Janet Equipment

Tail # Reg.# Last Seen Owner
------ ----- -------- ---------------------------
Boeing 737-200s (red stripe on white body, no name)
N4508W 19605   Great Western Capital Corp
N4510W 19607   Great Western Capital Corp
N4515W 19612   Great Western Capital Corp
N4529W 20785 950902gc First Security Bank of Utah
N5175U 20689 950902gc Dept. of the Air Force
N5176Y 20692 950902gc Dept. of the Air Force
N5177C 20693 950902gc Dept. of the Air Force
N5294E 20691 950902gc Dept. of the Air Force
N5294M 20694 950902gc Dept. of the Air Force
Beechcraft King Air (blue and gray stripe on
white body, no name)
N20RA UB-42 950902gc Dept. of the Air Force
N27RA UB-37 950902gc Dept. of the Air Force
N654BA BL-54 950902gc Dept. of the Air Force
N661BA BL-61   Dept. of the Air Force
N662BA BL-62 950902gc Dept. of the Air Force

Equipment notes

  • Registration data current as of 4/30/94. Ownership may have changed since.

  • Owner addresses:
    • Dept. of the Air Force, PO Box 459, Clearfield, UT 84015 (presumably Hill Air Force Base).
    • Great Western Capital Corp., 8484 Wilshire Blvd, 10th Fl, Beverly Hills CA 90211
      • 4/27/96: An anonymous email correspondent says the Great Western Corp. has moved to Chatsworth, CA.
    • First Security Bank of Utah, Salt Lake City UT 84111

  • A 737-200 carries about 120-130 passengers, depending on configuration. The maximum number of passengers seen leaving a Janet jet is 126 (not including flight crew).

  • Southwest Airlines packs 137 passengers in their 737s by removing galleys, so this might be upper limit for Janet 737s.

  • Observed flight crew consists of pilot, copilot and a single flight attendant.

  • Federal law requires 1 flight attendant per 50 passengers, which Janet flights do not maintain. (I usually see only one flight attendant.)

More Information on Janet Fleet from JP Airline Fleets.


An anonymous correspondent, "A Contractor for STS Services", writes on 11/13/96:

EG&G is STILL flying folks into and out of Area 51 and related areas. A certain repair station in OKC does heavy maintenance checks for EG&G's 737s--in fact, one of their aircraft is nearing completion of a "C" check--it's outside the hangar at this time preparing for a post-maintenance test flight. Checking the tail numbers (the "N" number on the tails of their aircraft) against the FAA's aircraft registration database (accessible through www.landings.com) shows that all the aircraft operated by EG&G are owned by the Department of the Air Force. Tail numbers for their aircraft are:

    N4529W--the one in OKC, a 737-275, s/n 20785
    N5175U, a 737-T43, s/n 20689
    N5176Y, a 737-T43, s/n 20692
    N5177C, a 737-T43, s/n 20693
    N5294E, a 737-T43, s/n 20691
    N5294M, a 737-T43, s/n 20694

It's interesting to note that all but one of their aircraft are converted Air Force T-43s. I can't say for the rest, as I haven't seen them, but for the one in OKC, there is nothing out of the ordinary about the aircraft. The interior is somewhat similar to Southwest Airlines, in that the forward galley has been removed to make room for more seats. Also the forward lavatory has been removed and turned into a closet. As far as systems and avionics N4529W is just like any other 737-200. No weird antennas, or strange attach fittings, or places to mount pylons or anything else--just a plain-Jane 737. Ugly interior, though--reddish-orange and navy blue.

Additionally, Air South, a smaller start-up airline on the East Coast, operates 2 former EG&G airplanes--N4510W and N4515W.

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