"Janet Airways"

More flights to Area 51 than any other airline!

Nat. Geographic Photo NOTE: This page has not been maintained since 1995, and the flights have probably changed.

Workers at the top secret Groom Lake (Area 51) and Tonopah Test Range (TTR) air bases commute to work aboard 737 jets from a not-so-remote terminal at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. It is only two blocks from the Las Vegas Strip! On aviation frequencies, the jets are known by the company name "Janet," a name whose meaning is unknown [See glossary]. Each jet is a 737-200 (or CT-43, the military equivalent) with a single red stripe along the side and no company name or insignia. Smaller Beechcraft Kingair prop-driven planes make special trips to Edwards AFB and other destinations.

...So bring your security clearance and your visa card, because Janet will take you to Dreamland but they won't take American Express!


  1. Janet Equipment. Tail numbers and registrations.
  2. Flight Schedules. About twenty round-trips daily.
  3. Las Vegas Terminal Diagram. Layout of parking lot and local roads. List of observation points.
  4. Parking Lot Counts. Periodic inventory of cars.
  5. On-Air Glossary. Terms used by Janet pilots and controllers. Also: "Janet" name theories.
  6. Janet frequencies and reporting points.
  7. Frequencies in general use by aircraft in the Las vegas area.


News and Sightings

6/20/96: Helicopter sighting. For the first time, I saw a helicopter land at the Janet terminal. It had the same paint scheme as the Janet 737s, with one horizonal red stripe and no obvious company name. I could not see any tail number, but I was quite distant and might have missed it. I took a distant photo with which the model might be identified.

6/30/96: T-Tails spotted in Augusta, GA. A reader [RO] writes:

    Your birds seen at Augusta,GA. approx. six times in past six months. N654BA with some kind of mechanical problems and diverted to Bush Field, Augusta,GA. N20RA landed in support. Rude pilots! Savannah River Project is just north of Augusta. It is a nuclear weapons and fuel processing facility of the DOE and run by Bechtel!

5/9/96: "Official: Lack of black boxes in military planes a national scandal," Las Vegas Review-Journal, page.18A
    `lt's just a national scandal that they would be flying a high U.S. delegation around in a war zone without the basic tools to determine the cause of an accident.

    James Burnett Former NTSB chairman

4/27/96: "Military Ordered To Put New Navigational Aids In Passenger Jets," Las Vegas Review-Journal, page 8A.
    WASHINGTON - In response to the plane crash that killed Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, Defense Secretary William Perry ordered the military services Friday to install new navigation aids on all their passenger planes.

Help Needed! Visitors are invited verify this information and report any deviations or additions. Also please report sightings of same aircraft at other airports.

Created: 5/26/96
Last Modified: 12/9/96 gc.e