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Janet On-Air Glossary

Janet On-Air Glossary

Terms used by Janet pilots....

Desert Rock -- Desert Rock airstrip (MCY), the restricted airport for Mercury, easily visible about five miles north of US-95. Used on-air as a temporary destination (false) for Groom flights and a waypoint for Tonopah flights. There have been unconfirmed sightings of Janet jets on the tarmac here, but only rarely.

Fido -- A waypoint (not yet identified).

Gold Coast -- On-air name for Janet operations control at McCarran airport. (Or "Gulf Coast"?) Freq.: 118.7.

Pyramid -- A visual waypoint used on Groom Approach frequency. Apparently a pyramid-shaped peak at the south end of the Groom Range. The peak is not obvious on a map, but it is easily seen by flights from south due to light colored surface compared to surrounding terrain. Visible from Mt. Cury (public land east of Mercury).

Silver Bow -- An on-air name for the main airport at Tonopah Test Range. The name is taken from a ghost town 25 miles ENE which has no airstrip. Also called "Tonopah Test."

Station 3 -- Groom Lake. Name used by pilots when requesting weather for their destination from Gold Coast. Number matches the first digit of all flights to Groom.

Station 7 -- Tonopah Test Range. Name used by pilots when requesting weather for their destination from Gold Coast. Number matches the first digit of all flights to Tonopah.

Watchdog -- Alert condition used on Dreamland freqs. When Freedom Ridge and White Sides were still public land, pilots were advised, "Watchdog is in effect," whenever civilians were on the viewpoints looking down at the base. On several occasions, pilots of unknown incoming aircraft were turned away due to this condition--sometimes told to return to their base (not specified) and sometimes told to fly a holding pattern at Frenchman Flat until condition ended (i.e. when civilians went away).

Janet Name Theories

Where did the name "JANET" come from? Here are some theories:

  1. It is a military code name with no meaning (except that it has five letters and begins with "J" to correspond with a code name generation scheme).

  2. Janet = "Joint Army Navy Employee Transport"

  3. Janet= "Joint Air Force Navy Engineering Transport"

  4. Janet = "Plain Jane Tranportation." Source: Re: foundation for the naming of JANET: I have asked a number of commercial pilots who have been to McCarran in the last several years, and those who would venture an opinion voiced the following most often: It is a contraction from "Plain Jane Transportation"., 9/5/95

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Meaning of Janet

Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation

-- Thr Gribble Report ( ) 7/30/99 (#5)

Janet is a random codename to confuse the public. it is strange that some of the aircraft is owned by a bank in Beverly Hills and some by the Air Force.. can anyone explain this

-- Mr_Oceans_11 ( ) 12/21/97 (#4)
These guys have a sense of humor you know...

Well I believe that the people who run JANET have a sense of humor and that JANET means: "Just Another Non Extraterrestial Transporter"

-- Hollywood 6/26/97 (#3)
What J.A.N.E.T. really means...

J.A.N.E.T. means Joint Astronautical Nexus Employee Transport. Anyone's guess as to who the players are?

-- Galahad 5/16/97 (#2)
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