Rockwell
  5. McDonnell Douglas Corporation
  6. Bechtel
  7. E.G. & G. (Edgerton, Germeschausen & Grier)
  8. Johnson Controls
  9. Raytheon
  10. Wackenhut Security, Inc. Security for sensitive installations.
  11. T.R.W.

Miscelaneous Defense-Related Topics

All external...
  1. Jane's Online
  2. Journal of Electronic Defense
  3. Declassified Satellite Intelligence Imagery
  4. Corkscrew contrails seen in weather satellite photo over England. Probably not Aurora or NASP as claimed, but still odd.
  5. Federal Register: Articles index gopher, Grant opportunities gopher.
  6. Air and Space Smithsonian
  7. Popular Mechanics Tech Update Archive
  8. History
  9. Foreign and Multi-National Defense Agencies
  10. Indexes

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